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CL-9976 or Daft was an advanced clone trooper lieutenant apart of the 55th Camo Division and 41st Elite Corps during the Clone Wars in the Grand Army of the Republic. He served alongside Captain Machete in tough missions like the battle of Iceberg 3 and Kamino. He personally preferred to use his customized rotary cannon in heavy and even light battles.


Trained under the special supervision of Bounty Hunter Jango Fett, he became very fond and interested in Daft's techniques he used in simulated battles on Kamino. Daft would rather go up in the front lines, risking his own life just to save others and most of all get a couple or more blasts knocked into some droids. He was stationed on the planet of Kashyyyk.

Becoming an ARC trooper

In order to become an ARC trooper permanently, Daft had to do some unique exercises such as free climb and scale walls, battle up close unarmed, and use his strategic wits on the battlefield. None of these were an exact potential threat to Daft's being. Jango Fett, himself, was extremely impressed with Daft's work, so he personally assigned him with a task that only true ARC troopers can complete- infiltrate the simulated citadel. It was guarded with specialized B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids that were formed from the construction workers on Kamino. Supposedly for regular clone troopers, it would take them at most a couple of days to complete this mission- Daft was finished in three hours.

Order 66

In the year of 19 BBY, the Great Jedi purge has begun and Daft wanted every part in it. Just moments earlier, a clone trooper captain named Rex persuaded him to get his inhibitor chip removed or else he would no longer have the ability to practically control himself anymore. Without hesitation, Daft immediately got into the surgery room and had it removed. But when the lieutenant saw Jedi rapidly being gunned down by other clone troopers, he suddenly had the urge to shoot his former brothers like he would have the urge to shoot down clankers. He helped out Jedi master Yoda to get out of Kashyyyk and escape in time.

Resistance Militia Squadron

Lieutenant Daft was recruited into the Resistance Militia Squadron specifically by Princess Leia Organa. As a young lady, she admired Daft's energy and enthusiasm toward helping others, offensively speaking. Daft carried out several missions including the one where the whole entire militia army travels to Darth Night's mansion to liberate their comrades. Later on in the war, Daft sacrificed himself by taking out an ample amount of stormtroopers so others could live to fight.

Personality and Traits

Lieutenant Daft was always energetic and full of war jokes ever since his birth. Some people had described him with some sort of a malfunction in his design due to the facts that he would not only like but love to rush in head on with his freshly polished rotary cannon. Though cocky, Daft was a skilled marksman who developed a case of trigger fingers on the battlefield. A clone trooper named Hevy looked up to him because of those facts. Never getting a chance to bond, Hevy would've loved to get to know Daft just a little bit more before his death. Daft consisted of green paint on his armor and had an emblem of unknown origin on his helmet, which many questioned. He stood exactly six feet tall and dyed his hair orange because he said he could and wanted to.


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