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The CDS-1 defense system, often called the Orbital Defense Line and ODT, was a space defense system developed by Cyber Defense Systems around 16 ABY. It was first employed in the Galactic Empire, but eventually lasted until the days of the Federation of Free Planets and beyond.

Service history

While pricy, the Galactic Empire acquired several models of these when Cyber Defense Systems released them, being the first government to use them in the same year in 16 ABY. They were positioned over important planets, including Coruscant, Byss and Foron at the time. Deeming them highly effective, more were acquired by the Empire, and soon, it's successor, the Imperial Remnant.

The New Republic also purchased them after the Battle of Endor, employing them as defensive systems as well. The New Republic had been aware of the existance of these stations since long, as they were encountered long before the Battle of Yavin. However, Cybe Drives refused to deal with the Alliance to Restore the Republic at the time. The New Republic's successor, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances also utilized these. While smaller in number, they were used in several defense situations, several during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Soon, Corellia bought them to, and, eventually, the Confederation. Cybe Drives and Corellian Engineering Corporation made a deal, willing to sell the blueprints to CEC for a heavy fee. CEC was however forced not to sell the defense line to anyone outside the Confederation, which they accepted.

Almost a hundred years later, the successor of the Galactic Alliance Remnant started to deploy the defense lines again, deeming them, even for their age, quite effective. The Federation of Free Planets deployed these at Coruscant, Foron, and several other planets of high importance like Dac.

The Velcar Free Commerce Zone also deployed these for several of their planets, mostly Entralla. Through Velcar, the Imperial Confederation also started using them.

The Galactic Arbiters also acquired a few of these, for they were, while effective, costly, especially for the Arbiters. Some of these were deployed over Infamous Fallen.



Orbital Defense Line schematics.

The CDS-1 defense line was identifyable through it's wide but short structure. It also had several defense posts that were automated and would shoot any target that failed to register or registered as potential damage.

There was a also a command center central to the structure, that had space to change the targeting priorities and also sported life support for humans. A large ion cannon was also set up on the command bunker, which allowed it to disable any ship that tried to flee. There was also a bridge that connected the command bunker to the defense posts, and also allowed for movement between the defense posts.

The CDS-1 was armed with a shield enforcer on the central command bunker, which allowed it to enforce it's own shields, or could enhance the shield a shield generator would generate. Using it, the CDS-2 generator's shield would become near-impenetrable.


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