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Double time! It went this way! MOVE!
—CO-2230 during the hunt for a Jedi.[src]

CO-2230 was a clone trooper in the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, and the Confederation of Free Planets.


A clone commander, like all clone troopers, was a clone of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. He was first born on Kamino and sent to Eriadu to patrol the area with a Jedi Master.

He later received Order 66, and killed the Jedi. A month following the execution of Order 66, the clone stormtrooper tracked a Jedi Master, who had survived Order 66, to the Outer Rim Territories world Eriadu. After noticing tracks on the ground in the deeper levels of the world, the stormtrooper and three other clones trailed the Jedi until they were in a dead-end alley with no sign of their prey. When a subordinate of his asked about the need of their mission, the stormtrooper dictated that Order 66 remained in effect. They found the Jedi Master and the clones, Typhuss, CO-2230 opened fire on the Jedi. They were able to kill the Jedi. CC-2009 and Alpha Company helped CO-2230 kill the Jedi. After killing over fifty Jedi in the ongoing Galactic Civil War, 2230's life was extended by far. 2230 was later in the Galactic Empire, and served on the planet.

His status during the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance was unknown, but he joined the Confederation of Free Planets afterwards, along with a squad of three other clone troopers. He served under Jedi General Sturn Ozzel in the CFP.

Armor and equipmentEdit

Phase IIEdit

His Phase II armor looked a lot like Commander Deviss's. CO-2230 wore red-striped Phase II clone armor and was allowed to use a kama, polarized macrobinoculars as a helmet attachment, and a red pauldron. His quick-release holster held two DC-17 hand blasters, and he also carried a DC-15A blaster rifle. Additionally, CC-2230 was equipped with a rope and a grappling hook.