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The Battle of Geonosis was the true final test for us all. The simulations never prepared us for the screams, the blood, and the deaths of our brothers all around us.
—Cross, after the Battle of Geonosis

CC-7304, later referred to as Cross, was a clone Battalion Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, bred from the DNA of Jango Fett, who fathered all clones in the army. He was raised on the watery planet of Kamino in the capital of Tipoca City and trained by the Cuy'val Dar present on Kamino prior to the Clone Wars. As a cadet before the break-out of the Clone Wars, he was among the first hundreds of clones bred. Cross was selected as an officer candidate, where he was shown to have numerous leadership skills. Cross completed his training not long before the Clone Wars began, although he was shown to be more proficient in combat than leading . He was granted the rank of Battalion Commander, and sent to the reserve forces with the rest of the clones at the time.

When the Clone Wars broke out, Cross was assigned to a battalion of an unknown number to lead in the Battle of Geonosis. His Battalion was responsible for destroying a droid factory supplying the front lines with more advanced droids such as the dwarf spider droid.


Early Life

CC-7304 was among the first batch of clone troopers produced for the Grand Army of the Republic in 32 BBY. He was trained on Kamino along with the rest of the first clones to be ever produced.

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