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I'm here for nothing more than to serve the Republic with my brothers!

CT-705E is an elite and also a veteran clone trooper, served in the Galactic Republic's Grand Army of clone troopers. He fought many battles with an elite team assigned to himself, alongside with the other clone troopers. However, he was killed during a special mission tasked to him on Geonosis.


Early Life

Born and Raised

I can barely remember my past. Most of it are just darkness and heavy training.
—CT-705E recalling his past

As previously stated before, CT-705E was one of the first experimental clones ever produced. It first went back to the point where CT-705E was born on the watery planet of Kamino, specifically on Tipoca City where he was born alongside the other clones. He, being one of the first experimental clones, failed to be the perfect clone that the Kaminoans wanted, and thus was to be erased from existence. The result of the failed experiment does not allow CT-705E to have human-like feelings or emotions at all, although the programming received by each and every clones were also received by CT-705E. However, seeing the results of this failed experiment, Jango Fett soon realized that CT-705E can be useful for the army, and stopped the Kaminoans from terminating CT-705E and few other failed experimental clones, saying that he, and the few others, can be very useful for the army due to his difference than the other first generation clones. The termination was canceled, and thus CT-705E lived, alongside with the few others. Being one of the experimental clones, he gained his name bestowed from the Kaminoans, CT-705E, and became an elite clone trooper. However, he was not given any rank, as a sergeant, lieutenant, captain, or commander. The Kaminoans decided that due to him being different than normal clones, he probably wouldn't be able to do few things that other clones can do, which is the main reason that he is nothing more than a mere clone trooper. The other reason is that Fett completely agreed to him being nothing more than a mere clone trooper. Though large parts of the grand army's clone troopers do not realize this, and even some of his fellow experimental clones that were meant to be terminated, he was given the title elite, and this is due to the fact that he, alongside few others, were decided to be trained directly under Fett himself to be the perfect soldiers.


Before the training began, CT-705E and the others, having not the slightest idea of what is going on around them, were all given a special tour around the cloning facility in order to fill the emptiness of their altered minds. The tour itself was organized by Fett, stated by himself that in order to make the perfect soldiers, they must first know the vicinity around them. The Kaminoans themselves wondered on how such a thing would affect the nature of the clones, but Fett kept on focusing on the tour. Even the Kaminoan thought it was a bad and ridiculous idea. The tour began a year and a half after the experimental clones were produced, directly after CT-705E and the other experimental clones were released from the growth capsules. The tour soon began, and soon also ended. The Kaminoans thought of the tour exactly as before; bad and ridiculous, not to mention pointless. It ended after a month of walking around the cloning facility, watching closely every pathway and every way, where the barracks, armory, and others are located, and what kind of weapons do the clones will wield in order to fight in the war. It all ended so soon that CT-705E can barely even remember what the tour looks like, or what he feels during the tour, or how the tour went. As far as he can remember, the tour went along fine, and resulted in him, being able to remember every single thing he needed to know about the cloning facility and the Tipoca City, and he knew much more; shortcuts, evacuation points, and every other things that other clones do not know, specially for things that if the clone facility was attacked suddenly. All those went too fast that CT-705 can barely even remember.


Then it soon began; the training that Fett himself promised to the clones. While he also wanted to personally handle the training of the Alpha-class ARC troopers, he handled the experimental clones' training pretty well as if nothing weighs him. CT-705E himself liked the training that was given, and thus what made him a veteran up until before he died. The training soon began, two years directly after his release from the growth capsules, or half a year after his special tour. The other experimental clones were very anxious to receive the training, but due to CT-705E's disability to feel human-like feelings and emotions, he felt normal, like what he always felt everyday in his life; normal. It all began when Fett approached the experimental clones' barracks suddenly one day. As he entered the barracks, it was morning. He called out to the clones, to which CT-705E and the others answered by waking up in an instant and washed away all their sleepiness. The clones soon followed Fett, who was in his Mandalorian bounty hunter armor at the time, toward the training ground in the rain. There, it all began; the training Fett promised to the experimental clones who would likely to grow up into the perfect soldiers. The training Fett promised consisted of little more than what it would seem to be a normal clone trooper's training. However, other than the extra clone trooper training, Fett also taught the experimental clones on how to handle greater things than the normal training, which includes basic military training, weapons handling, and marksmanship. The three of these aspects were the first one to be taught by Fett to the experimental clones for the first three years with extra training, far way heavier than normal clones' training. Then, the others, Fett taught them; mastery in hand-to-hand combat, how to think positive in critical situations, vacuum training, and underwater training. They were all taught over from Fett to the experimental clones for the next three years of their promised training, which include them to temporarily stationed in outer space and underwater for one until three months during the training. As the training progresses, CT-705E felt more confident, to which he is not supposed to feel due to his disability to have human-like feelings and emotions. As such, he recalled the heavy-duty training from day-to-day, which filled his memories other than the darkness and emptiness of his mind. Waking up early, heavy training in the rain, mastery over marksmanship in every type of gun-like weapons, stay underwater for short months, and also in space, stationed with Fett's very own Slave I. The more CT-705E remembers about the training he received, the more confident he will be in the battles he fought, and the more he remembers about Jango Fett, the more he will feel the sensation of being a perfect soldier. Although not specifically feeling any emotions that strengthen his will to fight for the Republic, he longed for the training that Fett gave to him, alongside the other experimental clones, but of course, they longed it more than CT-705E due to them having human-like feelings and emotions. The training lasted for around seven years, composed of three years of extra clone training, three years of heavy-duty training, and one more year for the clones to be evaluated. The evaluation of CT-705E's training is simple; he was to prove that he paid attention to each and every single one of Fett's lessons and training in five different stages. The first stage consisted of nothing more than normal, crumbling land with sunlight and rain in different days, whereas the second stage consisted of very hot, barren wasteland with desert sands everywhere. The third consisted of very cold, icy wasteland filled with icy and crystallized mountains, whereas the fourth consisted of a space battle. The fifth and final one consisted of an underwater battle. In all five of these stages, CT-705E must prove his mastery of becoming a perfect soldier by facing three types of armies; infantry, tanks, and airships. He must excel in fighting against all three types of enemies using the training he received in five different stages. The stages were explained to be simulations of the normal training ground, which caused some experimental clones to feel a relief. To CT-705E, it was easy because his memory is filled with nothing except for the training he received. However, Fett said that each and every experimental clones will face the three types of enemies for real, and if they die, then it means that they do not succeed the test. Fett also personally explained that he tried to argue against the Kaminoans about the armies being real, but to no avail. The test must proceed with some of the experimental clones already trembling in fear. Then, CT-705E used his advantage; his inability to feel fear allowed him to gain advantages over the other clones in this test, leading him into victory during the test. However, after all of the clones succeeded the training, three other clones were missing. One of the clones asked Fett, to which he replied that the three other did not succeed the test, leaving the rest to feel sadness and despair over their fallen comrades. However, CT-705E's failed programming did not allow him to feel sadness or despair, leaving him the only clone that did not fall into sadness over his fallen comrade, allowing Fett to see his spark. The training ended, and the clones are left with nothing more to do except to wait for something to happen. They are left with two choices: to oversee the younger clones' training, or to do their own, personal training in order to improve. CT-705E, not having a choice, was approached by Fett personally after this. Fett said that CT-705E shouldn't see his downfall to which he is unable to have feelings or emotions, but to his advantage over others, to which he is unable to feel the feeling of fear and fight head on against his enemies. Fett encouraged CT-705E, and finally he decided to do both; he had half a year overseeing the younger clones' training, and two and a half year to do training of his own, honing his skills in combat.

Clone Wars

First Battle of Geonosis

I've never felt so alive in battle for the first time!
—CT-705E during the first deployment of the clone troopers

CT-705E during the first battle.

Just like all other clone troopers, CT-705E was first deployed on Geonosis under the command of the Jedi. CT-705E was first deployed around the area where the Jedi and Senator Amidala were taken as hostages. He, alongside the other clone troopers that were deployed there, rescued the Jedi and the Senator and was transported back into the main battle. While making only short appearances, CT-705E can be seen fight the droids and leading a force of around a hundred clone troopers all by himself in the front lines along the Jedi Master Plo Koon. He, without any fear for fighting, fought the droids without end, seemingly like a Jedi himself. Later, CT-705E can be seen healing the wounded clone troopers and dragging the bodies of numerous other unconscious clone troopers alongside few others, and was given the order by Jedi Master Plo Koon himself to stay back and heal the wounded, to which he accepted in honor and treated the wounded clone troopers for the rest of the fight. After healing some, he ordered one other clone to treat the rest while he get back to the main battle. After the Republic has won the battle against the Separatist, he, alongside the other clone troopers that were deployed and survived the battle, regrouped on Coruscant, and thus the clone wars began.

Shortly after the battle and the regroup upon Coruscant, CT-705E along with the other experimental clones, who are now unofficially recognized as elite clone troopers, were called back to Kamino by the Kaminoans, to which they all head to days after the battle. Soon to meet the official prime minister of the cloning facility, also known as Lama Su, which soon told them more about themselves. They were told that they will become one of Republic's secret weapons, though if they are to do so they must keep their identities a secret towards everyone, including the Jedi masters. Some of the clones began to protest and complain, but CT-705E, having no feelings and emotions and was also told to do nothing but to serve the Republic, agreed anyway. His decision soon became official; he will keep his identity as a specialized and elite clone trooper a secret which will be obscured towards everyone around the Republic and Separatist except for the other experimental clones and the Kaminoans themselves. In exchange for his agreement over this, he is given the unofficial license of becoming an elite clone trooper, which he accepts and allows him to do anything in this war, as long as the anything he does is helping the Republic. He can join any battle with any Jedi Masters, and he can start his own missions, with the provided team given by the Kaminoans. Because of this, the other clones soon agreed as well. However, he, along with the other clones, did not suspect a thing about the Kaminoans or even the fake license they gave to CT-705E.

Battle of Christophsis

The clone troopers are once more deployed on the planet known as Christophsis, which was blockaded by the Separatist Force. Mostly, the generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker including their forces of the 212th Attack Batallion and the 501st Legion were deployed, but CT-705E, being an elite clone trooper which was allowed to do mostly anything he is able to in the war, included himself in the battle, although he wasn't recognized by any of the generals or commanders due to his agreement with the Kaminoans. Then again, he wouldn't be recognized by anyone with or without the agreement, all because of his failed programming. CT-705E remained in the background throughout the entire battle, monitoring through the battles, fighting some B1 battle droids which the other clone troopers didn't manage to destroy, and also healing the wounded and unconscious clone troopers who were injured and stayed back during the fight. He is later seen along with other ordinary clone troopers, given the order to scout upon enemy's next invasion upon the city, to which he did along with the others. During the scout mission, one of the clone troopers asked CT-705E about never having to see him before, prompting CT-705E to remind himself about the agreement he had with the Kaminoans. He replied that he is just an ordinary clone trooper that was given a slightly different name than the other clone troopers, and said to the clone who asked him to stop asking questions and begin the mission. The clone trooper did what CT-705E ordered him to do, alongside with the other ordinary clone troopers that were with him, and precisely like before, he remained in the background. During the second invasion, he did nothing more than the same thing of what he did during the first invasion, which is remain obscured in the front lines and stayed back, healing the wounded and monitoring the situation of the battlefield. After the battle has ended, CT-705E, along with some other ordinary clone troopers, were to stay behind for a while to monitor the situation while the rest of the army and the two generals do their next mission. Being a secretly elite clone trooper, CT-705E asked another clone trooper of what it's like to be an ordinary clone trooper, prompting the clone to answer what is it about, since he doesn't know who CT-705E really is. CT-705E asked again with a heavier tone, prompting the clone to open his helmet and reply, stating that it is the feeling of happiness that they are able to do their duties. During the entire monitoring mission, CT-705E is the only clone who did not open his helmet, which prompts the other clones to ask about it, but CT-705E simply replied that he is able to jump directly into battle if there was any. After a few hours, he and the other clones returned back to the Star-Cruiser.

Battle of Teth

CT-705E is seen once more, deployed along with the clone troopers in order to fight against the Separatist's plot to gain Jabba the Hut's trust and support to fight against the Republic. When the Separatist force attacks, the clone troopers fend off against the droid army. However, CT-705E, just like before, acted on his own. He is willingly to stop Asajj Ventress from pursuing the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, along with some other clone troopers who were following him. He pursued the assassin, continuously shooting and aiming at her with his DC-15 rifle, attempting to shoot down the assassin. He pursued her along with the other clones, which finally caught her attention and spiced up her anger after been pursued for so long. While pursuing the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, she suddenly turned away from him and faced CT-705E, along with the other clone troopers. Anakin didn't notice and kept on running. Feeling able to find a perfect enemy, CT-705E faced Ventress and tried to shoot her down with multiple attempts using various weapons. However, all of his attempts were to no avail as he watches closely that the clone troopers who were with him are being stroke down one by one easily by the assassin. As the last clone trooper was pierced through by her lightsaber, she faced CT-705E. At first, Ventress said that it was brave of him to continue fighting her, as he is literally facing death while CT-705E continued on his attempt to shoot her down. Tired, Ventress then began to choke CT-705E using the Force, also lifting him up. Soon, Ventress said that she is quite interested in the clone trooper, and threw him away into the ground. Then, Ventress used a Mind Trick upon CT-705E to tell her his name, which he did under the influence of her mind-controlling ability. Seconds after her mind-controlling influence fade away from the clone trooper, and he stood up, grabbed his weapon, and began to shoot her again as he didn't realize what just happened. Ventress tried to retaliate, but more clone troopers, seemingly like dozens, appear before the tower and reached them, forcing the assassin to flee while the others treat CT-705E and pull him back away from the fight.

Assault on Kamino

After receiving information about the Separatists' sudden attack plan upon the clone troopers' homeworld, Kamino, specifically Tipoca City, the cloning facility, some of the clone trooper legions were to go back on Kamino in order to help Jedi Master Shaak Ti upon the defense of Kamino. CT-705E, this time along with the other elite clone troopers, were participated in the defense of Kamino against the Separatist force. CT-705E, along with some of the elite clone troopers, were to defend the facility's halls if the droids are to breach through the gates. After stationed in one of the halls, CT-705E was teamed up with his fellow elite clone trooper, and one more ARC trooper commander, also known by the nickname "Colt". The elite clone troopers began to introduce themselves, only to be turned down by the ARC commando, saying that they must prepare for battle instead of this. As the other elite clone trooper asked if the commander didn't know about them, the ARC commander replied no, to which the elite clone troopers to exchange a glance to each other. The other elite clone trooper finally replied that he is right, they should be preparing for battle and not what they have just done. By saying so, CT-705E and his fellow elite clone trooper head back to their posts and prepare their weapons while the ARC commander stayed there. Saying that if Colt's an ARC commander he should know about them, the other clone asked CT-705E about how Colt didn't know about them, to which CT-705E replied that Colt's just a showoff who's not exactly part of the first generation of clone troopers. Replying about how CT-705E reacted to Colt, the clone said that they should just follow his orders in order to maintain their identities as experimental and elite clones a secret to Colt while both of them prepare their weapons.

After a while, a blast is heard as dozens of other clone troopers approached them. One of the clone troopers told Colt that the droids overwhelmed them and have breached the posts, including this one. In an instant, Colt told all of them, including CT-705E and his fellow elite clone trooper to prepare for the assault. Soon the halls were filled with B1 battle droids, seemingly like hundreds of them, and the battle cannot be evaded. CT-705E and the other elite clone trooper fought against them in the other hall with the help of some other clone troopers while Colt and the remaining clone troopers fought against the droids in the other hall. The droids soon overwhelmed the clone troopers who were with CT-705E, watching them die one by one. However, CT-705E and the other elite clone fought even harder than the normal clones, taking off the droids in large numbers, and soon overwhelmed the droids with just the two of them. After the last droid was destroyed, CT-705E along with the other clone checked up on the other hall, only to find the clone troopers were eliminated completely as the droids breach through at the end of the hall. As such, the droids didn't realize CT-705E was there, but CT-705E didn't fight against the droids either. Instead, he was frozen along with the other clone to see that Colt is being assassinated by Ventress. As Colt's body was dropped down onto the floor, Ventress continued on forward, and CT-705E was no longer frozen. He began to shoot the remaining droids and destroyed them all. They both managed to destroy all of the remaining droids easily without any efforts, and soon they checked up upon Colt. His body was crumpling upon the floors, and his helmet was taken off to reveal his face. The other clone pulled over his body to reveal a scorching hole on his chest, impaled by the dark acolyte, and confirmed the ARC commander's death. As the other clone mourn upon the death of the ARC commander, CT-705E's communicator intercepted a transmission, saying that they almost won the battle and General Skywalker is currently pursuing Ventress. After receiving the transmission, CT-705E told the other clone to clear up the hall. The other clone agreed, and they both cleared up the hall while waiting for the Republic's victory. Once the droids are disposed of, CT-705E and the other clone cleared up the dead bodies of the clone troopers who didn't survive the fight. Soon, CT-705E and the other clone dragged Colt's dead body to give the ARC commander a proper burial.

CT-705E can be seen later, along with the other experimental clone troopers, who were all asking the Kaminoans for their experimental Phase II clone trooper armor. The one who first asked wasn't CT-705E, another experimental clone asked for the armor. As the Kaminoans asked why should they give them the armor, another experimental clone said that the experimental armor are supposed to fit their status as experimental clones, to which the Kaminoans agreed upon. Soon, CT-705E's Phase I clone trooper armor is replaced with the experimental Phase II clone trooper armor, along with the other clone troopers' armor.

Help on Endurance

CT-705E was once more spotted aboard Endurance. He was alone, as the other experimental clones participated in different missions. Again, as always, he wasn't recognized by the Jedi Master Mace Windu or any other clone troopers aboard the cruiser, acting normally as a normal clone trooper. He thought that after the sudden invasion of his homeworld on Kamino, he would like to take a short break and oversee the younger clones' tour around the ship and their training. Later, CT-705E aware that someone is trying to kill the Jedi Master, evident when a clone trooper was killed in his way to the Jedi Master's quarters. This was also proved when CT-705E and the rest of the clone troopers were sent to the escape pods after someone or something destroyed the ship's main reactor. Although ordered to evacuate using an escape pod, CT-705E insisted on helping clone commander CC-6454, also known as "Ponds" to search whoever or whatever destroyed the main reactor. After finding a clone trooper's dead body near the main reactor, commander Ponds strictly ordered CT-705E and the other clone troopers to evacuate quickly, to which he did.

Mission on Geonosis




CT-705E's Phase I Armor.

CT-705E, being a clone trooper, one of the millions of genetically altered clones of the originally bounty hunter Jango Fett, wears armor which is also wore by millions of other clone troopers in order to fight effectively in combat. Like all other clone troopers, he once wore an armor which is commonly known as Phase I clone trooper armor, composed of twenty plastoid armor plates attached to a pitch black body glove which covers CT-705E's body entirely, not including his head. The Phase I clone trooper armor CT-705E wore is very dirty and heavily damaged, indicating all of his many fights against the enemies of the Republic, although it is originally white, also having a utility belt, high-traction soles on the boots, T-shaped visor, and breath filter. CT-705E is able to fight quite effectively in this armor, although sometimes he complained about uncomfortable about the whole armor.


CT-705E's Phase II Armor.

After his request upon the Kaminoans, he, along with the other experimental elite clone troopers, were all given new, experimental Phase II clone trooper armor to match their titles as experimental clone troopers. The new Phase II clone trooper armor that CT-705E wore brings a different helmet, and also brings much more comfort to CT-705E, allowing him to fight even more effectively in battle, and its equipment apply more to him in battle than the previous armor. The Phase II utility belt is much more usable, the soles can be used much more effectively, the larger T-shaped visor can be seen through clearly, and the breath filter is much more comfortable. Like his Phase I clone trooper armor, CT-705E's Phase II clone trooper armor is pretty much all dirty and damaged, while its color is mainly white, also indicating his many struggles along the war. Ever since wearing his Phase II clone trooper armor, CT-705E also has a backpack which can be seen on his back, containing multiple other weapons that he is able to use while in battle.


CT-705E wields the normal DC-15 blasters that normal clone troopers wield. It is strange for him because he wields two blasters instead of one. Although he normally wields one at a time, he would likely to use both blasters whenever he feels to use them or whenever he feels in danger. While he never used them before, CT-705E has packed a few thermal detonators inside his backpack, and also a pair of DC-15 hand blasters inside it. He has shown to be very proficient in using all four of these different blasters, all thanks to the training he received.

Physical Appearance

Regarding on the fact that CT-705E is a clone trooper, a genetically altered clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, he possesses the exact same features as Fett originally does, specifically around Fett's late twenties to his mid thirties. However, in cause of him being one of the first clones every produced and also a veteran clone trooper, he is distinguishable from the other clone troopers, one of them having slightly older features to match Fett's original features in his mid thirties, and also an extremely short mustache along with a beard with the slightly longer, although still short length. Not visible directly while in his armor, CT-705E has a considerably more muscular built than the average clone troopers' built, caused by the fact that he's a veteran clone trooper, having to face multiple dangers that trained his body into his muscular look. Also noticeable from his features, CT-705E kept his black hair, matching Fett's original hair color, to be styled upwards and with a slight widow's peak-like hairstyle. Another feature that match him with the other clones and Fett himself is his brown eyes. CT-705E has never changed his appearance, keeping the entirety of his features like this throughout the whole war.

Personality and Traits

CT-705E's not like the others--not like us. His failed programming when he was born made him like nothing more than a mindless drone, only responding to orders but not others
—Another experimental clone trooper describing CT-705E's true nature

CT-705E, as stated multiple times before, was one of the failed experimental clones that were first born to test out the cloning templates. His failed programming totally robbed out any human-like feelings and emotions away from CT-705E, making the clone to become a mindless drone completely. While others are in sadness and despair over fallen comrades, CT-705E does not feel a thing; in his entire life, he feels completely nothing, nothing at all, not even his feeling for fellow clone troopers or what others would call "brothers". His failed programming also lead him to have a slightly distinctive nature which has never been mentioned before. CT-705E's failed programming robbed away any human-like feelings and emotions out of the clone, but also one other thing. While other clones are programmed to be very loyal towards the Republic, willing to die for the Republic and such, CT-705E's failed programming is coupled with his loyalty for the Republic dramatically increased, having slightly higher level of loyalty towards the Republic than average clones. This programming is actually a profit for CT-705E, even though he does not realize it; normal clones have a slight chance that they can betray or desert the Republic in exchange for a known prize that deceived some clone troopers already: freedom. This programming, increasing CT-705E's amount of loyalty to the Republic, prevents any chance of CT-705E to betray or desert the Republic, cleansing his mind completely only for the Republic and nothing else. While known having the inability to feel human-like feelings and emotions, CT-705E is noticeably able to feel one thing: a feeling of liveliness, a feeling which CT-705E stated that he cannot describe whenever he joins into battle. It is the feeling that CT-705E can only feel, thus made him fond of fighting and battling, or as CT-705E like to prefer it as "facing death". Other than this feeling, he feels completely nothing. His failed programming which allows him to have the inability to feel human-like feelings and emotions, coupled with his higher degree of loyalty towards the Republic, also his only feeling of liveliness whenever he joins into battle, made him a completely mindless drone, seemingly like a robot, a droid, who knows about nothing and does nothing whenever he is out of duty. Both of these reasons are also the reason of why CT-705E does not pick a nickname, as he happily accepts his number. His fellow clones tried to call him by the nickname "Heartless" to match his status, but some other clones said it is cruel to call him that, and yet again, CT-705E never responded to any nicknames other than his number.

CT-705E's traits and talents while in battle, can be obviously recognized, drastically way higher than average clone troopers. Being one of the clone troopers which received training personally from Jango Fett himself and faced multiple deadly tests and survived, CT-705E can be described as a one-man-army, able to fight alone against hundreds, thousands, millions of infantry forces included with hundreds of tanks and airships without showing any visible efforts. CT-705E is also proficient in wielding any type of long-ranged weapons while in combat, effectively utilizing his skills in order to quickly fight against his enemies. In battle, CT-705E can also use his failed programming to gain advantage over the whole fight against his enemies, as his inability to feel human-like feelings and emotions also allows him to not feel fear, allowing CT-705E to be fearless even when fighting deadly enemies, which he can use to fight effectively. The only weakness CT-705E possesses in his fighting skills is that his inability to fight against Jedi and Sith, which leads him to his death. It is not included in his training, and he never asked for a training to fight enemies like them. Even when his fearless attitude takes over, coupled with his mastery over every aspect of battling skills, he can never be able to take on Jedi or Sith.

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