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Knowing him, I feel stupid. He standing there taking my orders when I should be taking his orders and calling him sir.
—A Republic Army General on Deadeye

CS-8890, nicknamed Deadeye because of his sharpshooting skills, was a Human male Sharpshooter Clone trooper Command Sergeant in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic's Delta Force as an Advanced Recon Force trooper, and was formally Senate Guards and was a member of the 908th Elite Sharpshooter Battalion. Deadeye was a skilled sniper and became known for his sniping skills for which he got his nickname from. Deadeye made many friends in his clone unit on Kamino during training.

Deadeye was a skilled fighter and was known for it. He mastered allot of fighting arts other than sniping, such as blaster fighting, melee weapons, hand to hand combat, and martial arts. He was admired by his superiors and who were sometimes frightened and intimidated by him. Deadeye actually didn't really like war and killing, but still didn't mind taking lives if it was needed to complete the mission, which is a thought that he partly got from his friend Commander Vill. During his adventures during the Clone Wars, he made friends Commander CC-2009 (Typhuss), Lieutenant CL-112205 (Beater) and Commander Vill.

During training, he made friends with many other clones and was known as a social person. He completed training easily on Kamino and graduated at the top of his class, unlike most of his brothers. He took various classes on different forms of combat and passed all of them.


Early life

Deadeye was born on the aquatic world of Kamino in the Wild Space region in 32 BBY, when the Galactic Republic created a clone army. He was given extensive training and has proven to be skilled with a sniper as well as an automatic blaster. During training, he made many friends in the clone ranks. He took various classes about different combat styles and was successful in them. He had been successful in completing training, and upon success was given the rank of Command Sergeant and was placed into the 908th Elite Sharpshooter Battalion.


Because of his sniper skills, Deadeye was placed into the 908th Elite Sharpshooter Battalion and was given more intense training to be a sniper. During his time with the 908th was the time he got the nickname 'Deadeye' because of his elite sniping skills. He also was sent on several missions in the 908th against Confederacy of Independent Systems, such as assassinating key CIS figures. That was when the Senate Crisis happened and Deadeye was sent in.

Senate Guard


Deadeye with a fellow Senate Guard

In the following months, many Senators were getting killed in assassinations, fights, and riots. The Senate Guard needed help in defending the Senate and so Deadeye and a number of elite troopers were transferred to the Guard and were used in defending Senators. That proved to be successful and so in the Guard Deadeye was promoted to Command Sergeant Major for his actions. He also got to lead a squad of Senate Guards, and helped hunt down several Senate assassins. During his actions in the Senate Guard, he was part of bar fights, assassination interferences, and others. Though he did have one failure at the Senate Building, when bounty hunter Cad Bane came and took over the East Wing and took many hostages. He was in the North Wing and by the time he got there with his squad and the Coruscant Guard, Bane had already left the building. Afterwards, the unit Delta Force was started by the Grand Army and they needed more men so Deadeye and some others were transferred to it. Deadeye was used as an Advanced Recon Force trooper.


Deadeye was used as an ARF trooper in Delta and was sent on many missions. He was considered the best scout in the Grand Army by fellow Delta operatives and clone officers in many other units. One of the missions he was sent on was a mission to the world Hypori, where he was famous for destroying the main droid factory complex after the rest of his squad was killed. Deadeye was sometimes used as a sniper in the unit because of his former sharpshooting background.

Battle of Geonosis

Deadeye served in Delta at the time of the Battle of Geonosis, in which he was a sniper and was positioned on cliff tops. Also during the battle, Deadeye took command of an AT-TE walker because the AT-TE commander was killed and led the walker to victory in destroying a large number of Confederate ships trying to escape the planet. Later on, he got a record of taking over 5 Separatist command posts during the battle, and all but 2 of them being located in the Loki Mountains. Afterwards, he met clone troopers CC-2009, Typhuss, and CL-112205, Beater. Also after the battle, he was given the Medal of Endurance.

Personality and Traits

Deadeye was a person who liked humor and joked allot. Although he didn't like war and killing, Deadeye was a good fighter and didn't mind taking lives to complete a mission. Also, many of his superiors


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