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No one must know we were here.

CC-8956, nicknamed Viktor, was a Advanced Recon Force trooper commander who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, but ended up surviving and living for many years afterwards. He was the commanding officer of the Shadow Company, a unit of ARF scout troopers. Viktor was a decorated officer, and was a veteran of many fronts. A loyal soldier, Viktor remained loyal to the Galactic Empire following Order 66 and participated in the Great Jedi Purge. As a Scout trooper in the Stormtrooper Corps, Viktor also served in the Galactic Civil War. Captured days before the Battle of Endor, he defected to the Rebel Alliance and ended up fighting for them on Endor. Thus Viktor was later part of the New Republic.

He generally had an optimistic, upbeat attitude, even when the odds were against him. Viktor also trained his men on teamwork, and reliance on their fellow comrades. His personality lifted the morale of his soldiers. What also helped was the fact that Viktor did not care about rank. Everyone was equal in his view, even himself. Viktor never put himself over his comrade soldiers.


Early lifeEdit

One of the millions of clones of Jango Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter, Viktor was born in the Timira City Military Complex on Kamino. He received basic training as standard for all troopers, and then was selected to be a covert Advanced Recon Force trooper. In addition, Viktor was also a part of the clone officer program, in which commander and captain candidates were trained by Jango himself. The training took several years, but eventually, he graduated and was given a unit of ARF troopers to command: Shadow Company.

Clone WarsEdit

Battle of UskEdit

Bogies incoming! On the sides!
—Viktor during the battle

The planet of Usk in the Outer Rim Territories was ceded to the Confederacy of Independent Systems by the Hutt Cartel, despite the strong discouragement from the Galactic Republic. The CIS occupied the world, and was backed by the pro-Separatist government. The Usk Militia helped enforce the Confederate rule on the planet onto the local populace. A division of 18,000 Republic Marines was deployed to the world in an attempt to take it back, but was repelled by the Separatist Droid Army garrison. The 3rd Systems Army, souped up to a large strength of 32 divisions, was sent to Usk.


Viktor with a rocket launcher on Usk.

Viktor was deployed with Shadow Company, as part of the 3rd Systems Army. The unit was known as shinies, clones who had not seen real combat yet. Usk was his first battleground. After landing in an occupied village, Viktor and his squadron made their way down a forest road towards the capitol city. He was ambushed by the Usk Militia, along with the regional security forces. In a short fire fight that broke out, Viktor shot several militiamen and mainly took cover behind an AT-TE walker. Using their light scout walkers, Viktor and a few Company troops were sent ahead of the vanguard to scout the defenses of the city, and to clear a path through any more militia regiments. Nothing was found, and when the main force arrived, Viktor fought in the assault on the capitol. After a few hours of fighting, the outer city was under Republic control. After that, he was part of the attack on the inner city. Viktor was one of the soldiers who stormed the Uskian palace, and helped two other troopers raise the Republic flag over the palace ruins.

Siege of ArkonEdit

Just another day.

The world of Arkon, a strategically important planet due to the fact that it's system was a junction between several important hyper lanes, had a political break down that was suspected to be the work of the Separatist intelligence department. Afterwards, the CIS came in and claimed to be "peacekeepers" trying to "restore the planet's stability" while at the same time building various installations on the planetary surface. The Republic did not allow that, and sent in a strike force to retake the world, which Viktor was part of.

Prowl (armor)

Viktor by the time of the battle.

As the Republic Navy fleet broke through the Separatist Navy blockade, Viktor and the ground forces, under command of Jedi Master Shaak Ti, landed on Arkon. The planet's premier, a warlord name Arkoda, deployed Droid Army formations as well as the Arkoni Defense League to counter the Jedi and her forces. Viktor led the clone regiments against both forces as the two armies collided several kilometers away from the landing zone. Viktor managed to kill several League defenders with his rifle, and about twice as much droids. The force of Separatists was defeated, but mainly due to Shaak Ti's quick thinking; the master used The Force to pull a cliff down onto half of the Separatist-Arkoni troops. Afterwards, the Republic liberation forces continued towards the CIS main base near the equator.

As they approached the base, the army came under fire from Separatist artillery (the Defense League entirely was pulled back to the capitol by Arkoda). Viktor and his troops managed to make it to the base nonetheless, and besieged it. While the Jedi snuck within the stronghold to open the gates, as the AT-TE cannons were not strong enough to penetrate the walls, Viktor held off the defenders, who sent out waves of Battle droids. only to be mowed down. The Master managed to get the gates open, and Viktor stormed inside with the rest of the troops. Ransacking the whole base, Viktor killed dozens of Arkoni officials and even more droids. The CIS forces in the smaller outposts were routed a little while later.

Battle of TranqorEdit

No, we never really get a break.
Battle of Muunilinst forces

The Republic and Separatist armies meet in battle on Tranqor.

After the fight on Arkon, Viktor and Shadow Company received time off the front lines, and were stationed on the Outer Rim Territories world of Tranqor. It was a small desert planet, with no special features other than three mountain ranges and a small ocean in the Southern Hemisphere. Tranqor was sparsely populated by moisture farmers and Jawas, similar to Tatooine. It was not very important, and the only reason the Republic was there was to place a listening post in the region. A CIS reconnaissance vessel deployed to inspect the system found the outpost, and reported it to their superiors.

The planet came under Separatist attack not too long afterwards. The Republic had a sizable force on the planet, several thousand strong. Shortly after the CIS began landing troops, Viktor contacted Army Command on Coruscant. A Jedi Master named Eeth Koth came with an additional five thousand troops. The droid army numbered to about nine thousand, while the clones were about at seven and a half thousand.

When the droids reached the outpost, at the base of a canyon, the troopers opened fire at them as they made their way through it. Troopers on the cliff sides fired down on them, and the droids had virtually no defense. Around three and a half thousand of them where destroyed by the time the remainder reached the base. Viktor led the charge as the second highest-ranking officer after the Jedi. He scored a personal high during the battle, killing 47 droids. Viktor also was responsible for the death of the Separatist officer leading the right flank of the assault. As the army attempted to retreat back into the canyon, the troopers on the walls came down and charged from behind, decimating the rear guard. At that point, Viktor and Shadow Company broke through their lines, and all the way back to where the new clones were attacking from. By then, the droids were defeated, and the battle over.

Battle for ZonjuEdit


Viktor in desert armor.

The world of Zonju in the Outer Rim Territories needed to be taken by the Republic. The Separatists amassed their sector armies there, and hired many pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters to help them defend the desert world from the Republic assault. Viktor and Shadow Company, along with the 451st Star Corps, were deployed under Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu.

Their first objective was to take the southern command centre, controlling all droid operations and defenses in the Southern Hemisphere of the planet. A detachment of the 451st and a platoon of the Shadow Company were sent down to the surface to take the base (since there was no CIS defense fleet to stop them). Viktor was part of the task force, and led part of the assault on the base. His men broke through the east gate, while the rest tried going through the west gate. The Company destroyed the defenses of the east side, and the west side defenders were taken by surprise when the ARF troopers were upon them.

As the last of the defenders fell to Viktor, who scored a personal best during the fight, the army on the west wall broke through and helped secure the rest of the base. Afterwards, the two Jedi generals landed at the secure base.

The army made its way north. Most of the important CIS facilities were located there. However, when Viktor scouted ahead of the vanguard, he found a large checkpoint put up by the droids. The border was a large wall made from stone of the equatorial canyons. The Separatist maritime navy even was deployed to guard the oceanic parts of the path. Viktor reported the findings, and was not at all surprised to hear that they were going to rush one of the weak points of the wall.

As Viktor and the rest approached, Vulture droids began dive bombing them. He was separated from the rest of the company in the chaos that ensued, and wandered past an unfinished section of the wall. Once realizing he was behind enemy lines, Viktor started to go to the main command centre, but was attacked by a super battle droid patrol. By that time, several other troopers made if past the wall, and joined him. Under Viktor's command, they stormed the centre. He personally executed the commanding officer of the base.

Uster Pulastra (suit)

Viktor in stealth armor during the battle.

After taking the rest of the wall, the remainder of droid forces abandoned it and fled north, to the stronghold of General Slagor, a local who was given an officer rank in the Droid Army to fight for them. The Jedi had Viktor commended, and ordered the troops to rest before moving on further.

On advice of Viktor, Mace Windu led Shadow Company through a secret system of tunnels leading under the stronghold of Slagor. While the main army advanced an besieged the fortress, Viktor, Windu, and their troops went through the tunnels and emerged in the base. Making their way to the control room, Viktor killed several droids. Once there, the Company took it over, and Windu executed Slagor after beating him in a duel. However, the main army was defeated by then, and so Viktor and the Jedi (the squad was killed by droid reinforcements) had to retreat through the tunnels. They managed to leave the world with Kenobi and several other surviving clones via stolen CIS shuttle.

Battle of MurkhanaEdit


Republic forces led by Viktor and Vill.

Vill: “I knew your idea wouldn't work . . .
Viktor: “Who's more foolish, the fool, or the one that follows him?
— Viktor to Commander Vill

The Jedi High Council wanted more progress in the Outer Rim Sieges, due to most of the current ones being in a slate meant. A joint force under Viktor, as well as CC-9779 ("Vill"), was put together to assault the world of Murkhana, which had a fairly large CIS garrison. However, both Shadow Company and Vill's unit, the 302nd Division, experienced a significant amount of victories. The Jedi believed they could pull it off.

The Republic Navy entered the system, and the unit was flown down to the surface via LAATs. However, they were dropped off in an ocean, as there were two major strongholds on the planet that needed to be taken out: one on a beach, and one under water. The Republic Maritime Fleet aided the clone units, with a flotilla of several transports, destroyers, and cruisers. Under the leadership of Viktor and Vill, the force quickly overran a small oil rig run by Separatists. Afterwards, the two commanders decided to continue on to the under water base.


Viktor (left) and Vill (right) in SCUBA trooper gear.

Several submarine transports quickly punctured the aquatic base's side walls with large pincers, which cut sideways, opening an entrance. The clones piled out, advancing through the dry dock. As they did so, Viktor ordered his men to set charges on the Separatist Oceanic Navy vessels that were docked, so they couldn't follow them later. They met resistance soon after, and retaliated by pushing from the dry docks to cargo bays. Viktor and Vill led their men well, but many perished. As they made their way through the engine room (the base was portable), Viktor had his men plant charges on those as well. After reaching the control room, the killed the command crew, including the droid captain. They fled using several small subs from the main launch bays, and set off the charges as they left. The base was destroyed, and fell to the ocean floor.

Meeting up with the main force, they hit the beach. As they landed, Viktor struggled swimming several feet to the beach as the clones around him were getting shot by the CIS coastal batteries. He made it up onto it, and took cover as destroyers bombarded the droid defenses. Their batteries were destroyed, and the troopers swarmed a surprisingly small force of droid defenders. Going further inland, they reached the base. As they found, it was guarded by a much larger army. Expecting more resistance, they formed a phalanx formation and charged through Separatist forces. By the time they reached the base entrance, most of the troopers were killed, and both Viktor as well as Vill were injured. However, they made it inside the base. Rushing through the halls and ignoring the sentries, the remaining clones killed the commanding officer, and the droids were shut down with controls found in the officer's command room.

Defense of KashyyykEdit

After Viktor's and Vill's successful defense of Murkhana, Shadow Company was assigned to the 41st Elite Corps under Jedi Grand Master Yoda. The force was sent to Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, to defend it from a large Separatist attack. Viktor was at the unit's headquarters on Coruscant at the time, and was issued a specialized set of armor with the rest of his unit for the mission.


Viktor on Kashyyyk

In the preparations, Viktor and his men were inside a Juggernaut tank. He was in the commanding officers' chair in the front cabin as the assault began. At that point, they drove at full speed to the beach while at the same time sending an array of rockets at the droid forces. However, a passing CIS gunship flew over and fired at the Juggernaut. Viktor dived out of the front cabin as the rockets struck it. The rest of the cabin crew was killed, and Viktor's legs were injured. He then moved to the back cabin, which became the new front. As the tank continued to attack the droids, several jump droids got onto the Juggernaut. After a brief confrontation, several of Viktor's mean killed them. But then, Order 66 was given.

As CC-1004 failed to kill Yoda, the Company was assigned the task of searching on their scout walkers. As they passed a downed Wookiee catamaran, Viktor ordered the squad to split up, and they eventually regrouped at the base. Viktor was pulled off of Kashyyyk after the remaining droid forces were destroyed.

Imperial PeriodEdit