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Anyone can make a difference, good or bad. But we all have a choice.
—Jack Tresherslider

Jack Tresherslider, formerly designation CT-1899, was a force-sensitive clone trooper captain and Advanced Recon Commando serving in the Grand Army of the Republic, leading the 326th Task Force as a part of the 623rd Infantry Brigade during the Clone Wars. He was one of the many clones that were created by Kaminoans. However, Lama Su used the genetic template of Jacen Tresherslider. When the clone army was getting ready to mobilize, Jack was deployed without any knowledge of his abilities. However after the Battle of Geonosis, he was discovered by the Jedi Order and he was trained in the ways of the Force by Plo Koon. Jack later used those abilities to turn the war in the Republic's favor, fighting in many battles such as Kashyyyk, Kamino and Umbara.

Near the end of the war, Jack participated in the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, which saw the death of his former master and the beginning of the Jedi Purge. Jack was able to escape with the help of his astromech droid, C9-K3 and go into hiding on the planet of Bulacan. Eventually he would cross paths with mercenary known as Saponza, running various jobs with his crew. However, his activities caught the attention of the Inquisitorius, which ultimately led to a planet-wide uprising against the Galactic Empire.

During the early stages of the Rebellion, Jack formed a resistance group known as the Minutemen Militia. He and his group later joined Ahsoka Tano and the Phoenix Cell. With the rebellion formalized into the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Jack would serve as a senior captain in the Alliance High Command. He continued to lead the Minutemen, fighting in several campaigns during the Galactic Civil War.



CT-1899 was created by the Kaminoans from the genetic template of former Jedi Jacen Tresherslider. Sometime prior to the Clone Wars, Sifo-Dyas was head of a secret project by the name of F043E. In an attempt to create a higher breed of Clone trooper, Dyas supplied Lama Su with Jacen's DNA and ordered Su to produce one force-sensitive clone as a prototype. Dyas told Su that one clone was necessary in order to combat any rogue Jedi. He also requested that Jango Fett supervise the clone's training. After the meeting, Sifo-Dyas was called back to Coruscant by Chancellor Valorum. When he arrived on the planet, he was met with suspicious members of the Jedi Council. However, before they could question him, the chancellor's aide intervened and pulled Dyas aside. The aide told Dyas that the chancellor needed him to resolve a dispute within the Pyke Syndicate. Dyas agreed to go, but said he needed to dispose of the case he was carrying. Unaware of what it was, the aide agreed to dispose of it for him. [1]

Clone Wars

First Battle

Alright men, we need to secure this area for our forward command center!
—Jack Tresherslider to his men.[src]

The clone was one of the first troops deployed to Geonosis, in order to rescue the Jedi assault team. During the battle he served as a lieutenant. While on board a Republic cruiser, he struggled to find a transport to take him to the planet surface. However, a corporal offered a ride on his ship. When the clone and his unit arrived on surface, they would be tasked with securing a position for the forward command center. While trying to capture the area, the clone unknowingly force pushed the droids down. It briefly confused him, as he could not explain what happened. [1]

Despite this, he continued to participate in the battle. Once the forward command center was secured. The clone spotted a grounded gunship and piloted the ship. Despite not having any prior experience, he was able to learn the ship's controls and used it to destroy the escaping Hardcell transports. However, he was shot down by a Geonosian starfighter and crashed in the hangar of the Stalgasin war room. It was there, The clone used the element of surprise and took the opportunity to capture the commander. He blasted three guards, which surprised the commander. But before he could get the commander to surrender, More guards came in and blasted the ceiling, which caused the rocks above to fall. However, the clone once again unknowingly used the force to make the rocks avoid him. He was confused by this once more. However, he still held the commander at gunpoint which kept the battle droids at bay. Just as the clone held the commander hostage, Republic troops stormed the war room and the battle ended shortly thereafter. It was this battle that marked the beginning of the Clone Wars.[1]

After the battle the clone was honored as a hero, with him being given a medal by the chancellor himself. However at the ceremony, Plo Koon was able to sense the clone's force sensitivity and take him to the Jedi Council.[1]

DNA Hunt

Shortly after the discovery of the force sensitive clone, Plo Koon met with Master Yoda and Mace Windu to discuss what they should do with him. Koon wanted to train the boy, thinking his powers could be used for the greater good. Yoda reluctantly agreed, But stated the council would not support him. In the following days, Plo Koon decided to take the boy his first mission to find the DNA of Jacen. The pair traveled to an abandoned space station known as Port Raga, following a lead from the Jedi Council. [1]

When they got off the ship, the boy started to wander off. However he was stopped by Koon, who told him that the force could help them find what they looking for. Koon had the boy try and use his force abilities. Unfortunately, the boy struggled with this. But he was able to focus and he was guided down a hallway. However, he only found the remains of soldiers from both the Old Republic and the former Sith Empire. It was there that Koon discovered the clone had the power of psychometry. Despite this, the two were unable to find the DNA. After the mission, the pair returned to the Jedi Temple. Later that day, the boy accompanied his master to the Jedi Archives to do research on Jacen Tresherslider to better understand the boy's abilities. While there, they discovered that Jacen had son named Jack, who died shortly after birth. As they looked through the rest of his records, Plo Koon had come across a file that was sealed by House Corcega. After they left the archives, Koon asked the boy if he had come up with a name for himself. It was then, the boy remembered Jacen's son and decided that Jack would be his name with him carrying "Tresherslider" as his surname.[1]

Battle of Arantara

Ahsoka, this is Captain Jack Tresherslider. He served in the 501st during the Battle of Arantara as a lieutenant.
Anakin Skywalker to Ahsoka Tano.[src]

Eventually, Jack fought in the Battle of Arantara with the 501st Legion.[1]

Siege of Hisseen

Actually sir, it’s captain now. I got promoted after the Siege of Hisseen.
—Jack Tresherslider to Anakin Skywalker.[src]

Jack later participated in the Siege of Hisseen. After the battle, he was promoted to captain.[1]

Huttlet Rescue


Queen's Assassin

Captain Tresherslider, I have selected you for this assignment.
Palpatine to Jack Tresherslider.[src]
After the Battle of Teth, Chancellor Palpatine would personally assign Jack and select members of his unit to protect the queen of Naboo, Ashari Founiteragainst Trandoshan assassins from the Doshan Empire during the Festival of Unity. As the team was about to leave, the Separatist launched an attack at Republic's staging area. Jack's unit defended the fleet for a short time with the Spectre. However, they would be forced to abandon their allies in order to make it to the planet. Not long after the team's arrival, the the queen was visiting the Parnelli Museum of Art with Jack. It was there, she was ambushed by Dreks and two other assassins. Jack defended the queen with his DC-17 blaster pistols. However, the assassins managed to destroy them. The trio grabbed the queen and escaped. Despite having no other weapons, Jack pursued the assassins. With no other choice, He had to rely on his force and hand to hand combat abilities to beat the assassins to death. However in the chaos that ensued, Dreks escaped and Jack was revealed to everyone as a Jedi.[1]

After the attack, Jack kept hearing something call to him and he couldn't sleep. The next day the queen and the team traveled Otoh Gunga to meet with the Gungan High Council to discuss details regarding the festival. Noticing he was feeling uneasy, the queen let Jack explore by himself. When he was alone, a voice called to him. It mocked Jack, by saying that he was not a real soldier and a false Jedi. The voice's insults made Jack realize though he was a clone, he could choose his path. He asked the voice how he could make things right and the voice responded by presenting him with a Kyber crystal.[1]

The following morning, Jack left early to practice with his newly constructed lightsaber. He told Panaka that his team would take the queen through parade, then took a Flash speeder and departed for the grasslands. A few hours passed, when Jack witnessed the parade convoy get ambushed by trandoshan assassins once more. Jack charged at an Armored Assault Tank, but was caught off guard by enemy reinforcements. It was at the same time, the vehicles in the convoy began to explode Seeing that his allies were outnumbered, Jack signaled C9-K3 for extraction. Within minutes the Spectre arrived and everyone boarded, leaving Sargeant Palin and a few guards to hold off the attackers. With the queen enroute back to the palace, Jack told the security forces that he was suspecting a traitor was among them.[1]

Encountering the Malevolence

Following the Mission to Naboo, Jack accompanied Master Plo Koon on the search for a enemy mystery weapon, which left no survivors. Plo Koon's fleet had tracked the weapon to the Abregado system. As the Republic forces were preparing to attack, Jack was asleep in his quarters. He was having strange dream, which took him back to the Festival of Unity and he was unsuccessful in protecting the queen. Jack was awoken by Boost, who told him that his master was requesting him on the bridge. When the two arrived there, Jack told Koon of his strange dreams regarding the queen. However, before they could discuss it, the fleet was attacked by the Malevolence. The enemy ship fired it's ion cannon, which disabled all three Republic cruisers. Acting quickly, Koon ordered an evacuation as the Malevolence began firing upon the ships.[5]

When Plo Koon and his men were in space, Commander Woffle assessed the situation by saying that they had no engine, communications or life support. The clones were certain no rescue would come. However, Master Plo and Jack reassured the group that help is coming. It was at that moment the clones to begin to rewire the pod's electrical system in an effort to restore power. While the others were working, Jack noticed a pod floating nearby. However upon further inspection,it was discovered that crew was dead. Soon the pod began to receive a distress signal from one of the other pods. The officer on the pod's com warned Plo Koon and the others that survivors were being hunted. Everyone could do nothing but watch as the officer and crew were killed.[5]

After a few moments, the hunter began making its way towards Plo Koon's pod. The Jedi decided he would fight off the attackers, leaving Woffle and Jack to tend to the communications signal. As the hunter latched on the pod, a blaster battle ensued. However, the droids used the hunter to squeeze the pod. Despite this, Jack held the pod together with the Force. It was at that point, Woffle informed Master Plo that the pod couldn't take anymore damage. Plo Koon then sliced the hunter's clamps, sending it to be crushed by nearby debis.[5]

Liberating Ryloth

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Battle at Tallis Outpost

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Assault on the Arbitrator

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Rescuing An Old Friend

Sometime later, Jack would be called upon to rescue his friend, Sergeant Arriurra; after he and his team were captured during a supply mission. Jack with reprogrammed battle droids, posed as a prisoner transfer. He was met by the prison warden, Sarkh. He was able to recognize Jack and told him the true purpose of the prison; stating that Republic troops are held for ransom as a source of income for the Doshan Empire. Then Sarkh had Jack sent to the detention center. After his confrontation with the warden, Jack and his droids were able to free the sergeant. Afterwards, the two began releasing the other prisoners. When everyone was free, the group went to the landings pads. It was there the group was confronted by an army of battle droids along with Sarkh, who blew up their shuttle. However, just as the mission turned for the worst. The Republic fleet emerged from hyperspace and begun attempting to break the enemy blockade.[6]

Meanwhile on the ground, the group fought off the droids, as a result Jack revealed himself to be a Jedi to the warden. He destroyed the anti ship turrets and spotted a Kom'rk-class fighter from atop the turret tower. In response to escalating battle, Sarkh sent out his agent, Angar. In order to buy some time, Jack engaged Angar in a brief lightsaber duel while everyone boarded the ship. After retrieving the him, Jack piloted the ship through the blockade. While Angar pursued them in his personal ship. Just as Angar locked on to their ship, However, Jack saw a spread of lasers hit Angar's ship and he broke off the attack. Coming out from behind was the Spectre piloted by Lieutenant Maxson. Jack was escorted by the Spectre and both ships docked on the Comet. When all the Republic forces arrived back to the base, Arriurra had received reassignment orders to join Havoc Squad. Jack welcomed him to the squad as they headed toward the mess hall.[6]

Securing Cato Neimoidia

During the final days of the war, Jack once again accompanied his former master to capture Cato Neimoidia from the Separatist Droid Army. Prior to the battle he was promoted to commander, leading the 442nd Siege Battalion and other ground forces. Eventually, Jack and his troops fought their way to the enemy command center. There, he gave the Super tactical droid a chance to surrender. However, the droid refused and Jack quickly destroyed him. Shortly after that, Lieutenant Maxson came into the room and reported the ground was clear.[7]

Jack then contacted his master and updated him on the status of the ground. To which Plo Koon had said that he was doing a post battle patrol with his wingman. However, Jack suddenly felt a disturbance in the Force. It was at this moment, the two pilots fired on Koon's fighter and killed him.[7]

Order 66

Jack witnessed his master's death from the window of the command center and cried out horror. But before he could react any further, clones flooded the room with their weapons drawn and surrounded him. Jack ignited his lightsaber and demanded to know why they killed his master. However, he was met with silence. After a few moments, Maxson ordered everyone to open fire on Jack. He managed to deflect several blaster bolts before being overwhelmed. It was because this, he summoned a force blast that knocked all the clones down and exhausted him. However, Jack used this time to escape by jumping out a broken window.[7]

As he plummeted down, he was caught by a speeder that was being piloted C9-K3. The droid had asked his master what had happened. To which Jack responded by telling him that the clones, including his squadmates had turned against him and killed Koon. This saddened the droid, but Jack cheered him up by patting his dome and told him that they needed to find a ship. Jack took control of the speeder and flew to a command post in the planet's lower city. When they arrived, the place was guarded several clones. Jack pleaded with them to drop their weapons, as he didn't want to hurt them. However, they only responded by shooting at him. Having no other choice, he killed them which left him distraught. Meanwhile, C9 plugged into central computer and told his master that ships were located at the main base in the upper city.[7]

Before they traveled to the base, Jack and C9 stopped by a warehouse owned by the Separatist Alliance. Upon discovering that it was a battle droid factory, Jack asked C9 if he could get the place operational again; to which C9 questioned why. Jack told him the battle droids would distract the clones and give them a chance to escape. With this mind, C9 started the factory and the two watched as the droids marched off the assembly line and head straight for the base. As the two left the factory, they were contacted by Maxson. He taunted them, by saying that he would find them. However, Jack tried to reason with his friend; stating that following the orders he was given without question made him no different than a droid. But Maxson only ended the transmission.[7]

Eventually, the battle droids arrived at the base and engaged the clones. As Jack had hoped, the clones were too occupied to notice him and C9 slip by. On the landing platform, Jack spotted a Nu-class transport. C9 went first, dumping out the shuttle's personnel into the planet below. C9 then piloted the ship so his master could board. However, as Jack boarded, he was shot off the ramp by Wolfhound and fell on the edge of the platform. Wolfhound and Ross held their former superior at gunpoint. Jack questioned why they resorted to this behavior. Ross responded by saying that they were following Order 66. Jack then tried to reach for his saber. However, it was shot out of his hands by Wolfhound. As they prepared to kill him. Jack closed his eyes and accepted his fate. Suddenly, two shots rang out. Jack opened his eyes, only to see Wolfhound and Ross had been shot from behind by Maxson.[7]

Afterwards, Jack tried to convince Maxson into escaping with him. However, Maxson refused; stating that he done unforgivable things. Instead, he pushed Jack back onto the ship and exchanged one last salute before parting ways. As the rest of clones caught up to him, Maxson then blasted nearby fuel crates to prevent the others from pursuing Jack. This resulted in a massive explosion that killed everyone on the platform. [7]

As the shuttle entered the planet's atmosphere, the two were briefly pursued by Jag in an ARC-170 starfighter. However, C9 had Droid tri-fighter shoot Jag from behind; causing the pilot to break off his attack. When the ship was in space, Jack told C9 to set course for Coruscant. However, the droid received a transmission from Obi-Wan Kenobi that warned them to avoid the Jedi Temple and go into hiding. Jack thought for a moment then asked C9 if he wanted to go somewhere far away. The droid responded "yes". Then Jack nodded and took the ship into hyperspace.[7]

Age of the Empire

Personality and traits

Jack was a clone captain who was produced from the template of the former Jedi Jacen Tresherslider. As with many of his fellow clone troopers, Jack lived to serve the Galactic Republic and to protect its citizens. He was highly skilled in not only combat, but leadership and tactics. While he was eager to follow orders, he became very independent and always thought about the safety of his men. During the Clone Wars, Jack would with work Jedi masters, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and the Wolfpack. He also developed a close bond to his master, Plo Koon.

During the early years of his Jedi training, Jack was often unsure of his force abilities. Sometimes questioning if he was a soldier or a Jedi. This resulted in Jack being at odds between the Jedi and the military, at times being unable to comply with certain orders that were issued. As the Clone Wars went on, Jack was called to various battlefronts across the galaxy. It was because of that, he was exposed to the suffering of beings around him. As a result, Jack often wondered why he was fighting a war.

He also liked collecting starships and speeder bikes, he also enjoyed collecting relics from the Old Republic to study his family ancestry.

Powers and abilities

I’m a fast learner.
—Jack Tresherlider[src]

On Kamino, Jack was trained by Jango Fett himself at the request of Sifo-Dyas and eventually accepted into the ARC program. In the program, he trained in ordnance disarmament and disposal as well as weapons and modifications.[1]

At the First Battle of Geonosis, Jack demonstrated his piloting skills when flew a gunship. Despite not having any prior experience, he was able learn the controls and destroy numerous enemy transports.[1] As the war when on, Jack honed this skill and was recognized as one of the Galactic Republic's best pilots.[2]

Once trained by the Jedi, Jack had an attuned understanding of the Force and made use of abilities such as Force push, Force pull, and Force Repulse on several occasions. In addition, he also has the rare ability of psychometry which he inherited from his original template.[1]

When it came to lightsaber training, Jack was taught extensively in all seven lightsaber forms eventually mastering and specializing the Ataru form. This form was mastered and harnessed by Jack so efficiently that he was eventually challenged by Grand Master Yoda himself, outstandingly, defeating the master in the duel.[2] He also mastered the art of Jar'Kai and was his preferred form.

As a skilled technician, Jack was an encryptionist, and could decrypt a multitude of advanced security systems, with an Astromech droid. He also knew various droid programming languages, and how to create command processes for droids, and how to clean, wipe, restore, and manage certain droid data.[2]

On the battlefield, Jack was considered to be an expert battle strategist. As a result, he knew a variety of techniques concerning turret formations and used this knowledge to protect republic and later rebel bases from enemy attacks.[2][4]

Jack was capable of understanding Shyriiwook.[6]

Armor and equipment

Jack wore the standard Phase I clone trooper armor with him later being given Phase I ARC Trooper Armor. As the the war progressed, Jack updated his armor to the Phase II variant. By 20 BBY, Jack received a set of Katarn-class armor. In total, he possessed a number of unique armor variants which were customized with kamas, pauldrons and rangefinders.

During his time at the Jedi Temple, Jack could be seen wearing traditional Jedi robes.

Jack also owned a variety of blasters and other weapons. However, he most often carried a pair of DC-17 hand blasters along his two lightsabers.

Behind the scenes

Jack Tresherslider made his first appearance in Star Wars: Untold Stories of the Clone Wars: Rising Shadow.[1] In 2010, he would go on to appear physically in Clone Wars Adventures, In the game he was a Jango Fett clone when he should have been a regular human. The author later addressed this issue, saying it was "Purely my choice."[2]

In his initial development Jack was a Jango Fett clone, this was later changed because the author couldn't figure out an exciting way to make Jack a force user. The author stated: "The plots I came up with seemed too 'dull'... I don't want the readers to get board." He also wanted to tie the character to the Tresherslider Legacy characters once he started to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Jack's overall character is directly inspired by X2 from the game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.





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