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Caedus, born Jacen Solo, was a powerful Darksider that acted outside of the Force and the Avatar of Yun-Yammka the Slayer. Like the Warrior Caste, he was the first Yun'o Avatar to enter the Galaxy and arrived with the Praetorite Vong, he showed discontent with Da'Gara's incompetence and held together the remains of the Praetorite Vong after the Prefect's death.

Personality and traits

Caedus was born on Coruscant to Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo of the New Republic however before he could become attuned with his parents or his Twin Sister he was instead kidnapped and taken outside of the Galaxy to live among the Yuuzhan Vong when foresight pointed to him being the Yun'o Avatar of Yun-Yammka the Slayer God, because of this he was brought up by the Yuuzhan Vong and trained by two of his Masters at their standards, they and Vergere never held him up to their religious standards due to his reincarnation as one of their Gods except when showing respect to the Yun'o Avatar of Yun-Yuuzhan: Devoveo.

Caedus was smart and intelligent however he was also a skilled combatant who thought out all of his enemy's moves, around the Yuuzhan Vong that he commanded he was seen as cold and commanding with failure and dishonor usually being answered with death, Caedus only showed love for Ultor and respect for his fellow Yun'o Avatars and former teachers who he had come to see as his adopted family.

Yun'o aspect

Caedus' Yuuzhan Vong aspect was that of Yun-Yammka the Slayer, Caedus therefore he a very rapid capacity to learn the movements of the enemy and learn to counter them, regardless of if it were close range combat or tactical combat. Yun-Yammka was also very possessive of Yun-Regace, therefore this influences Caedus to get angry if anyone were to touch his Avatar.

Physical Appearance

Caedus was a young man with light brown hair and brown eyes, described as the greatest success of the Yuuzhan Vong training and in some sense he was, Caedus was tall at almost six foot and lean from combat training. Although he didn't bare the Yuuzhan Vong appearance or Tattoos, he has the scars of constant touches with the Embrace of Pain and other pain creating instruments since his youth, he had the Yun'o Avatar tattoo on his right shoulder.


Pre-Avatar of the Gods

Birth and Kidnapping

Caedus was born on Coruscant to Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo, a year before the Thrawn campaign



Molten Blade

A weapon equivalent to the Lightsaber used by the Yun'o Avatars as their primary weapon, shaped like a Lightsaber and made of Yorik coral, it uses a specialized cousin of the Yaret-Kor plasma cannons that seemed combined with the gravity manipulating traits of a Dovin basal which controlled the shape of the blade. The Molten Blade also had a "whip-like" tail similar to an Amphistaff, this tail usually wrapped around the writs of its wielder and itself, leaving it on standby and ready for whenever its master would suddenly call it into use.


Caedus was known to carry at least one Amphistaff on his person at one time which was usually wrapped around his left arm, at his most armament he carried a number of them that were wrapped around his upper body and down his two arms, making it near impossible to get within striking distance with close range weapons.


Caedus wielded at least one "Baton of Rank" that was usually curled around his upper right arm when not in use, with his single Amphistaff his Baton of Rank is usually always seen on his person especially while in command of his men, however neither are his primary weapon.

Powers and Abilities



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