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The CIS Hero Roster

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was one of four rosters of legendary heroes in the galaxy. It described each listed person/droid and what made him/her a hero of the Confederacy. Here are some abbreviated excerpts about each hero in the book.


Individual leaders, supporters and commanders

  • Count Dooku: The Confederacy could not have existed without the dignified gentleman Count Dooku. He was more aware that something had to be done about the corruption in the Galactic Senate than most other people were, but he also knew that it couldn't be fixed. With him, the Separatists were able to make a clean, fresh start, or would have if it hadn't been for Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and the relentless stormtroopers of their so-called "unifying" Galactic Empire.
  • General Grievous: While Grievous may not have been the bravest Separatist commander, he was certainly the boldest. He showed no mercy to the clone troopers or the Jedi, because, like Dooku, he knew that they were the "puppets of a decaying government". Admittedly, Grievous was pretty ruthless, but he knew that sometimes in war, you have to totally wipe out the enemy. Without him, the Confederacy may have lost many battles.
  • Asajj Ventress: Ventress was a tough commander, and a master assassin. She served the CIS without wavering from the path, and helped kill many Jedi enemies, showing that the Jedi were not invincible. She was a devout believer in the Force, too, even though she preferred its Dark Side, and there were a few people whom she dearly loved; Ky Narec, her parents, and spy droid 4A-7.
  • Sora Bulq: No one could have said it better. This Jedi convert to Dooku's cause said that the Jedi were tainted by their connections to the Republic, because many people saw them as its enforcers. They were on the wrong side. They should have helped to bring the Republic down, once and for all. And now, we know that he was right, based on what the Republic became.
  • Sev'rance Tann and Durge: Not much is known for certain about these two warriors. Tann was an independent Chiss warrior who also killed many Jedi, and Durge was an ancient bounty hunter who sometimes partnered with Ventress. Both were very knowledgeable about the arrogance and overconfidence of many Jedi, and they wanted the galaxy to be free to live without those "pests".
  • Lok Durd: General Durd was a great boaster, who apparently was very ambitious, but was also very cavalier, and an expert at reconnaissance. He believed in using muscle to fight his enemies, sending squads to charge into battle and using big, powerful weapons like the Defoliator. For a Neimoidian who was so fat, he brought needed strength to the Separatist Army.
  • Mar Tuuk: Captain Tuuk, while a vain man, knew his stuff when it came to running a Separatist fleet. He was good at outsmarting many enemies, which made him famous in the Confederate Navy, and almost the envy of other fleet commanders. As an army/navy captain, Tuuk often served as the cavalry in a hard battle.
  • Admiral Trench: Trench was a legend in the CIS. He was a much feared fleet Admiral who knew many complex tactics in battle, which made him more than able to destroy enemy fleets, and yet, he wanted the best for the CIS, serving it as a brave patriot and a hero to many Confederates. Trench was, unknown to most, a loving family man, treated people with respect, like Dooku, and except for the uncommon use of "Republic scum", never cursed. He was highly religious, too, sometimes questioning why the Separatist leaders didn't depend more on the Force, like the Count and Ventress. Our cherished admiral survived the Battle of Malastare Narrows, only to be defeated and killed by Republic Admiral Wullf Yularen and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. It's sometimes wondered how the Clone Wars would have gone if he had survived.
  • 4A-7: It may seem strange to call a simple spy droid a hero of the Confederacy, but Ventress insisted that this droid was her only true friend after losing her Master, Ky Narec, and that, like her, he served the CIS faithfully, perhaps moreso than many organics, and understood the oppression of the Republic.
  • Cormen A'Lanti: Okay, so technically, this man is not a Separatist. He's an analyst for the HoloNet. We still consider him one of our heroes, though, because he voiced the fact that many of us Separatists were good rather than evil, and that we had real reason to hate the Republic as much as they hated us.
  • Alto Stratus: A tough, fanatical leader of the Nimbus commandos, Stratus wanted the best for his people, the Jabiimi, to be free of the Republic's ignorance of their problems, and to get vengeance on the Jedi for their loyalty to the Republic. He led his people to an eventual victory, but the Jedi killed him in battle. His last words were that his war victims were just casualties of the Jedi's war, as he saw it.
  • Riff Tamson: Now talk about fierce. Tamson was a bold and devastating fighter, and wanted to help the Quarren separate from their longtime rivals, the Mon Calamari. A very capable underwater warrior, Tamson fought bravely for what he believed in; however, both the Quarren and Mon Cala rebelled, and Tamson was killed.
  • Mandalore the Resurrector: This Separatist is an anomaly if ever we knew one. It's now known that he was once an ARC trooper of the Republic's clone army, but he was too independent and free-thinking to feel any loyalty to the Republic, and he became the first of many clone deserters. Later, he became affiliated with the Mandalorians and resurrected the "true" ones through the Mandalorian Protectors. He and they fought for the Confederacy, and Spar, as Mandalore was once known, fought against Republic corruption with a passion. As a Mandalorian, he also hated the Jedi for their decimation of his people at the Battle of Galidraan, and felt great satisfaction when Order 66 wiped almost all of them out.
  • Mina Bonteri: Not all Separatists had a pro-war stance. This courageous human Senator of the Separatist Congress attempted to negotiate a peace treaty with the Republic, and almost succeeded. Some Separatist terrorists, however, attacked Coruscant, and the treaty was rejected. Then, there was a Republic retaliation on Raxus, Bonteri's home world, and Bonteri was killed. She still stands as a hero for peace among the more pacifist Confederates.
  • Lux Bonteri: Lux was Mina's son. He was a citizen of the Confederacy when he met Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. He convinced her to see the good side of the Separatist Alliance, and gained a willing ally for their cause.
  • Ahsoka Tano: Ahsoka was originally very closed-minded about us Separatists, like almost all Jedi have been, but when she saw that Lux Bonteri wasn't so bad a person as she thought, she secretly threw in some sympathies for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • Coppertop: Coppertop was a B1 battle droid whose battle directives were removed by Count Dooku for an unknown reason. He chose his own name, Coppertop, and started helping the wounded from both sides of the Clone Wars.

Government bodies

  • Separatist Council: Technically, these merchants did not do anything outwardly heroic, but without their corporations' servants, soldiers, and battle droids, there may not have been a proper Confederacy. Wat Tambor and his Techno Union supplied almost all of the hardware needed for the war effort. Poggle the Lesser and Geonosian Industries helped with that, too. Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation and San Hill of the InterGalactic Banking Clan financed the war, and Shu Mai of the Commerce Guild and Passel Argente of the Corporate Alliance provided extra organic soldiers and war droids to the droid army.
  • Separatist Congress: The Separatist Parliament was proof that, like the Republic, the Confederacy practiced democracy, but it was also free of being ruled by corporations, as Senator Kerch Kushi once famously said, even if some of the Senators were supplied by corporations, like Voe Atell of the Corporate Alliance. It could also be said that the Separatist Senators, being fueled by idealism rather than by money and power, had more pure motives than most Republic Senators, even those who were more pro-war. Mina Bonteri was a Senator of this Congress.

Battle droids

  • Humanoid battle droids: These daring automata were the backbone of the Separatist Droid Army. B1 battle droids overwhelmed many clone armies, and although their "chatty" behavior annoyed many Separatist commanders, many citizens found them cute and amusing. The B2 super battle droids provided much needed support to them, and the droidekas could fend off even Jedi Knights. The commando droids and aqua droids were specialists in "ninja" combat and underwater combat, respectively, and the MagnaGuards served as elite bodyguards for General Grievous and other key Confederate figures. We needed them all to win the Clone War we lost.
  • Non-humanoid battle droids: The other battle droids were no less vital to our war effort. The DSD1 dwarf spider droid and OG-9 homing spider droid of the Commerce Guild took down many clone troopers and Republic strongholds. The Hailfire droid provided by the IG Banking Clan destroyed many AT-TEs and other clone tanks. The Corporate Alliance tank droid fought alongside AATs against TX-130S fighter tanks and AT-RTs effectively. The Vulture droids, the droid tri-fighters, and the droid gunships ruled the skies in air and space battles, sometimes with the help of their buzz droids, and the Techno Union's crab droids and octuptarra droids brought a more creative means of fighting the Republic clone army.

Organic soldiers

  • Gossam, Koorivar, Geonosian, and Neimoidian: The Confederacy was not without its real troopers, too. The Gossam Commandos, the Koorivar Fusiliers, the Geonosian warriors, and the Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion were intelligent troops whose skills could even rival the Republic's clone troops. They also had their own command structure similar to the Republic Grand Army, though much smaller, especially the Koorivar Fusiliers, and Fusilier General Oro Dassyne was one of their proud fighting leaders. Some Separatist holdouts believed that we should have used more of them and less battle droids, because the droids' lack of intelligence made them easy prey for the clones.
  • Quarren Isolation League: The Quarren wanted some changes on their world. Former Republic senator Tikkes and Karkarodon warrior Riff Tamson gave them a chance to fight for their rights, and the soldiers of the League fought against clone scuba troopers, Jedi Kit Fisto, and other Jedi valiantly, but to no avail. The seatroopers of the Empire gave them worse trouble, forcing them to disband. It seems that there's no way to compete with any Force-users or their armies, light or dark.
  • Nimbus commandos and Mandalorian Protectors: These two organizations fought for their own rights. The Nimbus just wanted the Republic to leave them and their planet Jabiim alone, and the Protectors wanted to save the Mandalorian race from being "herded by the shiny democracy of the Republic". They were inspirations to other people who wanted to be freed from oppression, and have been considered heroes even by the Rebel Alliance.
  • Nosaurian resistance: Their story was a tragedy, an example of how a species that wants to survive can be wiped out by a prejudiced opposing government (albeit temporarily in the Nosaurians' case), in this case, the Empire. They wanted representation in the Galactic Senate about the subject of their rikknit eggs, their only major export, but were refused it. They joined the Separatists, who offered to buy their eggs, but the Republic army came to fight them, then the droid armies were deactivated at the end of the Clone Wars, and finally, a month afterwards, the merciless Imperial 501st Legion came, wiped out the entire army down to the very last man, rounded up their families, and without a shred of remorse, sold them into slavery for profit. Their's is just one example of how Palpatine loathed our beloved Confederacy so much that he didn't want a single Separatist in the galaxy to be alive and happy.

Behind the scenes

Some of the heroes in this roster were written to be similar to famous generals of the Confederate States of America. Dooku and, to a lesser extent, General Grievous, were like Robert E. Lee, Asajj Ventress, 4A-7, and Admiral Trench were like Stonewall Jackson, especially Trench, Lok Durd and Mar Tuuk were like JEB Stuart, and Alto Stratus and Mandalore the Resurrector were like Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Other heroes were more like the politicians, soldiers, or common citizens of the C.S.A. Viceroy Nute Gunray and Senator Mina Bonteri were a little like Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Mina's son Lux was the average Confederate citizen, Ahsoka Tano was the "Northern" convert to the "South", and the battle droids and organic soldiers alike could be seen in the same light as the average C.S.A. soldier.

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