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CT-411 or Ponds was a clone trooper commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was assigned to high Jedi General Mace Windu, who Windu adored gratefully. He was leading commander in the sub-division known as Lightning Squadron in the platoon called the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. Ponds loved to command with thorough and clear orders from Windu more than any other Jedi general. But nonetheless, he followed orders to the letter. Commander Ponds was believed to be dead aboard Slave I by bounty hunter Aurra Sing blasting him in the head, but she actually shot him in the shoulder and used him for her own personal needs. After he was freed, he later joined the Rebellion, right before the Battle of Yavin.



Like all other clone troopers, Commander Ponds was trained under Kaminoans. He was trained also under the supervision of Jango Fett, who always thought that Ponds was too caring for his troops. Fett thought that the future clone commander should focus on the battle at hand instead of worrying about the lives of others, but, of course, Ponds found the idea to be absurd. He continued to train until it was time to be in the front lines. He met his Jedi general during the first battle of Geonosis.

Liberty on Ryloth

I want Lightning up here, now!

Ponds talking to one of his sergeants

On the planet of Ryloth, Clone Commander Ponds along with Mace Windu and ARF troopers (Razor and Stak) were sent to liberate the capitol city of Lessu. As Mace Windu's AT-TE was gunned down, he evacuated the troopers inside and cleared the road. He summoned Commander Ponds, who said that they're pinned down, to get Lightning Squadron to assist in taking out the Separatist droids. Ponds rode one of the AT-RTs to blow up some of the AATs using explosives. When the first battle was over, Windu walked over to Ponds and asked him about the Republic casualties. Ponds replied, guessing, saying maybe thirty-two. He then informed him that General Obi-Wan Kenobi has broken through and freed the Twi'lek slaves. But without them noticing, a Separatist recon droid was spying on them, recording everything they say and virtually feeding it back to Wat Tambor. Later on while the Jedi general was with Razor and Stak to meet with the leader of the Twi'leks, Commander Ponds asks one of his sergeants if any of the scouts reported back in yet. All seemed quiet until their scanners in the AT-TE picked up a large wave of Separatist fighters coming in. They all braced for impact but they only hit the village full of women and children. Ponds got out of the transport, attempting to make contact with Windu. As Windu was in a deep, vital conversation with Cham Syndulla, Ponds reported in about the village being bombed. This caused a silence. The next morning, a brawl ensued. All of the Republic forces on Ryloth and Twi'lek resistance fighters prevailed and celebrated by having a parade. Ryloth was no longer a dictatorship planet.

Mission to Juma 9

Ponds and Cody during the battle of Juma 9

A short while after Ryloth, the Station Juma 9 fell under attack. Along with Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Mace Windu and Commander Ponds sought to recapture the station. They found Clone Commander Cody and, while the Jedi entered the station, the clones scouted on the station's surface where they encountered some droids. Eventually they destroyed all the droids and found two lightsabers in space. They met up with the two owners of the lightsabers—Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon, who had been separated from their weapons by a ray shield, thus forcing the Jedi to go around the ray shield. Eventually they made it and received their sabers. The Battle of Juma 9 was won.

Presumed Dead

Crash Landing and Capture

That was Ponds.
—Anakin regarding the presumed death of Ponds

Ponds, Kilian, and a naval officer tied up in Slave I

On the pale planet of Vanqor, Commander Ponds, an admiral named Kilian, and a naval officer crash landed a Republic attack cruiser, resulting in Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu to come and try to track them down. Little did the Jedi know what was about to happen to the crash landing survivors. Commander Ponds was the first to awaken from an unconscious state and tried to wake the other two up. He heard a noise coming from below and thought it was the ship crashing down on them. But then he heard it again and nothing happened so he investigated and met Aurra Sing and Boba Fett. They took him and the two others who were just reawakening. Mace Windu mentioned to Skywalker that Commander Ponds stayed as well, raising more concern for the three even more than before. Commander Ponds was then seen all tied up and handcuffed with the admiral and naval officer right next to Slave I. As Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker rested up in their living quarters on Coruscant, an embedded message came through on their communications link. A hologram popped up of Boba, Aurra, Ponds, the admiral, and officer. Ponds refused to give his real name when ordered to, instead gave his designation code, which pissed Aurra off. She then ordered Boba to kill him, but the Jedi noticed a little finger gesture that was partially unseen given by Aurra to Boba. Aurra then executed Ponds, but in actuality, she just shot him on the shoulder, making the Jedi believe that Ponds was dead to frighten them and give in to their demands.

Aurra Sing and her new companion named Coach kept Ponds in cryo-stasis until 4 BBY. When he woke up, he was immediately put to work with an explosive collar that surrounded his neck. First off, Ponds was to fill up Slave I with guns, ammo, and fuel but by doing so he was forced to go out and purloin it from wherever his new leaders told him to go. On the surface of Takodana, Ponds was ordered to steal crates of goods in Maz Kanata's cellar. Aurra and Coach faked Windu's fate to Ponds, making him think that he was still alive and was detained by them. He encountered a Gabdorin, who he was ordered to kill, but fortunately for Ponds, he walked away from the door the led to the crates. When he got back to Slave I, Aurra told him about Order 66 and that even the members of the Rebel Alliance were bad and corrupt as well. This forced him to steal from and create havoc for the Rebel Alliance in 2 BBY. He started with attempting to destroy the Rebellion base on Kamino, where Commander Blitz was stationed at. Aurra laughed at the sight of this, hence having told Ponds that Blitz was the one who personally murdered Mace Windu. Coach then executed Blitz for Ponds, unaware that Blitz was making Ponds believe in the truth. There was a personal meeting conducted by the high officials of the Rebellion, based on Ponds' unpredictable behavior. A clone captain called Carg suggested heavily that the Rebellion should hire a mercenary squadron of clones to apprehend Ponds. That request was granted. When Carg went back to his base just a few kilometers out from home base, he debriefed the clone trooper mercenary squadron until Ponds, Coach, and Aurra explode their way in, leaving Carg in agony and executing a few others.

A few hours later after that horrific event, Slave I parked a few miles away from the Rebellion home base on Onderaan. Aurra stayed behind in Slave I and let Ponds lead the assault and Coach snipe from afar. Ponds, sneaking up on a monitoring station, encountered Captain Crane, who got assassinated by Coach a few minutes later. Ponds approached home base and then encountered Captain Ranger, who he shot and tackled. Ponds heard someone command him to stop and realized it was Commander Stone. They exchanged words in sentences which was enough to convince Ponds that the Rebel Alliance was not evil and corrupt after all. Hearing everything from a secret headset that Ponds wore, Aurra fired some shots and swooped in to battle. She used a type of posi-charged bolo tie to throw at Stone's ankles. He fell and got electrocuted whilst Aurra jumping on top of Ponds. Yet, the former clone trooper commander activated his anti-gravitational belt which made the bounty hunter float in midair. She threatened and taunted Ponds until Ponds stunned her and kept her alive. Ponds released his new comrade, Stone, from the bolo tie around his ankles and tried to explain and apologize. Stone understood that it wasn't nearly his fault, even with Crane's death.

Skirmish on Carlac

After the events of Ponds' temporary betrayal, he was stationed in a base on Carlac. Only Captain Carg trusted Ponds. Carg checked in on Ponds, who was contemplating all of the incidents he committed last year. Carg consoled him. Suddenly, the lights went out and Ponds was ordered to keep watch on the scanners. A rebel trooper named Bosnorth went to go check on the generators but was attacked by some sort of parasite. Commander Fil pointed out that Ponds was to blame, which he denied. Carg put a stop to this and put Bosnorth into a bacta tank. Soon afterwards, Bosnorth reawakened but in an animal-like mental state of mind. He went all ballistic on Fil and rebel trooper Leland. Gunshots were heard by Ponds who was a few corridors away. Once him and Carg entered, they spotted Bosnorth attacking until Gold Leader and Timin shot him multiple times, killing him. All shocked, Captain Carg considered an alternative for reinforcements - the Death Watch, which raised even more shock. Ponds watched the scanners as the rest of the small squadron moved out to meet the Death Watch. He tried calling for outer reinforcements but fell into a deep sleep for trying for so long. He dreamed of failing everyone until he was awakened by Patrick Rahr along with Captain Rex and Commander Stone. He showed them what was left of Bosnorth and Stone asked Ponds if he could trace the position of the interference which prevented them from contacting the other team. He did and Stone made contact with Princess Leia. Leia wanted peace with the Death Watch but after seeing that Timin's life signal was offline, she wanted them destroyed. Once Ponds, Rex, Stone, and Rahr approached the captured rebel squadron, the Death Watch were soon obliterated. However, if the Rebellion will ever set foot on Death Watch land, it'd be war.

After the Battle of Yavin

Battle of Ryloth

Ponds trying to contact Stone

A former clone trooper named Major Scrape orchestrated a new Empire called the First Order on Ryloth. In a conference on Dantooine, Ponds along with a lot others, discussed what Scrape was up to. There was a message from Scrape but it glitched and the circuit fried. Ponds suggested that they were maybe hacked. After disobeying orders, Han Solo and Chewbacca investigated where Luke Skywalker got beaten up after Luke's surprise entrance. Being outflanked by the First Order, Han and Chewbacca fought for their lives until Ponds came in to save the day. Moments after fleeing the secret base of the First Order, the Rebellion's base was under attack. Stone ordered Ponds to delete all saved data from their computer consoles. Surviving members fled to Kashyyyk to receive reinforcements. Then, they were headed off to Ryloth to confront Scrape. During the battle over Ryloth, Ponds witnessed Ranger chasing after Stone who was chasing Scrape to inside of Scrape's capitol building along with the death of Fil, which left an ample amount of grief in his system. Soon afterwards, the whole tower collapsed and defeat was certain for both sides of the battle.

Rebel Internal Conflict

After the battle on Ryloth, the Rebellion consisted of political differences that were led by Han Solo due to a former First Order trooper named Wesson joined their ranks. Ponds had to hold Solo back from getting physical with Wesson. Later on, Ponds contemplated the fact Stone, who was presumed dead when the capitol crashed on Ryloth, could still be alive. He looked on a saved article in his databanks and noticed that there was a farmer on Naboo that somewhat resembled Stone. Only trusting Carg, Ponds traveled to Naboo to investigate and it was indeed Stone. He tried to convince him to return, but Stone was skeptical. It took an ample amount of time, but Ponds was able to convince the senior clone commander to return. When they arrived on the homebase of the Rebellion, they saw that no one was present, so they looked up their beacons and saw that they were in a hidden First Order base where Major Scrape, who also survived, was at. The rebel squad who was there was done for until the two clones stormed their way in and decided to take Scrape as prisoner for his crimes against the galaxy.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Finally, some action!
—Ponds during a Vong ambush

On Yavin 4, Ponds and Captain Carg searched for any means of food for their headquarters. Ponds contemplated the meaning of war and the horrors of it. Suddenly, a Yuuzhan Vong operative ambushed the two and eventually shot and captured Carg, leaving behind a furious Ponds. When he got back to HQ, Rex consoled him and they made up a plan to bring back Carg. Ponds wanted to go, but was denied. He afterwards met with Aurra Sing, who he had not seen in years. Having intentions to kill her, the base was under attack by more of the Yuuzhan Vong. A failsafe was triggered that unlocked all cell doors and Sing used this moment to take advantage of Ponds, who mysteriously was in some sort of trance. Scrape, who was in custody, also escaped and soon team up with the Yuuzhan Vong to track down Ponds. He shot Ponds in the side, leaving him incapacitated. Scrape noticed that something was off about Ponds so he and the Vong took him as they fled the Yavin 4 system.

Capture on the Koros-Strohna

Finally awakening from a brain surgery, Ponds found himself in a Yuuzhan Vong flagship called the Koros-Strohna in a cell. He rubbed his head and felt a fresh laceration. Beside him were a former Death Watch member named Cougar Stanton and Patrick Rahr, who had been recently captured as well. While they were talking, the cell doors deactivated and Ponds and Rahr stepped out into the hall. He urged Stanton to come with them, and he listened. They were walking for a while, still mysteriously undetected, but soon encountered Major Scrape. He ordered Ponds to shoot him in the leg. Ponds refused but Rahr took Ponds' gun and shot Scrape. Ponds was surprised as they exited the Koros-Strohna in a mini gunship.

Battle of Kamino

Ponds and Rahr made their way back to Yavin 4 to pick up where they left off along with Stanton. Once they landed, they were greeted with open arms from Princess Leia, until they all heard a gunshot go off. They raced inside the base to find a dead Aurra Sing and an angered Commodore Wolffe, who was interrogating Sing on Ponds' whereabouts. Wolffe noticed Ponds and the two embraced with Ponds thanking him for killing Aurra Sing. Leia and Rahr soon felt a huge disturbance and knew an attack was coming. Cougar made a point about enlisting the aid of the Death Watch. They travelled to Carlac with Stanton to hopefully convince the Death Watch to allign themselves with the New Republic. Bo-Katan was skeptical mostly due to the fact that the Vong and First Order had already gotten to them. Meanwhile a battle between the Vong and First Order was taking place aboard the flagship and a message from Scrape came in, telling them about the Yuuzhan Vong heading for Kamino. That forced Katan to relieve herself from her weapon and had the freedom to team up with the New Republic. Ponds asked what kind of weapons they had since he thought that going after his homeplanet was personal. They met with Carg and a clone colonel named Pliers. Dropships of the enemy soon unloaded onto Tipoca City and the groups went inside. Weirdly, Ponds entered another state of trance and had a corrupted voice that time. He shot Carg before coming out of the trance. Having known about a cut on his temple, Leia knew it was not all his fault. Ponds mourned Carg and felt pitty. Afterwards, the Vong left with clone DNA and a victory.

Discovery of the Hindrance Chip

Reinforcements arrived and took the survivors to their cruiser for recovery. Ponds kept squirming around until they performed another surgery on his brain, removing what appeared to be a chip. Unbeknownst to them, it was a chip that was secretly installed in all clone troopers called a hindrance chip. Once some of the senior officers gathered some evidence and data, they knew that something big was about to go down. A few hours after surgery, Ponds reawakened to find Stone, who collapsed, and Bo-Katan, who was shot by one of her own, on the beds beside him. Ponds got agitated at the sight of this but was calmed down. Due to all the resources spent on doing surgery for Commander Ponds, Stone's surgery had to wait until they get to homebase on Chandrila. Commander Colly, who died due to complications with the hindrance chip, suddenly woke back up with powers of a Sith. Rahr battled him until something told Rahr spiritually to go to the old Jedi Temple and search there for clues. After taking out Colly's possessed body, Patrick told everyone but only Ponds and Cougar Stanton believed him. Ponds considered going with Patrick and so did Cougar. They all ended up retreating due to Protocol: Deadstorm being officially issued.

Retreating to Coruscant

Ponds, under fire

Commander Ponds, Patrick Rahr and Cougar Stanton made their way to a small shuttlecraft and exited the cruiser. Ponds, who was looking out at the ship, fell into a slumber and had a nightmare that consisted of Rahr and Mace Windu. Everything was on fire. Both Jedi told him that the war was coming to an end but would not say why. Right when Windu was about to explain everything, Ponds was awakened by Stanton, informing him that they made it to Coruscant. Once they made it to the surface, they immediately encounter a resurrected Darth Maul, who claimed he wanted to help them against the Vong. He had cloning facilities on the planet of Rirtuu and they soon decided to head there as well.

Battle of Rirtuu

On the intoxicated surface of Rirtuu, Maul warned of a Dark Jedi known as Sepath and how he had corrupted Ponds' clone brothers. Ponds then told Maul about Leia and how they should still try to find her but Maul denied. Once they saw the cloning facilities inside Maul's secret base, Ponds was skeptical but nonetheless entered it. He was in cryo-stasis for two solar hours as the Vong tracked them down and Sepath did as well. After those two hours were over, Ponds exited the facility and was very confused as he saw multiple people that resembled him, fighting. The leader of the newborn clones introduced himself as Rag. As Shimrra Jamaane witnessed Sepath reveal himself and battle Maul and Rahr, he retreated and left Princess Leia there in the open. During moments of gathering his bearings, Ponds tried to regain his thoughts and memory. He spotted a rifle as Rahr and Maul kept dueling Sepath. Soon enough, Sepath was trapped in a gorge with Ponds opening fire from the top of the gorge, killing him. The same cruiser that they originally were on before retreating crash landed on Rirtuu due to Sepath. Ponds instantly rushed in to retrieve both Stone and Rex as Stanton did the same to Bo-Katan. Since Sepath was defeated, Rex and Stone reawakened and embraced Ponds before a discussion surrounding Darth Maul. Maul wanted to be left alone and Ponds respected his wish.


I have my own fight I must do. Your fight is elsewhere.
—Ponds to Stone

Because of the past malformations inside remaining clone troopers and potential ones to come, Ponds thought it would be time to step down from the New Republic. He paid a visit to Stone in his quarters and briefly explained why he was leaving. Stone understood as Ponds was about to walk out but called his name to get his attention. They both then saluted each other before Ponds left to travel to Naboo.

Personality and Traits

Ponds in phase 1 armor

Ponds was obedient as they came and followed orders to the letter. He often put the mission aside, if need-be, and would tend to his soldiers. He always stood by General Mace Windu, even in the most ridiculous situations. Having sort of a dry wit sense of humor, Ponds would crack a witty joke here and there, especially during desperate missions. He was a by the book kind of trooper: a commander must go down with their ship and that was exactly what he did. Ponds also shared a virtue of compassion, showing a deep amount of anger and sadness when the Twi'lek village was bombed by the Confederacy. He stood six feet tall and had maroon markings all over his standard clone trooper armor.

Behind the Scenes

Commander Ponds was one of the main characters in the series compound, Star Wars: Keepers of Truth. Having the opportunity to use any clone trooper at his disposal, the author decided to use Ponds due to his unique ambition and nostalgia for being a Clone Wars original. Ponds' initial fate was not directly shown to viewers and that made it easier to bring him back to the Star Wars Universe. Ponds, at first, was to join Aurra Sing, indefinitely, yet go through mental hardships. This idea was thrown away and the author thought it would be best for him to unite with the Rebel Alliance, instead.


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