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I fight the Empire to avenge my brothers, we were used to bring in an evil, an evil that has brought about horror and suffering to countless thousands through out the galaxy, I thought I was out of the fight, thought the Empire had taken all the fight out of me, but my old captain showed me there was still plenty of fight left in me.
—A line taken from Brando's journal

Brando, formerly designated as CT-6873, was a veteran clone trooper during the Clone Wars and was part of Hellfire squad. Brando was a Company Sergeant in Torrent Company, a unit of the famed 501st Legion in the Grand Army of the Republic. For the first two years of the Galactic Empire, Brando would serve as a Captain of a Purge Trooper squad. At the time of the Siege of Mandalore, two members of Hellfire squad were transferred to the 332nd Division, while the rest stayed with the 501st. Brando lost his squad during the Occupation of Mon Cala in pursuit of a Jedi knight. The injuries to Brando's head during the occupation affected his inhibitor chip which freed him from the influence of the Empire. He would later marry a force-sensitive Alderaanian female mercenary named, Gawynn Obrith, a descendant of the Corvax bloodline, they would go on to have two children, one of whom they named Corso who would become the smuggler who would destroy the Bright Star allowing the planet Mustafar to heal slowly. And a daughter named Bastila who would become a professional military pilot within the New Republic and Resistance. Brando would serve the Alliance to Restore the Republic from the destruction of the Death Star to the Battle of Jakku where after he would retire. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain and fought in the climactic Battle of Endor, which saw the defeat of Emperor Palpatine, the redemption of his former Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and the destruction of the Second Death Star.


Early life

My first day as a member of the 501st... it was hot, it was sandy, chaotic. Nothing at all like the simulations on Kamino. Of course that's pretty much the way it was for all of us, wasn't it? All that breeding, all those years of training... doesn't really prepare you for all the screaming or the blood, does it? Frankly, I'm still amazed we made it through the first hour, never mind the first day.

Brando was one of the first generations of clones created and like the rest of his clone brothers, created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett on the planet Kamino. Grown to be among the greatest soldiers in the galaxy.

The Clone Wars

Early battles

Just like the simulations.

Brando was sent to Geonosis to rescue the Jedi in the arena. Although the rescue was a success, they lost one trooper during the operation. As they flew down to the battle to drop off Mace Windu, Brando was taken to the forward command post along with Jedi Master Yoda.

Brando in the Jedi arena.

Sometime during the battle, Brando and his squad were needed on a high-value target capture mission, their target was Count Dooku. Padme Amidala saw to that as she lead the mission to capture Dooku. Once they got there, Count Dooku had already fled the building with Brando, Padme, and his squad trying to shoot down his starship, but to only have him still flee Geonosis. After this, Brando was among the clone forces lead by Mace Windu to mop up the rest of the droid forces on Geonosis.

Battle of Arantara

Brando and the rest of the 501st served in the Battle of Arantara. Captain Rex was found injured and unconscious by Anakin Skywalker.

Siege of Hisseen

During the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched a siege on the planet Hisseen. Following the attack, the Jedi High Council dispatched Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, and Anakin Skywalker, alongside a force of clone troopers, Brando was a part of that force led by Captain Rex, to prevent Hisseen from falling into the hands of the Separatists.

Battle of Kamino

The Seps are gonna have to come through us sir.
—Brando to Captain Rex shortly before the battle of Kamino

The 501st was sent back to Kamino along with the 212th, which meant Brando would be back to Kamino but to defend it. Hellfire was one of many clone squads in a hanger fighting against a squadron of aqua droids. When the battle was reaching its end, Brando ran to the aid of General Skywalker. They fought off Asajj Ventress and she escaped but failed to sabotage and destroy the cloning facilitate.

Battle of Christophsis

Sometime after the siege of Hisseen, the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battlion were sent to liberate Christophsis from Confederate forces under General Whorm Loathsom and Count Dooku's assassin, Asajj Ventress. Brando took part in setting up an ambush on the approaching Separatist forces, but Kenobi and Cody were ambushed themselves. Skywalker rushed to his master's aid with Rex, Brando and his men alongside him.

Brando and the rest of the Republic force fighting off the droid ambush.

Fleeing to the rooftop, they held off the battle droids until evac arrived in the form of a LAAT/i gunship, with clone trooper Gus removing the commanding tactical droid's head before departing. Rex assisted Cody in performing a robolobotomy on the droid's head, discovering that it contained all of their intelligence. Surmising that this meant there was a spy in their midst, Skywalker and Kenobi departed to investigate the Confederate headquarters, hoping this would reveal the spy's identity.

Torrent Company fighting off droids.

As Loathsom's droid army moved in on their positions, Members of the 501st along with Rex accompanied Skywalker as he took on the tri-droids. Soon after, Rex, Brando and the 501st met Skywalker's new Padawan apprentice, Ahsoka Tano.

Rex ordering Brando to keep fighting.

Rex soon spotted the deflector shield being used by the incoming Confederate forces, rendering their cannons useless.

After conferring with Kenobi, Cody, and Rex, Skywalker and Tano left to destroy the deflector shield, while Rex assisted Kenobi in holding back the droids before they could destroy the heavy cannons. As Kenobi led a charge against the droids, Rex and his men drew the droids into the buildings, making the fight more manageable for the clones.

Despite this, most of Rex's unit was wiped out, Brando was found in the grip of a B2-series super battle droid but Kenobi freed him from the droids grip. Rex was soon ordered to pull back his forces in order to protect the cannons. As Kenobi delayed Loathsom with a drawn-out surrender, Rex noticed the shield drop just in time and ordered the cannons to finish off the tanks, ending the battle.

Battle of Teth

All this for a Hutt?
—Brando to Sev on Teth

Brando, alongside Skywalker, Rex, Tano, and the rest of Torrent Company, went to Teth to rescue Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta. They used their ascension cables to climb the cliffs to the monastery under fire from two droid battalions. Torrent Company led by Rex, secured the monastery. After Skywalker and Tano found Jabba's son, Separatist vulture droids attacked as two Separatist landing craft deployed more battle droids under the command of Ventress. Rex and his men retreated into the monastery.

Captain Rex and Brando surrounded by battle droids.

Rex and his men stayed behind to keep the battle droids busy. After Ventress cut the door's lock, Rex and his men fought the droids, but the droids subdued his men. Rex picked up his pistol and tried to shoot Ventress, who disarmed and Force-choked him, demanding the location of Skywalker. Rex refused, but Ventress used a mind trick to make him contact Skywalker. However, because Rex broke protocol by calling Skywalker by his first name, Skywalker realized that Ventress was coming.

After the clone captain and his surviving troops which consisted of Brando, Sev and other troopers were taken to the courtyard, Skywalker contacted Rex, so a battle droid came over to investigate. Rex punched the unit and took its weapon. Rex and his troops then fought the droids guarding them. As they were surrounded, help arrived from Kenobi and Cody. After destroying a spider droid with a detonator, Rex told Skywalker they could take care of themselves and that the mission came first. Rex then went with Kenobi, Yoda, and Cody to pick up Skywalker and his apprentice from Jabba's Palace on Tatooine.

Battle of Mimban

Brando later fought in the Battle of Mimban along with the Mud Jumpers of the 224th Division and the 501st. Jedi General Laan Tik led Republic forces in the battle until he was killed. Afterward, Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks became the highest-ranking member despite having no combat experience, and the chain of command fell to him.

After the Republic fell back to their camp, Rex spoke with Brando and six of his troopers about the location of the droids' shield generator. Knowing that it was a suicide mission, Rex decided to call in an exfil shuttle to pull his men out. Rex decided to undertake the mission by himself but was followed by one of his troopers and Representative Binks. Rex then attacked and fought the battle droids for several hours until he was shot and pushed to the ground. He was saved by Representative Binks, who used Tik's lightsaber. Despite saving his life, Rex took Tik's lightsaber and gave a blaster to Binks. The two of them continued to fight the droids

Battle of Orto Plutonia

They do not look happy to see us.

The 501st accompanied Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi, and Chairman Chi Cho to Orto Plutonia. There, they investigated Glid Station to ascertain what happened to the troopers.

Brando holding the line.

Rex and the Jedi went to a Confederate outpost, where they saw a hologram of a creature attack the battle droids. Rex returned to the station, where he and his troops waited for the Jedi's return. Rex and his troops then went with the Jedi, Chairman Cho, and Senator Chuchi to speak with the Talz Chief, Thi-Sen, at the Confederate base. After the meeting, Rex was charged with protecting the Chairman when he decided to attack the Talz. Rex, Brando, other troopers, Cho, and his guards were surrounded by the Talz. Cho was mortally wounded. Rex formed a defence line near a cliff and held out until Skywalker, Kenobi, Chuchi and the rest of the troops arrived.

Raid on Vindi's lab

No no no! some of the virus got in here! we didn't close the door fast enough!

The 501st was sent to Naboo to assist Skywalker and Kenobi to stop Confederate scientist Dr. Nuvo Vindi from deploying bombs laden with the Blue Shadow Virus. Rex fought alongside Commander Tano in fighting their way through Vindi's lab. They stopped Vindi's droid from unleashing the virus.

Brando, Rex, Tano and six others stopped the droids from unleashing the virus.

However, LEP-86C8 stole a vial and triggered one of the bombs, contaminating the labs. Though Rex and his troopers sealed the lab, they were infected with the virus. Alongside Senator Padmé Amidala and Binks, they destroyed all the droids and stopped them from unleashing it on Naboo. Skywalker and Kenobi administered a cure to them and saved them

First Battle of Felucia

Brando and other clone troopers defending their position.

Rex, Cody, Kenobi, Skywalker, Tano, and their forces eventually found themselves combating the droid army on the strategic planet of Felucia. Republic forces became based in a jungle clearing, and Tano was tasked with a jungle patrol to combat the Separatist forces. As Tano led her troops against droid forces, the droid army located and surrounded the Republic position. Republic forces were soon overwhelmed, and their only hope for survival became a group of Republic gunships called to evacuate them under the command of General Plo Koon. As droid forces surrounded Rex and the others, Koon, his starfighters, and his gunships fought through the Separatist blockade. The ships were followed to the planet by vulture droids, and the destruction and crash of one of the droid starfighters alerted Rex and the others to the arrival of the gunships. The clones fired at the approaching droids as Rex and the other Republic leaders led them to the ships.

Rex called for all troops to leave, and after all of the forces boarded, they went to locate Tano. Tano did not want to leave, and she said the Separatists were retreating. Skywalker argued that the droids were regrouped and about to overrun her as Rex and the others did their best to fight out the droids. Skywalker ordered her and her clones to evacuate, and as all Republic forces lifted off, the regrouped droid army decimated Tano's abandoned vehicles

Battle of Deavron

Hellfire and Rex ready to leave the station.

The 501st went with Skywalker and Tano to Devaron to stop the bounty hunter Cad Bane from taking the Kyber memory crystal from Master Bolla Ropal. Rex gathered three brigades to board Bane's ship. Rex approved of Skywalker's idea of using the AT-TEs to board Bane's ship. Rex, Skywalker, Tano, and their troops were successful in boarding the ship, though they did not save Master Ropal. Rex and the others found Bane on the gun deck. Rex and his men fought the battle droids while Skywalker and Tano pursued Bane. They secured a shuttle and waited for Skywalker and Tano to return. When they returned, Rex watched as "Denal" shot Bane.

After returning to the Resolute, Brando spotted blood. Rex told Skywalker the blood was not from one of his men. Rex and Skywalker then realized that Denal was actually Bane in disguise, but he escaped.

Battle of Malastare

Captain, grab my hand! I got you!
—Brando to Rex

The Battle of Malastare, one of the fiercest battles of the Clone Wars, took place on the planet Malastare. The Confederacy of Independent Systems attempted to deplete the Galactic Republic's fuel supply by sending a massive army to conquer the world.

Brando, Rex and the clones holding the line.

The army was deactivated by a prototype electro-proton bomb. Brando was part of the Republic force to defend the planet and keep the fuel reserves out of Separatist hands. The clones would fight alongside the dugs, the dugs would contribute infantry forces to battle the approaching droid forces as well as dug rail guns and dug debris loaders to counter the several squadrons of Hyena-class Droid Bombers and Vulture-class droid starfighters. The battle resulted in a Republic victory when Chancellor Palpatine authorised the use of the electro-proton bomb which deactivated all droid forces on the battlefield.

Second Battle of Geonosis

I was at the first battle, we rained hell upon the seps.. and we will do it again.

Anakin Skywalker leading Brando and the others on Geonosis.

Brando fought with Rex, Skywalker, Tano, and the 501st when the Republic returned to Geonosis. After Skywalker's gunship was shot down, Rex and the others continued towards Kenobi's position on foot. Rex assisted Skywalker and Tano in taking out a droid fortress blocking their path. After the fortress was destroyed, Rex, Skywalker, Mundi, Tano, and the rest of their forces rendezvoused with Kenobi and Cody.

Brando among the members of Skywalkers team in their crashed gunship.

Brando fought alongside, Rex, Skywalker, General Luminara Unduli, and Commander CC-1004 "Gree" and their troops to distract Poggle's forces while Tano and Barriss Offee infiltrated the droid foundry. At first, they drove back the battle droids. However, they were forced to fall back when Poggle sent in Super tanks to finish them off. After the foundry was destroyed, Rex brought in their tanks and gunships to search for Tano and Offee. The padawans had been found, the clones looked on as the padawans reunited with their masters.

Battle of Saleucami

Tank 2! Port side!

Brando was part of the Republic force that accompanied Skywalker and Master Gallia to the Saleucami system to rescue Master Eeth Koth from General Grievous. Despite their rescuing Master Koth,Grievous escaped to the surface of Saleucami.


Grievous was located in an escape pod with a working transmitter and was able to send a signal to his fleet. However, Kenobi, Cody and their forces were able to find him and attempted to stop his escape. Brando saw B-1 battle droids equipped with rocket launchers fire a rocket they flew straight past him, in a direct path to an AT-TE designated "Tank 2". Brando warned the tanks crew about the missile on a direct course to their portside. The AT-TE gunner managed to shoot down the missile, Brando relieved, was impressed by the accuracy and quick reflexes of the gunner. Kenobi then confronted Grievous, and Kenobi briefly dueled with him before he made his escape.

Skirmish on the Coronet

Redeye? report! Mixer come in!. "Captain Rex, Mixer and Redeye aren't reporting from their search, you need to come down here.

Following Kenobi's investigation on Mandalore, Rex, Cody, Skywalker, and several trooper including Brando were requested to protect the Duchess Satine Kryze and her entourage from the Death Watch and the Separatists aboard the Coronet.

Brando and others aboard the Coronet.

Rex, Cody, Brando, and the troops were briefed on the importance of protecting the Duchess. They stayed in the cargo bay. Rex saw that R2 was spooked by something and that two of his troopers that Brando reported were missing. Rex, alongside Skywalker, found an open container. They continued the search until Skywalker was attacked by an assassin probe. Rex and Cody took it out. However, they came under attack by SD-K4a mini-assassin droids. After defeating them, Rex and Cody continued their search, taking out the last probe killer. Rex was attacked by the last assassin probe but held off its claws before Skywalker took it out.

Soon after, the Seperatist's commenced an assualt on the Coronet, Brando and the clones along with the Duchess' royal guards battled the super battle droids boarding the Coronet, eventually fending off the droid attack. With Obi-Wan and Skywalker effectively ended the plot to assinate the Duchess.

Frontline on Felucia

Captain Rex and Ahsoka leading the charge.

Having become a foothold of Separatist strength since the beginning of the Clone Wars, Felucia was engulfed in conflict for a second time on account of being situated near the valuable hyper lane known as the Perlemian Trade Route. The 501st went with Skywalker and Tano to repel the Confederacy from Felucia, leading a clone trooper division of AT-TE walkers into the heart of enemy territory. They encountered squads of battle droids as they went but gained much ground, eventually joining forces with Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe to capture a Confederate outpost, to which General Grievous was sending reinforcements to fortify his hold on the system. Before the main assault Brando's gunship was shot down by CIS artillery. Hellfire squad was close to a Separatist outpost post that was jamming all Republic communications in the area. The squad proceeded to destroy it. Using the environment to their advantage they took the base with nature and their weaponry. The destruction of the base resulted in General Grievous losing an advantage on Felucia. When Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano rescued Hellfire, Captain Rex promoted Brando to company Sergeant.

As night fell, the Jedi and clones moved their forces to a ridge overlooking the outpost just as a C-9979 landing craft arrived with the droid reinforcements. Koon decided on a three-pronged assault plan to secure the outpost while Koon and Wolffe attacked the base's left flank, Tano would breach the rear entrance with troops from Wolffe's Wolfpack a squad within the 104th Battalion Skywalker and Rex, meanwhile, would spearhead the frontal assault on the station.

Once Skywalker's Felucian scouts had found them a secure way to the path leading to the outpost, Rex positioned half of Hellfire amidst the dense foliage on one side of the path, while Skywalker did the same along the other side with the other half. With all of their forces in place, Koon had their AT-TE walkers deliver long-range fire at the outpost from the ridge. The cannonades baited tactical droid commander TZ-33's droid defenders out of the front entrance, and Skywalker and Rex began their attack once several DSD1 dwarf spider droids had been lured out into the jungle. Rex and Skywalker cut through the battle droids and joined Koon in capturing the base's command center, eliminating TZ-33. Although the enemy station had been secured, Tano was nowhere to be found—unbeknownst to her comrades,Trandoshan hunters had captured her for hunt on the moon Wasskah. Rex and his team received orders to return to Coruscant the next morning. As they prepared to leave Felucia, Skywalker had Rex and his men search the conquered outpost and the surrounding area for Tano several times, to no avail. With gunships waiting for them, Skywalker was forced to call off the search, hoping that Republic forces or spies in the Confederacy would locate his Padawan.Tano was later rescued from Wasskah and safely returned to the Jedi Temple.

Battle of Horain

It's a battle droid fighting for us?. Now I've seen everything.
—Rex and Brandon

Brando at the Republic Evacuation Point.

The Battle of Horain was led by Captain Rex alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi. During the battle a B1-series battle droid named B1-0516 was hit by a blaster bolt that bounced off of Kenobi's lightsaber. It started to shoot other battle droids. When the battle droid revealed his name, Rex renamed him "Bats" because his name was a mouthful. When Rex and Kenobi returned to the Republic Evacuation Point, Bats joined the Republic. At the evacuation point, Brando saw Bats entering the gunship and exclaimed his surprise to see a friendly B-1 battle droid to Rex.

The Battle of Umbara

Well this should be fun, a four armed lightsaber wielding Jedi! How could this ever go wrong?
—Brando stating his opinion to fellow 501st members

As the Confederacy strengthened its control of vital but isolated supply routes throughout the galaxy, a major point of contention became the planet Umbara. The 501st Legion joined Skywalker and Kenobi 212th Battalion aboard one of the Republic fleet's lead Acclamator-class transports. Skywalker, Rex, and the 501st Legion were tasked with intercepting enemy reinforcements to the north of the city. Opposing the Republic forces would be the heavily armed Umbaran soldiers of the Umbaran militia. Brando's squad where given orders to destroy Umbaran hover tanks that where firing rounds into the sky bringing down their LAAT Gunships and the mortar rounds on the ground troops. They completed their objective killing Umbaran soldiers on the way.

Brando and his men leading the attack on the Umbaran hover tanks.

When the 501st secured a trench line forward the the capital, the Umbarans were ready to attack but first sent a Scutiger-100 stealth droid to pick off some troops at the trench. While the 501st stood their ground fending of the attackers, Rex noticed an opening on the south ridge where they could fall back and call in an airstrike on the Umbaran positions. When they fell back, Brando met up with a trooper named Sling who was a AT RT Driver. When the 501st were recovering from the attack, General Pong Krell arrived and told Skywalker that he was ordered to go back to Coruscant on urgent matters and that Krell would take over for the time being.

Krell opted to pit the entire 501st against the city and it's defences in a full frontal assault. They crossed the roads leading to the city where they walked into and ambush.

There were explosions followed by an Umbaran ambush. More troopers were killed, Rex ordered the men to maintain their position on the road. As the Umbarans surrounded them many troopers were forced to use hand to hand combat. Rex ordered a retreat so they could draw the Umbarans out of the darkened jungle that they used to their advantage. Although the 501st's rear flank endured heavy losses, Rex's plan worked, and his platoons were able to return many of the casualties to the Umbarans, forcing them to abandon their pursuit. Krell disdainfully ordered reinforcements and angrily confronted Rex for disobeying him. When Krell roared at Rex, Rex retorted by reminding him that he had a duty to protect the men under his command.

Brando getting ready to fire on the Umbaran attackers.

The 501st where able to hold off the attack at the checkpoint soon after Krell decided that they would besiege the airbase in another full forward assault.

Rex led the 501st into the canyon, he split the 501st squads into the two groups. While Rex and his team marched along the outskirts of the canyon, Fives took his division through the other side of the gorge. Fives's detachment was the first to meet Umbaran resistance in the form of an Impeding Assault Tank.They were able to destroy the tanks in a well planned ambush.

Rex and his men continued on in a single group, making their way through the seared wreckage of the tanks, one of which was still active. At Rex's word, Hardcase blasted its cockpit apart with a missile, and Rex made quick work of the Umbaran pilot. All of a sudden a Umbaran mobile heavy cannon blasted at them, Rex ordered a retreat. Brando helped Kix get the wounded out while Sev and Jan stayed back to defend the wounded. As they grabbed the wounded, fallen tank remains trapped Brando. Rex and Kix carried him out to the wounded. As they desperately tried to hold off the Umbarans, two Umbaran starfighters piloted by Fives and Hardcase, flew up in the sky obliterating the Umbaran forces that was tearing them apart.

From the left Sev, Jan,Templar and Brando.

As Krell gave the order, the 501st attacked the airbase although there was mortars and artillery defending the airbase preventing the 501st from entering the base. Fives found an underground bunker entrance which lead into the base. In the base there were some hover tanks they could use against the artillery and mortars. Rex assigned Brando and other clones to help Fives take the bunker and use the tanks. They blasted their way through and hijacked the tanks destroying anything in their way. After the base defences were destroyed allowing the rest of the 501st to swarm the base, Brando, Sev, Jan and Templer investigated the tower where they found Umbaran snipers. They eliminated the snipers nest and further explored the base. Sev and Brando entered the barracks and were ambushed by a Umbaran General. The general stunned Sev and engaged in hand to hand combat with Brando. After a tense struggle Brando was victorious. While reporting their hard-won success to Krell, Captain Rex recalled the fact that many men had died to take the enemy facility, to which Krell dismissed the captain as myopic, replying that he had to understand the price of victory. None of his comrades approved of Krell's sentiment, and as the general walked away, Rex and other clones in the company agreed that it was Krell who would never comprehend the depth of the clone troopers' sacrifices.

The 501st Legion established a staging area at the Umbaran airbase, making use of its barracks, Krell ordered that the 501st Legion be ready to move out in twelve hours for an assault on the capital. Many of the 501st troopers were frustrated by the order.

After the heroics of Fives, CT-5597 "Jesse" and Hardcase destroying the supply ship CC-1119 "Appo" ordered Brando,Kilso, Tup, Kix and Vak to execute Fives and Jesse. However just before they fired, Fives convinced them that they should stand up against orders that they believe are wrong. They fired the shots above their heads. They dropped their weapons, but CT-6922 "Dogma" leading the execution, ordered them to follow Krell's orders, but he was ignored by the other clones.

Brando as part of the firing squad, knowing the execution of Fives and Jesse was wrong after hearing a speech from Fives.

Their standoff was interrupted by an incoming transmission from trooper Waxer of Cody's 212th Attack Battalion. Rex was unaware that the message had been forged. Waxer alleged that the Umbarans had ambushed a clone platoon and had pilfered weapons and armor, warning that they could be gearing up for a devastating attack. Postponing Jesse and Fives's punishment and ordering them back to confinement, Krell had Rex mobilize his men to pre-empt the Umbarans with a preliminary strike, making a point to warn the clones not to be confused by the enemies' armor. The 501st marched into the dark forest.

The firing squad about to fire on Fives and Jesse.

As they marched, they were ambushed by Waxers platoon. The fight continued until Rex found a member of Waxers platoon who they thought where Umbarans. Rex ran through the fire yelling out that they shooting at our own men. Brando had his blaster on his long time brother Colt from the 212th, but Rex got in range. Rex tackled Colt pulling his helmet off, showing both platoons their killing clones. Brando was in shock after what he had done. He had doubts that Krell arranged this but Fives and Rex convinced him and other clones that he did with evidence of Waxer saying before he died that Krell said Rex's platoon where Umbarans.

They all proceeded to the command tower, where they stormed into the control room and surrounded Krell, training their blasters on him. Rex informed Krell that he was being relieved of duty and demanded his surrender, Krell left leaving carnage before they could pursue, Rex and his comrades were challenged by Dogma, who tried to retain his loyalties to his general, proclaiming that all of the clone troopers were traitors for turning on Krell. Dogma hesitated, then lowered his blaster, and other troopers subdued him. Ordering that Dogma be taken to the prison block, Rex led the remainder of his men into the jungle after Krell, splitting them into groups to search for their rogue general. After a while, Rex checked with the other squads to see if anyone had found any sign of Krell. One of the other units had encountered him, and Fives spotted them up ahead; all of them fell to Krell's blades. Approaching Rex and his squad, Krell jumped into the trees and used the Force to magnify his voice, taunting the clone troopers and their loyalty to him.

Krell then revealed himself and attacked, dealing a great number of losses. While Rex tried to hold the line with Fives and their rapidly diminishing troops, he was contacted via commlink by CT-5385 "Tup", who had a plan to defeat Krell that required the general being lured toward him. Rex ordered everyone to circle around Krell and lead him in Tup's direction. They soon saw Tup's idea: to maneuverer Krell into the waiting tentacles of a ravenous Vixus, a threat that even the Jedi Master did not expect to encounter. As Brando and the others moved in for the kill, Krell forced push them and freed himself from the creature but was stunned by Tup. Krell was executed by Rex in one of the prison cells in the airbase. After these events, Brando truly saw the uniqueness in himself and his brothers. He dyed his hair blue and grew a goatee.

Battle of Kiros

Hold on Brando, Kix is on his way.
—Anakin and Brando[src]

Ten rotations after Master Yoda's last communication with Kiros's governor, Gupat Roshti, Rex, along with Skywalker, Kenobi, Ahsoka, and their men, were sent to free Kiros from the Separatist occupation forces. Rex rode with Kenobi as his gunner on his BARC speeder. Rex finished off the last of the AATs with his rocket launcher as they approached the Separatist headquarters inside the governor's tower. The seperatist commander Darts D'Nar detonated bombs around the city injuring multiple clones, including Brando. Anakin attended to Brando until Kix arrived who then gave him medical attention.

The Battle of Ringo Vinda

What happened to Tup??

When the Republic set its sights on seizing the planet Ringo Vinda from separatist control as well as its space station, led by Admiral Trench. 501st infantry that was assigned to the campaign where lead by Rex and Skywalker. The Republic and Separatist forces clashed for control of the orbital space station that encircled the entire world, eventually becoming based out of opposite sections of the facility. Rex and his comrades became locked in combat with the Separatist battle group for at least five rotations, but it was not until the arrival of reinforcements under the command of twin Jedi Generals Tiplee and Tiplar that they began to make headway toward breaking the ongoing stalemate.

Brando with a M3 Bulwark Blast Shield during the Battle of Ringo Vinda.

As part of their renewed offensive, Rex and Skywalker led the 501st in pressing through one of the station's hallways, while Tiplee and Tiplar's men focused on repulsing the droid forces in the passage. Once they had reached the communications centre, Rex and Skywalker regrouped with the twin Jedi Generals and claimed the facility so they could use it. They next set their sights on a command centre up ahead, out of which the Separatist commander, Admiral Trench, was operating. The Jedi initiated phase two of their battle strategy: while Tiplar and Tiplee would each lead their men to Trench's command post via the outer two of three passageways, Rex and Skywalker would oversee a 501st advance through the middle corridor.

Upon learning from Tiplee and Tiplar clone officer, Commander Doom, that his men were severely depleted, Skywalker transferred Fives, Tup, Brando's squad and some soldiers from the 501st to Doom and Tiplar's squad. With that, Rex joined Skywalker in spearheading the 501st's push, blasting through a number of B1 battle droids in the central passage. The hallway eventually opened into a large room in front of Trench's post, and Rex and the others were faced with DSD1 dwarf spider droids and B2 super rocket trooper.

Brando posted outside Tups medical quarters on the Resolute.

As they made progress toward Trench's position, Tup in a trance-like state executed Tiplar at point-blank range. Tup's shocking exploit, combined with the appearance of a squad of droidekas, crumbled the Republic's advance, and Skywalker ordered a full retreat, with Fives taking Tup into custody. Once Rex and the others had fallen back to the communications centre, they welded shut the blast doors to cut off the pursuant battle droids. As they investigated Brando and his squad tried to help and see what was wrong with Tup but Skywalker denied them entry but assured them that Tup was okay.

As they took Tup to Kamino, Captain Rex allowed Brando to be his security detail and he was able to hear the medical reports about Tup and watched Tup pass away. Fives later starting having virus symptoms the same as Tup and caused enough problems to be executed by CC-1010 "Fox".

Banking Clan crisis

At some point after the Battle of Ringo Vinda, The 501st participated in the Invasion of Scipio, a battle in response to the Separatist invasion of the InterGalactic Banking Clan planet of Scipio, which had been considered a neutral world. While General Anakin Skywalker and other members of the 501st Legion made their initial descent on the planet, Skywalker requested that Rex determine the location of Senator Padmé Amidala, who was on Scipio due to the exchange of power in the banks from the corrupt leaders to Rush Clovis. Rex said he could not pinpoint her exact location, but that the initial scan indicated she was still alive. Upon reaching the planet's surface, Skywalker ordered Rex to hold the line as he searched for Amidala. Rex, along with the rest of the 501st, successfully held their position and regained control of the planet from the Separatist forces although Brando did suffer minor injuries from an explosion from a thermal detonator.

Battle of Anaxes

Brando and other 501st clone troopers in a briefing.

The battle for Anaxes took place over many different battlefields all over the planet. During the early stages of the battle the Republic seemed to be in control of the battle, containing the droid armies on the ground and in the air, but after weeks of perilous fighting the Republic's grip on the planet started to slip away. Admiral Trench, commander of the Separatist forces at Anaxes, had access to the stolen algorithm being extracted from Echo, which was being broadcast from Skako Minor to a Cyber Center on Anaxes, and was using it to counter the Republic's strategies.

Clone Force 99, General Skywalker and Captain Rex uncovered why the separatists were anticipating Republic strategies. The separatists had ARC Trooper CT-1409 "Echo" who was originally believed to of been killed in action on Lola Sayu, prisoner and turned him into a cyborg. Sometime after his capture, he would be sold to foreman of the Techno Union, Emir Wat Tambor. He had the intention of using the clone for counterintelligence, accessing Echo's knowledge of Republic algorithms, despite claiming neutrality in the war, the Techno Union was allied with the separatists. With the help of Clone Force 99, Captain Rex and Anakin Skywalker rescued Echo, removing the upper hand the separatists had against Republic forces on Anaxes.

Jesse and Brando awaiting orders from Mace Windu.

Windu and Kenobi's attack force approached the main assembly plant, A intense battle occurred in the Assembly plant, while Skywalker, Rex and Clone Force 99 infiltrated the Dreadnaught. When they were onboard the Dreadnaught they detonated an electric pulse, rendering all droid forces destroyed, Admiral Trench saw he had no hope of success, he plans to conduct complete annihilation of his enemies and activates a bomb beneath the assembly plant. However, Anakin Skywalker put an end to Trench and his plans. The Battle of Anaxes was a victory for the Republic.

Battle of Yerbana

Alright men, just hang in there a little longer
Ugh, sir yes sir

—Captain Rex to Brando and other clones

Brando arming his thermal detonators.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, the 212th Attack Battalion and the 501st Legion, led by Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, fought in a battle on the planet of Yerbana, with the two battalions fighting on different fronts. Rex, along with General Skywalker and the 501st, had won their battle and came to help the 212th overcome Separatist forces blockading a city. Rex led the 501st in a surprise attack, using jetpacks to fly out from under the bridge and decimating the droid blockade.

Order 66

Good soldiers follow orders.

Shortly after the Republic victory against the separatists on Coruscant, Darth Sidiousthe Dark Lord of the Sith who orchestrated the fall of democracy in his guise as Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine—activated Order 66, a secret protocol implanted through a secret behavioral modification biochip that forced every clone in the Grand Army to terminate their Jedi leadership. While Rex was still away from Coruscant and carried out the order aboard the Tribunal, Appo who was now a Commander, held authority over the 501st on the issuing of the Order.

Brando and the 501st marching on the Jedi Temple.

Under the command of General Skywalker—now the the newly-anointed Sith Lord Darth Vader—Appo and the 501st marched on the Jedi Temple. The clones proceeded to slaughter their former allies, including padawans and younglings.

Brando and other clones preparing to burn lightsabers.

Brando was part of the force that took the Jedi Archives and the library, when this was completed he followed the main force in sweeping through the temple, killing many Jedi padawans and younglings. Brando was able to kill a Jedi Master including some Jedi Knights. These actions would grant Brando the position of Purge trooper Captain in the Inquisitorius.

The End of the Jedi

After the siege of the Jedi Temple, Brando was assigned the task of disposing of the Jedi lightsabers collected after the siege. Mas Amedda proclaimed in his speech the Jedi's oppression and treachery to be over at the hands of Darth Sidious and heralded an "age of freedom" for the galaxy. In conjunction with the fiery address, Imperial Stormtroopers one of whom was Brando, dumped a basket of confiscated lightsabres into a large incinerator to be burned before the gathered crowd. Amedda himself added Yoda's lightsabers to the pile. The public demonstration ended after the kyber crystals in the lightsabers produced a large energy discharge from within the inferno.

Age of the Empire

"What I remember about the rise of the Empire is... is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip. We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private, traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word."
—Brando on the Rise of the Empire

The Siege of Mon Cala

In 18 BBY, the Purge Troopers accompanied the Inquisitors and Vader to Mon Cala in order to hunt down a possible Jedi who was allegedly advising King of Mon Cala Lee-Char. Using the Zeta-class shuttle Infernum, the squad touched down on a landing platform in Dac City. After the asassination of Ambassador Telvar, the Empire dispatched landing craft to Dac City under the command of Major Rantu, as well as landing craft throughout the world. Eventually, the Battle of Dac City commenced and the squad aided the Inquisitors in securing the platform, and then accompanied Vader and the Inquisitors to Dac City palace to capture King Lee-Char in order to uncover the location of the Jedi.

Brando and his Purge troopers support Vader and his Inquisitors.

Two enormous creatures jumped from beneath the ocean's surface and crashed back down, unleashing a tidal wave that destroyed the city. At the palace, Vader and the Inquisitors used Force barrier in an attempt to stop the wave but were ultimately unsuccessful. Vader was separated from the others and the squad lost two members. The Inquisitors were able to regroup and requisition an Imperial submarine and rescued Vader from the Great Ungeness Trench as he defeated a large squid-like creature. After Vader was rescued, the submarine headed to the cave where the Jedi, Padawan Ferren Barr, and his followers were located, and engaged each other just as Barr and his group were escaping. In the fight, which continued to Bel City, several members of Barr's group were killed and Vader left the group to find the king, while the squad and the Inquisitors continued. Barr, Verla, and Daren became trapped in an enclosed chamber. The Sixth Brother killed Daren with his lightsaber and the Tenth Brother told Barr and Verla that there was no escape. Although Verla was ready to face the Jedi hunters and the clones, Barr revealed he had another idea.

Barr informed the Inquisitors he knew who they were and mentioned their former names, Prosset Dibs, Bil Valen, and Masana Tide, and explained they were once Jedi. After the Ninth Sister retorted that they knew him as well and that their original names were dead, Barr countered, saying that the past didn't die and that he studied how Sidious manipulated the galaxy, including the role clones, had, and unmasked the clones, revealing their faces. Barr continued, as he then knew he was correct when he thought that majority of the clones present were from the last production line and were activated after the Jedi Purge. When the Sixth Brother stated that the past did not matter, Barr retorted, saying that once someone was a Jedi, they were always a Jedi, and used the Force to command the squad to execute Order 66.

Brando the last survivor.

The clones, in accordance with their programming opened fire on the three Inquisitors despite their protests. The Tenth Brother was almost immediately gunned down, while Barr and Verla escaped. Ninth Sister and Sixth Brother used the Force to push the clones out of the way so they could pursue Barr. However, Sixth Brother sliced off Ninth sister's leg to buy him time for his escape. He wished her good luck, and slyly remarked that she was always his favourite. Enraged, Ninth Sister told him he was dead and his actions wouldn't stop her. This resulted in the death of the remaining members of Hellfire squad and other Purge troopers. As the battle came to an end, only one Purge Trooper survived the chaos which was Brando who sat amongst his fallen brothers.

From the head injuries he sustained from the clash, this rendered the inhibitor chip as inoperative, allowing Brando to let the situation sink in, he began to believe how fruitless and pointless his service was, and how in serving the Empire, he was harming those he swore to protect. Brando decided to be counted among the dead and begin a new life.

Making a new life

Leaving the life of a soldier behind

After the encounter with Ferren Bar, Brando lost his old squad and sustained injuries that deactivated the inhibitor chip. This freed him from the control of the Empire. After realising he was the only purge trooper of his unit to of survived the mission on Mon Cala, Brando decided to be counted among the dead and begin to build a new life for himself, a life free from war and soldiering.

After venturing the galaxy for a few standard cycles, he would receive medical treatment from a Bothan doctor on the planet Dantooine by the name of Nek Dov'Sei who was a humanitarian during the clone wars. The doctor would remove most of the damaged and inactive inhibitor chip, while small fragments of it remained in Brando's brain, they were unable to be removed as doing so would create significant damage to his brain. As a way to pay off his debt to the Bothan, he would conduct supply runs and small errands for Nek, after a while they became close friends. When the clone troopers were officially phased out of service and were replaced with birth-born human recruits, this made it easier for Brando to venture the galaxy without for the most part, being recognised by the Empire.

Brando as a free man.

On one of his supply runs, Brando would meet a Corellian mercenary by the name of Gawynn Obrith, they would fall in love and decide to spend their lives on a small farm on Dantooine, over the years they would go on to have three children, one of whom they named Colo.

A few years after his defection, he would be tracked down by Rex, who would explain the purpose of the inhibitor chips and accompany Rex on some adventures that would result getting large amounts of credits for the both of them. Once they aquired the credits they needed, Rex joined Brando and his family in a large feast, and then Rex departed from Dantooine.

The Galactic Civil War


Brando would see Rex again along with CC-3636 "Wolffe" shortly after the Liberation of Lothal. Rex wanted Brando to join the rebel alliance to fight the empire, believing that if there ever was a time a victory against the Empire was ever going to happen would be now. At the same time, Corso would contact his parents about what happened on Mustafar, and most likely the Empire would be after him. Brando felt that his fighting days were over, he still harboured guilt over what he had done to the Jedi, and the residents of the galaxy while being a slave to the Empire.

Rex,Wolffe and Brando after the Liberation of Lothal.

Rex convinced Brando that he could redeem himself, redeem his brothers, even avenge them by fighting the Empire and help re-establish the Republic. In doing so would help keep the Empire off Corso as well. With Gawynn's help, Rex convinced Brando to join the Alliance and serve alongside his old captain once again. Brando, with his combat record in the Clone Wars was transferred into 61st Mobile Infantry,"Twilight Company" with recommendation by Princess Leia. While Gawynn would an officer in the Alliance Fleet.

During Brando's time in Twilight Company they conducted small operations against the Empire. When Brando would train new recruits, many who were from former Separatist worlds. While Brando was distrustful of these recruits, he began to see them as fellow rebels, people who fought for a cause they believed in, even during the Clone War.

Evacuation of Yavin 4

Brando was at the Royal Award Ceremony held in the Great Temple the morning after the Battle of Yavin. The ceremony honored the Rebel pilot who fired the shot that destroyed the Death Star during the battle, as well as Han Solo and Chewbacca, who helped Skywalker during the battle. For their valor during the Battle of Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Death Star, this was when they were made heroes of the Rebellion. Rebel General Jan Dodona announced that the Rebellion would be evacuating its base and finding a new one. Brando assisted in the evacuation of Yavin 4 by piloting an X-wing and shooting down multiple TIE fighters, and seeing the Rebel Alliance successfully evacuate Yavin 4 and escape destruction, years later Brando would be at the new Rebel base on Hoth.

Mid Rim offensive

Brando was transferred to the 61st Mobile Infantry after 0 BBY. Twilight Company was deployed to a number of locations including Cartao, Vanzeist and Praktin, Brando was part of a recruitment drive on the terrestrial body Demiloch. He took part in a battle on another terrestrial body named Blacktar Cyst, he also fought on the terrestrial astronomical object Dreivus, where Twilight Company celebrated after with the fire dancers. Brando had developed a close bond with many individuals in Twilight Company, being viewed as a fatherly figure to many of the younger members and recruits.

Another time, on the terrestrial body Magnus Horn, Twilight Company took such heavy losses that the Alliance High Command attempted to reassign its troops to other battle groups. Captain Howl fought to keep the company together and saved it from obliteration. During a bombardment at the location Asyrphus, Twilight Company suffered more heavy losses of soldiers including their comm tech and her droid. On the terrestrial astronomical object Thession, Twilight Company recruited a number of individuals including Maediyu. The grenadier Maximian Ajax also joined the company after his own group, the Thirty-Second Infantry, was obliterated.

Around 1 ABY, the Alliance launched a campaign into the Mid Rim. Twilight Company fought at the vanguard of the offensive, fighting at the factory-deserts of Phorsa Gedd and capturing the Ducal Palace and the port Chenodra on the terrestrial body Bamayar. The company also established positions from which Alliance hovertanks could attack on beaches and and built makeshift bases from tarps and sheet metal. However, nine months into the campaign, the Alliance High Command ordered all forces to halt, reporting that the Alliance Fleet was overstretched. The order to retreat came soon after, and Twilight Company was among the rearguard, being deployed to worlds it had taken months before, evacuating bases extracting Alliance heroes and generals.

Hadorial Prime

The company had been fighting Imperial forces for 18 months to establish a base for the regular Alliance forces to take the rest of the Haidoral Prime. In the long lasting battle Brando and his unit had been assigned to destroy multiple anti air guns, outposts, military bases and strongholds during the battle. He took part in extracting civilians and helping out in hostage situations. When the battle for the planet died down, members of Twilight Company would take time to organize recruitment evaluating panels in town squares which Brando would take part in. Once Twilight Company had complete what they where assigned to do they would head back to their corvette the Thunderstrike.

Attack on Thunderstrike

3 days later while travelling through the Kontahr sector, the Thunderstrike is attacked by the Imperials to rescue to the Hadorial Primes governor Everi Chalis, the individual that Twilight Company abducted from the governors palace 3 days before. Brando is injured by an explosion near the airlock hanger in which a fire scarred his chest area from his chin up to his left cheek. Brando's squad extracted him out and he was able to get medical attention and later resume his duties.

Defending Coyurti

Soon after, Twilight Company receives new orders. They are to land on the jungle planet Coyurti, a heavily polluted world with a record for manufacturing chemical weapons and other deadly poisons. When they landed on the planet, they where to defend the local indigenous people from the Empire as they supported the Rebellion. Despite most of the company becoming partially poisoned, they succeed their objective and returned to the Thunderstrike.

The Battle of Yavin 4

The Imperials launched an invasion on the rebels on Yavin 4. A Imperial scout some how managed to infiltrate the base and steal important files that belonged to the Alliance. Brando chased after the scout and killed him taking back the files. When the Alliance had evacuated their personnel what was left of the Rebel base was now destroyed.

Rescuing Ackbar

Twilight Company learned from Alliance Command that Admiral Gial Ackbar had been captured by Imperial forces and on route to be tortured to reveal any information about the rebel alliance that was valuable to the Empire. Twilight Company intercepted the Star Destroyer. Brando and his unit infiltrated the ship, and brought Ackbar back to the safety on a Rebel ship and flew back to the Thunderstrike.

The Battle of Hoth

Twilight Company resided on Hoth to launch rapid attacks on the Empire. However, the new rebel base on Hoth was discovered, and the Battle of Hoth ensued. The Brando's unit was in charge of protecting the ion cannon team. In addition, they had to destroy databanks that contained sensitive information, and set charges to destroy Echo Base and any Imperial in it. Brando would rally the rebel soldiers on Hoth to fight on as the Rebels were evacuating Echo Base. Twilight Company was ready to leave when they were set upon by Darth Vader. They were one of the last Rebel units off Hoth. Brando showed valour during the rebel extraction as he managed to repel imperial troops allowing many rebel officers to escape Echo base.

Fighting alongside an old Captain

After the battle of Hoth, Brando was reassigned to work with his old friend and captain, Rex. This also meant he met famed rebel leader Hera Syndulla along with Mandalorian warrior and revolutionary, Sabine Wren. He would accompany Rex on many missions and operations against the Empire, they would also take part in training new rebel recruits in both blaster training and hand to hand combat.

The Battle of Endor

Brando, who had since been promoted the rank of captain served at the Battle of Endor alongside Rex, The battle proved to be a major victory for the Rebel Alliance because, in addition to the destruction of the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station, Emperor Palpatine was killed by none other than Rex and Brando's former Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker, who redeemed himself back to the light side of the Force to save his son, Luke Skywalker. The man now formerly known as Darth Vader died shortly afterward, and Luke gave him a funeral on Endor.

Battle of Jakku

During the battle, Brando was aboard the Unity, he would be part of a small commando force that was tasked with helping New Republic forces on the ground, and conducting rapid attacks on Imperial forces. These operations while successful, was met with heavy casualties for the New Republic, as the Imperial forces were acting more like an insurgent force, using suicidal tactics. For majority of the battle he would act as a advisor for ground units in conducting their attacks against Imperial bases on Jakku.


Brando's service in the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil influenced the life decisions of his daughter Bastila who would join the New Republic, and later the Resistance. She wrote about the history of the clone troopers in the Clone Wars and those who served in Galactic Civil War. She would be a major contributor to memorial sites of clones who died in service to the Republic and the Galactic Empire.

Personality and traits

A soldier in the clone army

For a long time, I always believed that being a good soldier was doing everything they told you. But that's not true. Good soldiers do what's right. Even when the orders we are given are wrong.

Brando in his Standard Phase I armor.

As a first generation clone CT-6873 was a human male who stood 1.83 meters tall and had black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. He was known as "Brando," a nickname the trooper adopted as part of a growing trend in the military, where the Jedi encouraged the clones to behave as individuals. Brando began his life as an eager and relatively complacent member of the Grand Army of the Republic. He spent his first 10 or so years on Kamino, receiving military training with the rest of his squad. Hellfire squad was assigned to take part in the Battle of Geonosis, its members were eager to experience the action of the front lines of the first battle of the Clone Wars. From the start, Brando demonstrated a strong ability to empathize and care for his fellow clones, as well as the trait of being a survivor.

Brando in his standard 501st Phase II armor.

Brando could be cautious and always adhering to procedure, however his adherence to procedure would be less rigid as the ware wore on. Brando never wavered in his allegiance to the government he was bred to serve. His loyalty to the Galactic Republic was absolute; until the Battle of Umbara, when he learned that being a good soldier is doing what's right, rather than following orders blindly. He shared his brethren's affinity for their homeworld, Kamino, having been grown in the Kaminoan hatcheries alongside the other Fett clones. During the Clone Wars, Brando's priorities were first and foremost to his clone brothers, many of whom he loved deeply.

Fives made friends and developed close relationships with many of the other members of the 501st, including his squad, Captain Rex, Tup, Jesse, Kix, Hardcase, and Echo. He also had positive relationships with Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker. Brando often served alongside another clone, CT-3434 "Colt," with whom he formed a friendship with.

Imperial Service

When Order 66 commenced, Brando was with the 501st during the siege of the Jedi temple. The clones proceeded to slaughter their former allies, including padawans and younglings. He saw first hand, Anakin Skywalker who was now Lord Vader cutting down many Jedi, with the 501st troopers in support. Brando would fight under the command of Commander Appo, taking multiple objectives such as the Jedi Library and archives. He would patrol the inner halls of the Temple days after the issue of Order 66, as well as witnessing Palpatine's speech as he declared that the Republic would be re-organised into the first Galactic Empire, as well as being selected to destroy the lightsabers of the fallen Jedi, including Master Yoda's. His actions at the Jedi Temple would see him promoted to Captain within the Inqusitorius.

Brando in his Purge trooper armor.

Brando's actions on the night of the siege of the Jedi temple would see him promoted as a Captain in the Purge Troopers and lead a unit of Purge Troopers that consisted of the remaining members of Hellfire squad and the last generation of clones produced from Jango Fett DNA. Brando and his unit would serve on many missions with Vader and his Inquistors, as they would search the galaxy for Jedi who managed to survive Order 66.

The last being the Invasion of Mon Cala, where a rouge Jedi Ferren Bar was allegedly advising King of Mon Cala Lee-Char. Brando and his Purge troopers would fight native populace alongside Vader and the Inquistors. In the clash with Ferren Barr, Barr informed them that the Inquisitors were still Jedi in spite of their allegiance to the Empire. Barr informed the Inquisitors he knew who they were and mentioned their former names, Prosset Dibs, Bil Valen, and Masana Tide, and explained they were once Jedi. After the Ninth Sister retorted that they knew him as well and that their original names were dead, Barr countered, saying that the past didn't die and that he studied how Sidious manipulated the galaxy, including the role clones, had, and unmasked the clones, revealing their faces.

When the Sixth Brother stated that the past did not matter, Barr retorted, saying that once someone was a Jedi, they were always a Jedi, and used the Force to command the squad to execute Order 66. Persuaded by Barr's logic and influence through the Force, the clones indoctrination compelled them to carry out Order 66 against the Inquisitorius. This resulted in the death of the Tenth Brother, and the death of what was left of Hellfire squad and the last clones from the production line from Kamino. When the battle concluded, Brando was the only clone to of survived the encounter with Ferren Bar. Brando had sustained injuries that resulted in the inhibitor chip no longer functioning, freeing him from the influence of the Empire, he decided to be counted among the dead and start his own life, not as a soldier, but as a civilian.

Civilian Life

Brando in civilian clothing.

Surviving the events that transpired on Mon Cala, Brando took on a life free from soldiering. When the clone troopers were officially phased out of service and were replaced with birth-born human recruits, this made it easier for Brando to venture the galaxy without for the most part, being recognised by the Empire.

He saw medical help for the painful migraines he was suffering that was caused by the damaged inhibitor chip, a Bothan doctor who was a humanitarian during the clone wars, was able to remove the inhibitor chip as best he could, how ever he was unable to remove most of it, as in doing so would cause significant brain damage, however Brando would no longer get migraines from the deactivated inhibitor chip.

Captain Rex would find Brando a few years after the invasion of Mon Cala, they would go on adventures together to acquire credits to be able to live the lives they sought for themselves since they were no longer soldiers. Once they successfully gained the credits they needed, they parted ways. For his time as a civilian, he would stay out of galactic affairs believing his time as a soldier was over and the galaxy no longer needed nor wanted the clones who had put their lives on the line during the clone wars.

Later in the Imperial era after the liberation of Lothal, Rex along with Wolffe would find Brando and recruit him for the Rebel Alliance. With what happened to Corso on Mustafar along with Rex convincing him that the Rebels were helping people in the galaxy. Rex convinced Brando that he could redeem himself, redeem his brothers, even avenge them by fighting the Empire and help re-establish the Republic. In doing so would help keep the Empire off Corso as well. With Gawynn's help, Rex convinced Brando to join the Alliance and serve alongside his old captain once again.

Member of the Rebellion

Rex, Woffle and Brando.

Brando had a strong sense of purpose while serving the Rebellion, the same purpose he felt during the Clone Wars when serving the Republic. He served alongside Captain Rex and their brotherly bond was stronger than ever as a result, he also formed a close bond with Woffle.

He held a deep respect for Hera Syndulla due to her leadership skills and care for those that served under her, this reminded him of how the Jedi treated the clones during the clone war. Brando would also form a close friendship with Zeb, as they both shared the same sense of humour even during the Rebellions most trying moments.

After the Liberation of Lothal, Brando had become acquainted with his former foes in the Separatist alliance, who he would begin to deeply respect. Brando would be placed in charge by Princess Leia Organa of training rebel recruits during the Galactic Civil War. Brando would use military experience and combat skills he gained the in Grand Army of the Republic, to train Rebel recruits in close quarter combat, how to use a wide variety of weapons and squad organisation.

Skills and abilities

I know someone who might be able to help us. Heard rumour's he's located on Dantooine, He could assist us in training new recruits and fighting the Empire, his experience would make him a powerful ally.
—Rex describing some of Brando's skills

Brando favored his Phase II armour for its intimidation value, but donned his Phase I armor for durability when he joined the Rebellion.

Brando was a skilled soldier who won the respect of his men and peers. Due to his combat experience with battle droids, Brando was familiar with robolobotomy. While he was trained to wield firearms, Brando was also proficient in unarmed combat. As for being a Sargent in his squad during the clone war, he was experienced in squad organisation and commands, teaching future rebel recruit officers and those in leadership roles, how to be more efficient in commanding their squad to fight effectively, Besides fighting droids and Imperials, Brando would learn how to use an X-Wing later in the Galactic Civil War which he would pilot quite efficiently. Brando also knew how to handle machinery and could fly a Y-wing starfighter with ease.

Brando put his combat and technical and piloting skills to good use during the Evacuation of Yavin 4 with the Rebel Alliance in a X-wing fighter, he would be be vital for many rebel vessels in successfully evacuating Yavin 4. His experience in the Empire would prove valuable in helping rebel forces avoid mediocre Imperial security on many Imperial occupied worlds, Leia understood that, if Brando were in charge of of many infiltration operations, the rebel teams in these operations would be more effective. Brando would be effective in rallying the troops in the face of overwhelming odds as seen on the Battle of Hoth, when we would assist again in another evacuation of Rebel forces. His leaderships skills would become prevalent again during the Battle of Jakku, as Brando was able to efficiently command Rebel strike forces against Imperial forces on the surface of the planet.


This Stormtrooper armor is awful
—Brando when donning stormtrooper armor for an infiltration mission.

During the Clone Wars, Brando wore standard Phase I clone trooper armor and Phase II clone trooper armor with 501st blue markings. At one point during the Clone Wars, he also wore Clone cold assault trooper. Towards the end of the war, he utilized a jetpack during the Battle of Yerbana.

Brando with his old clone armor with some modifications inspired by Wildfire.

In the beginning of the Imperial era Brando wore black and red lightsaber-resistant Purge trooper armor. As he was a Commanderhe wore a red pauldron. The armor, which was similar to that of clone paratroopers. He would usually the DC-15LE as it was an effective weapons at range and close quarter combat. On some occasions he would use DC-15A blaster carbine. When facing Jedi opponents, Brando would use the Electrostaff and would be extremely effective in using it as weapon to combat Jedi.

When he joined the Rebel Alliance, he donned his Phase I clone trooper armor for it's durability for majority of the war. He would for some battles and occasion wear apparel appropriate for the planet he would be stationed on. He modified his armor quite similarly to fellow Rebel clone CT-1701 "Wildfire". Brando's armor featured a kama, an grey pauldron on his left shoulder, and other modifications.

Brando used a DC-15A blaster carbine which he used during the clone wars and continued to use them after the fall of the Republic. As well as the DC-15A he would usually have a DC-17 hand blaster on his person at all times. He would sometimes be seen using Rebel Alliance weaponry such as the A280 blaster rifle and the A-300 blaster rifle for ranged combat, and the DH-17 blaster pistol for close quarter combat. Brando would also use the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon to destroy large groups of enemies, as seen in the Battle of Hoth. He would also be efficient in hand to hand combat.

Behind the scenes

Brando was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars film and television series, which ran from 2008 to 2013 on Cartoon Network, on Netflix in 2014, and on Disney+ in 2020. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He would appear in the Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. He has also appeared in many Star Wars Legends and non-canon media including LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Brando also appears as a background non-playable character in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures.

In the beginning of the Brando's conception for the Clone Wars film in 2008, he was to be very similar in personality to the Legends clone trooper Alpha-17 of the Star Wars: Republic comic book. However as the series continued this idea was scrapped in favour of a wholly unique clone character.