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CT-3672 was a clone trooper serving in the 426th Battalion of the Grand Army of The Republic during the Clone Wars. He was present for many major battles during the Clone Wars, first seeing action during the Athran Liberation Campaign in 22 BBY.


Early life (32 BBY - 22 BBY)

CT-3672 grew up and trained on the Clone homeworld of Kamino, leading a similar life to any other clone.

Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

Early in the Clone Wars, CT-3672 was one of the many clones shipped out from Kamino, being transported aboard an Acclamator-Class Assault Ship to the planet Athra. He fought in the Athran Liberation Campaign alongside fellow clone trooper CT-4824 "Tax", who he would eventually become squadmates with.

Personality and traits

CT-3672 was a loyal and honorable soldier, using his strategic thinking to fight in the Clone Wars. He was true to his beliefs, taking deep value in life over victory.

Skills and abilities

CT-3672 was skilled in the use of most weaponry as a result of his training, preferring the use of lighter weapons such as the DC-15s carbine or DC-17 hand blaster. He was a strategic thinker, able to use his field expertise in many situations.

Behind the scenes

CT-3672 is set to appear in an upcoming fan series, Clone Wars: 426, written by similarly-named user CT-3672.

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