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What are these marks? What are you counting Lockdown, kills?"
"If I had done that, my entire armor would be full of scratches."
"Then what?"
"Why though?"
"To remember. To grant myself the willpower to see another sunrise, just so I can put another mark on this blasted helmet.

—Lockdown and Jedi Padawan Alema Luroon.

CT-3216, known as ARC-3216 after the Raven Insurrection, was a clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. His service began as an ordinary trooper in the 168th Legion but his vocal personality and combat prowess, as well as surviving a handful of dangerous missions eventually made him undergo ARC trooper training. Lockdown completed his training and returned to the 168th as it's clone commander, serving under the Jedi Generals Lexa Sylen and her Padawan Alema Luroon until the execution of Order 66 and the subsequent Jedi Purge. However, a "gift" from a mission long before even meeting his current Jedi Generals would...


An Extraordinary Cadet

These are not real clankers cadets! Don't get excited.
—Commander Colt to Sorrend Squad, right after they completed the Citadel Challenge.

CT-3216 was originally a member of the Sorrend Squad, a squad consisting of extraordinary cadets and ones that always found an unorthodox solution. Called "Chains" before earning his true nickname thanks to his strict attitude and cold behavior, he was nonetheless an exemplary soldier. Chains regarded his squad as his closest friends, but there was one brother he actually held in a higher regard: CT-2211, known as "Sharp" to the Sorrends who was, in many ways, the opposite of Chains. Whereas Chains was cold and strict, Sharp was caring and compassionate. However, the mutual respect and friendship between them was hard-earned and both of them came to respect one another greatly, like true "brothers".

While many of their trainers regarded them as quite unorthodox and even "faulty" at times, the fact they still passed all their tests stood as a testament to their capability and they were eventually drawn into the 168th Legion to serve on the front lines.

First Assignment

Well I guess I should thank 'the force' for getting out of there alive!"
"Easy there, Chains. The General is new to this just as we are, remember?"
"It's just that... Bah, whatever. I guess we'll die another day, eh Sharp?"
"Now that's the Chains I remember!

—Chains, Sharp and Slam talking about the battle of Salvara.

Salvara, a planet bordering the Separatist Space would be where the Sorrends see their first share of combat. The Republic deployed the 168th to the planet under the command of the Jedi General Tarynn Lavis to form a front line against the Separatists, but what they didn't know was that the Separatists had chosen Salvara as a beachhead and deployed a sizeable portion of droids. While Admiral Lax Sylvana was holding the Separatist fleet at bay, General Tarynn was busy trying to hold control of the ground.

However, both of them were doing a terrible job at it. Widely unprepared for such a crisis, the Republic had taken drastic measures when it had occurred. Lax Sylvana was a product of such drastic measures, being promoted rapidly thanks to a lack of competent men whereas Tarynn Lavis was a jedi who had little to no actual war experience as opposed to a select other Jedi who had witnessed some form of warfare prior to the Clone Wars. In that regard, Tarynn Lavis was both careless for his soldiers and had no command experience, handing all the decision making to his Clone Commander. What worsened the situation was the fact that said Clone Commander had died just before the battle had begun and Tarynn Lavis was cut off from the rest of his units, so the entire Legion was in disarray.

It was this mess of a situation the Sorrends had stepped into. Luckily for them, however, they were tasked with reconnaissance when the Separatist Assault occurred. Their sergeant, CT-4245 "Casper", quickly rounded the ten man squad and ordered a hasty fallback to the HQ. However, they were ambushed by B1 battle droids that shot down Casper and CT-7645 "Bliss" right after they spotted a cave to hide in. Pinned down and unable to move, the Sorrends let their creativity work: Chains and Sharp used a small passage right next to them to squeeze through the cave they were trapped in and appeared right behind the droids. Taking the bikes of their dead brothers, Sharp drove his bike to warn the HQ while Chains quickly signaled the rest of the squad to move. They had hotwired and their own speeders to go at full speed nonstop and sent them towards the approaching droids. Caught completely by surprise, the bikes began tearing their way through the B1's as the rest of the squad split into two groups; one escaped through the passage while the ones that picked the short straw were forced to push through the main entrance, right behind their own speeders. The second team had one casualty, CT-3789 "Serpent", while the first one was unscathed when they rendezvoused next to Chains, who had also hotwired his own bike and sent it towards the turning droids. The bike hit one of the columns holding the cave's entrance and caused it to collapse, trapping the droids inside.

Sorrends returned to the HQ to find utter chaos, for it had effectively turned into a battleground with General Tarynn Lavis nowhere to be found. There was chaos, random barricades all around with no purpose at all. Realizing the command structure was obliterated, the Sorrends decided to push through, hoping to find the General ASAP. However, all they had found was the dead body of their Clone Commander CC-2345.

The Separatists were razing the whole HQ and the Sorrends were out of options. Sharp took acting command status and tasked Chains to find the General while he held whatever he could at one piece. Chains quickly rushed into the forest next to the HQ and began searching for General Tarynn Lavis. He eventually gave up and fired a single round into the air, signalling his failure. However, the shot spooked something right next to him, which caused a desperate Chains to pursue whatever was standing this close all along. Just before he cornered it, he felt a strong power on his chest and was pushed a few meters backwards. From the bushes crawled Tarynn Lavis, a half of his face deformed beyond recognition. Chains was quick to see that the General was experiencing a severe aftershock and managed to get him to talk, then used his similarity to the dead Clone Commander "Sting" to pacify the bewildered, partially insane Jedi General. He then persuaded him to follow him back to the HQ and stunned him right before they established visual contact. Chains took the Jedi General to the medbay and explained his situation. Luckily, the medics were unscathed from the separatist assault and were able to nurse the General back to his senses. Tarynn Lavis was gratified and his apathy seemed to have vanished. However, his pleas and thanks to the force only increased Chains' discontent.

Tarynn Lavis was then able to push the Separatists off the HQ and establish contact with the Republic Fleet orbiting the planet, a testament to the Jedi's skills. However, with Admiral Lax Sylvana being killed in action when his flagship was destroyed, the Battle of Salvara turned out to be a decisive defeat for the Republic. However, in a miraculous manner, a captain named Lyde Selios seized command and managed to regroup the shattered fleet, preventing a rout. She was hastily made an "Acting Admiral" and was ordered to return back to Salvara immediately. Now stranded on the planet with little to no support, The 168th had to hold their ground until either reinforcements came or retreat became possible. Chains and the other two surviving members of the Sorrend Squad, Sharp and CT-4576 "Slam", were all awarded and reassigned as the Jedi General's bodyguards as well.

Captured and Imprisoned

So this is how it ends, huh?"
"Maybe for me, but not for you, brother."
"What do you mean, Sharp?"
"Die... Another... Day... Brother.

—Sharp's goodbye.


In Prison


The Insurrection

You fool! You can't kill me! Only I know the codes to open the main doors!"
"I don't need the codes."

—Atai Thanda, the Overseer, and CT-3216 before the former is executed.


ARC Trooper Lockdown


The Jedi


Narrow Escapes on Countless Fronts


Order 66


Personality and Traits





  • In the Legends, a Battle of Salvara did occur and ended with a Republic rout. However, the fact that it is a piece of Legends, not the mention the author's desire to expand upon their version of the battle (a sort of "headcanon") has caused the author to disregard the Legends article. The author expresses their apologies if this caused confusion among the readers.
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