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I miss him. I miss him more than ever. But how can one stopping missing another, you ask? Lord only knows.
—Wesson regarding his former partner Smith

Wesson was a clone trooper under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Cody. He later on in the war obeyed Order 66 along with his fellow commander and commenced to try to assassinate their Jedi general. He later served as a sergeant in the First Order until betraying them and turning to the Rebel Alliance. In the United Galactic Republic, he served as a lieutenant.


Early Life

Like all other clone troopers, Wesson was born on the aquatic planet known as Kamino. He was in a cadet squadron and formed a unique bond with his partner Smith, before Smith's demise on Felucia. He was the last surviving member of his original squadron out of the four others that perished.

Order 66

Once Order 66 was carried out, Wesson was stationed on Utapau during a battle and he originally obeyed. Cody commanded Wesson to shoot down Obi-Wan while he was on a narrow and dangerous high ground. Wesson obeyed and shot a couple of blasts from a walker to Kenobi's position until he fell down into a lake.

Battle of Ryloth

In 6 ABY, Wesson had been promoted to the rank of sergeant in his new affiliation known as the First Order. He was summoned by Major Scrape, founder of the First Order, to his control room. Scrape questioned Wesson's ambition and loyalty before handing him a gun of special importance to him. Wesson at first denied, but accepted a few moments afterwards. Sometime in between the events of his meeting with Scrape and the upcoming battle, Rebel Alliance Commander Stone had encouraged and persuaded Wesson to defect the First Order to the Rebellion. He agreed and planted charges in the cellar of the First Order capitol on Ryloth. Once the Rebellion had reached Ryloth and tracked down the First Order, there was a small argument and Scrape questioned the high superiors of the opposing team about a potential spy within the First Order. Wesson approached Scrape, confessed about being the spy, and smacked him with a gun. When a huge fight ensued, many lives were lost. Wesson and Scrape continued to brawl until Scrape got an upper hand. However, Jedi Patrick Rahr swooped in and saved Wesson from certain doom. After that, Stone followed Scrape into his capitol tower, which collapsed, leaving both sides without victory.

Defecting to the Rebellion

Directly after the events that took place on Ryloth, the Rebellion on Onderaan consisted of multiple internal conflicts that had to do with Wesson joining their ranks. Han Solo and a bunch of other rebels thought that he was a First Order spy and had reasons to believe he was. Wesson verbally fought back, which caused even more of an uproar. Princess Leia soon put the chaos to an end, but Han and Chewbacca exited the base and went out to meet a First Order operative, thinking he could make a deal with them. After Han was brought back to the First Order hideaway where Scrape, who had survived, was there, he captured Wesson in his sleep and brought him back to Scrape. Han, still thinking Wesson was a spy, also got captured and fully realized that Wesson had been telling the truth. Luckily for them, Commander Rex secretly followed Han to the hideout and called the Rebel Alliance for backup. Another all out brawl commenced with many stormtrooper and rebel lives being lost. After the battle had settled and rebels returned to base, Han apologized to Wesson before getting kicked out of Wesson's quarters.


While the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong continued, there was a plan called Protocol: Deadstorm that was about to be in effect. The New Republic had enough data to perform a surgical operation on all remaining clone troopers that had a hindrance chip implanted in their brain. Wesson, who was stationed on Hosnian Prime, felt a series of migraines and when the high superiors of the New Republic informed his HQ of the current situation, two officials found Wesson on the floor, unconscious. The medic had to perform an ultimate brain surgery on the clone trooper, which turned out to be successful. However, Wesson lay on the bed without moving for a couple of days, raising concern.

Insurgency on Coruscant

As part of the United Galactic Republic, Wesson was dispatched to Coruscant to protect sector I-9 from ongoing riots. Under the command of Stone, Wesson discovered the leader of the insurgents, who surrendered himself. He alerted Stone. After the slight interrogation with Das Meeron, he and another clone named Rag entered a dangerous cave called the Miman Caverns, claiming to have heard noises. They soon discovered eight 212th clone trooper bodies that reawakened and grabbed at Rag. Wesson shot them multiple times as Darth Kann appeared in the form of a red light, closing in on them. Luna Cyol, who had just received her first Padawan, traveled to Coruscant with that Padawan to help find Wesson. She uncovered Kann, who was waiting for her. Kann, after a long talk with Luna, released both clone troopers to show good faith. Cyol commanded Wesson and Rag to leave without her. Wesson was reluctant to do so, but Rag forced him.

Personality and Traits

All Wesson wanted to eagerly do was help out. He was known for being a bit cocky during the Clone War. His beloved brother and partner, Smith, on occasion, had to calm him down due to his energetic attitude. He was appointed by Commander Cody to a sergeant because of the experience and endurance he consisted of. During the hunt for Luna Cyol, Wesson showed ambition to bring her to justice after what had happened on Coruscant. Like all clones, he stood six feet tall and had standard armor that he adored.

Wesson with his beloved rifle


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