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CC-7783, nicknamed Ballo, was a clone commander in the 511th Legion during the Clone Wars conflict. He fought in the Battle of Geonosis and in the Battle of Atairis.


Ballo had a hairless scalp with an ugly purple scar on one side. He had a long, untidy beard and didn't look much like a clone or his clone template, Jango Fett.


Early life

Ballo was born as a clone on the planet Kamino. He was a replica of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett and was trained while on Kamino to fight for the Republic in the oncoming Clone Wars.

Clone Wars

First Battle of Geonosis

Ballo fought in the First Battle of Geonosis, the battle that started the Clone Wars. On Genosis, he received a scar on the side of his head and hoped to repay the favour one day.

Atairis Trade Crisis

Serving as part of the 511th Legion under Bolo Artel, Ballo flew with Artel, his apprentice and a Rodian nicknamed "Doc" to the planet Atairis-Deta. The planet was in crisis, their supply lines with the Trade Federation cut off for a consequence of staying loyal to the Republic. Ballo stood by Artel as he arranged for the Republic to take the Federation's place in supplying the system with food.

Battle of Atairis

Soon after, Separatist troops landed north of the city. Ballo defended the wall with Artel and, once it had collapsed, fought at the gate leading into the city despite being grossly outnumbered. Ballo and Artel's heroic actions drove the Separatists back and saved the city. When Ki-Adi-Mundi's forced arrived, all they had to do was destroy the retreating droid forces.

Some time after the battle, Ballo was evacuated back to the Akarak, Artel's flagship that housed the entire 511th Legion. When Artel returned to the ship, Ballo met with him and discovered that the Atairis System had declared themselves for the Separatists in any case.

Personality and traits

Ballo was a rather gruff, stern figure. He was extremely loyal and determined, fighting to the end no matter the odds. He also seemed to take a grim pleasure in dispatching battle droids.


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