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Sir, with the death of Senator Kharrus, are you now in command of the mission?"
Then, uh…who is?"
Representative Binks is the highest ranking person here.

—A clone trooper and Stone, after their crash-landing on Florrum

CC-5869, nicknamed Stone, was a clone trooper commander who was part of the Coruscant Guard, and also the 91st Reconnaissance Corps, in the Galactic Republic. He was a good friend of CC-1010, the CG's head commander. Stone mostly worked with Captain Crane, Fox and CC-2009, the commander of another Coruscant defense force, the 52nd Star Corps. Stone preferred killing criminals instead of taking them prisoner (except if they were a defected clone) and did that if he was alone, but he mostly worked with a squad. After Fox saved the Emperor's life, the CG's, 52nd's, and 23rd Coruscant Defense Battalion's clones' lives were extended by far. He worked with Jedi after the fall of the Republic by joining the Resistance Militia Squadron and Rebellion.


Early life

Stone was raised and trained on Kamino, like all of the other Clone troopers. He was a clone commander, but wore Phase I scout armor at first. He got ARC trooper training from Jango Fett like many other clone trooper commanders. He worked with both the Coruscant Guard and the 91st Reconnaissance Corps, being a commander in both. He was sent to the front lines of many planets.

Battle of Geonosis

Stone was first sent to Geonosis, where he scouted the droid positions and reported them to the other battalions.

Battle of Ryloth

Later, he was in the Battle of Ryloth. Stone and his squad took out the southern hemisphere's droid legions.

Crashed on Florrum

Stone with blaster drawn

Incoming! Form a circle!
—Stone, during the pirates' attack

Around 21 BBY, the Weequay pirate leader Hondo Ohnaka captured Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and demanded a ransom of one million credits in the form of spice from the Republic in exchange for the Count. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine subsequently dispatched Senator Kharrus and Representative Jar Jar Binks, under escort by Stone and some of his troopers, to deliver the ransom to Ohnaka's headquarters on Florrum. After arriving in a Nu-class attack shuttle in the atmosphere of Florrum, Kharrus contacted the Chancellor and informed him of the progress of the mission before buckling up for the landing. However, Turk Falso, a member of Ohnaka's gang, betrayed Ohnaka and ordered fellow pirate Barb Mentir to shoot down the Republic ship so that they could take the spice for themselves. Mentir, in a Flarestar-class vessel, managed to shoot down the Republic shuttle. The shuttle crashed into the Doshar fields, and the impact killed both of the shuttle's clone pilots and Kharrus, leaving Binks as the highest-ranking officer and therefore commander of the group. While Binks buried the dead Senator, two of Stone's troopers tried to repair the shuttle's homing beacon in order to contact the galactic capital Coruscant but were unable to make it work. Shortly thereafter, Binks spotted Falso and several fellow pirates approaching on swoop bikes, and while Stone believed that the pirates would try to negotiate the ransom, the pirates attacked the clone troopers. Stone ordered his troops into a defensive circle, and the pirates cut the clones off from their crashed ship. Outnumbered, Stone, Binks, and their troops retreated into one of the surrounding acid geysers.

Serving under a Gungan

Stone with Binks on Florrum

He's probably gonna get himself killed."
Don't worry. He's smarter than he looks.

—A trooper and Stone, on Binks

During their stay in the geyser, Binks discovered that the planet's native skalders were able to detect the geysers' bursts of acid. After the pirates left, Stone and the group returned to the shuttle, only to find that the spice had been stolen by Falso. While Stone proposed that they wait for a rescue party to arrive before doing anything else, Binks insisted on pursuing the pirates using the skalders as mounts, which the group did. The clones soon caught up to the pirates ahead and managed to kill most of them in the ensuing firefight. After recovering the spice, one of Stone's troopers scanned the landscape with macrobinoculars for the pirate base. When the group sighted some energy lines, Stone decided to follow them in order to find the base. Along the way, Binks spotted several pirate tanks, and the group quickly halted and took cover. Stone then sent Binks to "negotiate" with the pirates who were piloting the tanks. While speaking with the pirates, Binks climbed up onto one of the tanks and accidentally drove the vehicle into an energy line, collapsing it. In the ensuing chaos, Stone saved Binks by stopping a pirate from shooting him, before congratulating Binks on his "success." The clones managed to capture all of the tanks and proceeded to the enemy base.

Stone holds a Weequay pirate at gunpoint

Stone, Binks, and the troopers arrived at the pirate base just in time to find Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi—who had been sent earlier to Florrum and had just escaped captivity from Ohnaka, who had attempted to ransom them to the Republic—holding Ohnaka at lightsaber point. Kenobi ordered Stone to power up the engines of the Twilight, the Jedi's ship, while Kenobi released Ohnaka and told him that he held no grudge against him in spite of his crimes against them. Because Dooku had escaped, Stone, his troopers, Binks and the two Jedi left Florrum in the Twilight with their retrieved spice ransom.

Transporting a Senator

Stone and Fil fighting off battle droids

Right after the events on Florrum, Stone was tasked with the injured Commander Fil to transport Senator Padme Amidala to Coruscant with vital data. Right when the senator told Stone to get some rest, their sensors picked up a Separatist Flagship incoming. Stone ordered two guards to escort the senator to the saferoom and he went to go wake up Commander Fil. He handed him a standard DC-15 blaster and hurried their way to the airlock where the droids were boarding. Stone noticed that many men were getting shot down and there was not a lot of men in the Republic Frigate to begin with. He also took notice that some droids were falling back, yet going further into the frigate. After the clone commander told some clones to go after them, another clone named Will told Stone that Padme never made it to the saferoom. This drew curiosity and decided he should investigate alone. When he got to the saferoom, he did indeed see Padme and only one security guard still standing. He was utmost confused and decided to needed to have a quick chat with Willy when it was all over.

After Order 66

The war is over, Stone. We have lost.
—Rex telling Stone about the results of the Jedi Purge

When Order 66 first commenced, Stone was on a mission in the deep levels of Coruscant, taking over for Fox with reasons unknown. Suddenly, a battle broke out just yards away from where the shock trooper commander was at. He ordered his sergeant to go and investigate but he did not reply; instead of Stone getting a response from his sergeant, he looked at hidden Jedi falling at the hands of his clone brethren. Once more gunships arrived, Stone had to retreat but was greeted by Captain Rex, telling him that the Clone War was over and they had lost.

Resistance Militia Squadron

Stone in the Naboo base

Now a part of the Resistance Militia Squadron, a force from the disbanded Republic, Commander Stone was stationed on Naboo with buddy Captain Crane. Out of the blue, an embedded transmission came from one of their outposts on Naboo from Captain Shale, saying that the Empire was building some sort of super-base. Stone suggested that they could be in for an impending attack. Then, a shuttle craft mysteriously landed right in front of their base and alarmed attention. Stone and Crane both went outside and noticed that it was Princess Leia with her bodyguards. Surprised to see her, they welcomed Princess Leia and allowed her inside to tell them about her news that must had been hand delivered by her personally. Something sparked more attention as the power went out right before the princess could say what she wanted to say to them. A clone shock trooper named Bly volunteered to go down to the basement and check on the generators. What he found was something utmost sinister and vile - one of his compatriots had been nailed to the wall. Stone went down there and noticed Bly and that other R.M.S. trooper close to one another. Crane ordered three soldiers (Blue, Phantom, and Ember) to fix those generators that never powered up to begin with. Soon enough, a traitor emerged and knocked Ember to the ground which caused Blue to panic and head back upstairs where she met with Crane and Stone. She tried to tell her who that traitor was but got gunned down.

Crane headed downstairs and noticed that the two R.M.S. troopers were gone. Stone finally got downstairs only to be held at gunpoint by Captain Shale himself. Stone tried to reason with him until Crane pulled the trigger of his 300 Winchester Magnum, sending Shale to oblivion. It was time for them to go back upstairs and noticed that Shale had given away their location to the Empire and Princess Leia was gone as well. Crane noticed that Stone still couldn't kill his own men. A bulb popped inside Stone's system and he jumped out in front of stormtroopers, pretending that he was captured by the Resistance Militia Squadron, whilst making questions rise for the survivors of the Imperial attack.

Behind Enemy Lines

The stormtrooper commander that picked up Stone was known as Commander Bly, which sparked something inside of Stone's system, thinking about his lieutenant back on Naboo. They landed on Coruscant and was greeted by Commander Fox. He mentioned that they will be on an assignment together - infiltrating the Jedi Temple to see if any threats were lurking in there. He saddled up with Typhuss and a bunch of other stormtroopers. When they got there, Stone heard something over the comms system about Princess Leia. That triggered something inside again which forced others to keep a sharp eye on him. The very next day, they moved out to a disturbance on Ryloth with Correlians terrorists. He shook his head to the fact that they were just normal people who defied the Empire. Fox noticed this and confronted him using one of his pistols. Fox threatened Stone multiple times while Stone tried to convince Fox to not do anything rash. Suddenly, a shot went off from the distance and an all out fight ensued. Commander Blitz and Patrick Rahr tracked down Stone with the help from Crane and Stone's beacon. Fox battled Stone with one fist to the other and ended up losing. Blitz greeted Stone with Patrick Rahr. But the R.M.S. had another mission to complete - find the princess.

Rescuing the Princess

This is our fight. All of us.

After receiving a ransom note form Darth Maul over an embedded message, General Clasina and Commander Stone formed a plan of foray against Maul. They rounded everybody up in a meeting in the main war room and looked for volunteers. Some of the Resistance Militia Squadron's members weren't so fond of this plan but they had their reasons. It was time to go and while walking out, Stone noticed Crane walking with a cane due to the results of last battle. They had a slight disagreement so Stone eventually gave in and Crane was a part of the rescue party. Stone offered for Crane to take out the main entrance guards one by one but Clasina had a different plan. But while trying to move in, a mine went off in the field, injuring both Clasina and an R.M.S. trooper named Spike. Stone was right next to her when it happened and determined that Clasina's arm was dislocated. Stone helped Clasina get up and they returned to camp, all they needed to do was climb a short mountain to get there. Clasina force pushed Stone to safety before running off, leaving a confused and caring Stone behind. Clasina battled Maul inside his base but then Rahr swooped in, kicking Maul and he went flying back. Stone entered and ordered everyone to search that base. Captain Ranger reported to Stone that he went through every single documented file there was and not trace of any prisoners had been there.

When they got back to base, condemnation flew through the air. Back to back arguments with people pointing fingers occurred until Stone made it cease. Later on that day, Clasina chatted privately with Stone who felt guilty and bad for Bail Organa, who she was having the commotion with. She admitted to having an affair with clone captain Chev and she left outside her quarters. Stone decided to pay a visit to Chev in Chev's room. Chev had a defensive attitude until Ranger said he heard commotion and that was the end of that. Major Johnson held a meeting in the war room and told everyone that an anonymous tip led them to believe that Darth Night had been keeping Leia hostage. A trooper named Docks hated this situation which made Stone reveal who that person giving the tip could've been. That forced everyone to saddle up and head on out. Once they've finally reached Night's base, Night confronted them. A whole firefight ensued which made the R.M.S. split up to find cover. Stone (who was behind cover with Chev) mentioned that he still could not kill his former brethren but Chev could not care less. Ranger and Senator Organa raced inside to the detention center and at long last found Princess Leia. Meanwhile, Stone also entered with Chev hot on his tail in a small bridge that led to the basement, stories down. Chev spotted a stormtrooper with a rocket launcher yet kept his mouth shut. He discharged a rocket at Stone and messed up the entire railing and Stone was hanging on by a thread. Chev shot down that stormtrooper and refused to help Stone, who was about to fall. Chev had left but Rahr came in just in time to save the Coruscant commander. They hurried back to the room where Rahr and Clasina fought with Darth Night, who had disappeared. Stone saw Chev and ordered Rahr to go after him and saw a dead Clasina on the floor. He mourned her and admitted to not killing Fox, even though they all believed he was permanently dealt with. But there was a greater adversary that needed to be dealt with... and he was about to show himself.

The Dictator

Stone and Lieutenant Bly outside Night's base

Rahr got to meet Clyde Burrell, who was the greater adversary and was beating Chev to a pulp with his physical darksaber. Stone caught up to them and shot at Clyde's leg but blocked it. Captain Crane soon appeared out of nowhere and tried to blast Burrell with no hesitation. Stone witnessed his friend get battered with Clyde's baseball bat-like darksaber. He stopped him. They were imprisoned in holding cells by the overlord's stormtroopers. Burrell used his charisma to persuade every last one of Darth Night's stormtroopers to join in his own little game in the Galactic Civil War. When they were released to go fetch whatever the stormtroopers and Burrell want, Docks stepped forward and swore his allegiance to him. Taken by surprise, he challenged Docks and Stone in a brawl in his arena to make Docks prove himself to be worthy. Stone did a finger signal on the top part of his leg, secretly from others except for Rahr and Ranger. They were all prepped and ready to fight in the arena; Docks threw first punch. This knocked Stone down but got right back up again. He tried to convince Docks to rejoin the Resistance Militia Squadron but that did nothing to persuade him. Suddenly, a shot came from a high deck that almost hit Clyde in the head- it was Captain Ranger. Stone ran out of harm's way and issued for Rahr to hit the supreme leader.

Captain Crane entered with his reclaimed 300 Winchester Magnum bolt action rifle and began to fire upon Docks, who he eventually hit. Stone and Docks eyed each other right before Stone left Docks to die in physical pain and mental agony. Ranger missed that shot to kill Burrell before was due to a stormtrooper distracting him. That stormtrooper got an advantage and aimed his gun at Ranger until he heard Stone cock a gun of his own. Ranger laughed and commenced to jab his blaster right in the face of that stormtrooper multiple times. Meanwhile, Princess Leia and a still wounded Bail Organa encountered the return of Darth Night, who mysteriously killed on of his former men. Questioning his decision, they heard Clyde Burrell coming and Night volunteered to hold him off while they escape. The Organas entered a medical room where they met with Commander Stone and Captain Ranger, where an altercation between the captain and princess occurred. Stone ceased the confrontation. Then they heard the footsteps of Clyde Burrell, who escaped from the once dreaded Darth Night. Patrick Rahr intervened and battled Clyde as the rest saw tiny pebbles fall from the ceiling and felt a slight rumbling in the ground. It was R.M.S. reinforcements. It was led by Commander Blitz and Lieutenant Bly, along with an ARC trooper named Daft, who blew Clyde into smithereens. Rahr activated a self-destruct code inside Night's former base while Ranger evacuated other civilians that suffered the same fate some of the R.M.S. squad did from Clyde. Bail and Leia made a speech when everyone was safe back at homebase about a Rebellion being born.

Encounter with Ponds

I lost a friend today, yes. But another has returned to me.
—Stone to Ponds

Long lost Commander Ponds, who was under the devious mindship of Aurra Sing, commenced to commit attacks galaxy-wide. Right after the horrific events with the supreme overlord at Darth Night's base, the Rebellion picked up a strange message from Ponds who was not aware that the Clone War had ended. Stone explained that that was indeed Ponds, but speculated that he was dead. They tracked the coordinates and arrived to see a dummy that was meant to look like Ponds. After the evidence that Ponds was indeed alive, the Rebellion held a high council meeting on Onderaan. There were multiple verbally hostile arguments. Commander Stone made a statement that the once lost clone commander was commiting those acts of violence that got Blitz killed on Kamino. Bail Organa soon came in and made a speech regarding himself and all clones on how they were not expendable. Ponds' next target was the main Rebellion base which lay on Onderaan. He fought with Captain Crane until Crane was ultimatley dispatched by Coach, Sing's assistant. Ponds moved in just before Stone exited the main base and had a one on one talk with him. He showed Ponds his scar from surgery of removing his inhibitor chip. That was what made Aurra Sing fly Slave I into the base and everyone dashed for cover. She threw a posi-charged bolo tie at Stone's ankles which forced him to get in shock. She jumped on Ponds and taunted him for a while. That was continuous before Ponds activated his gravity containment field on his belt, which made Aurra float in mid-air. She was once and for all defeated and Ponds went over to Stone to remove those bolos and they had yet another chat. Stone bottled up sadness inside his system after he heard the news of Crane's death, but was happy that Ponds had returned.

Skirmish on Carlac

On the remote planet of Carlac lay a village of the Death Watch and a base of the Rebellion. Out of the blue, a native worm infected a major named Bosnorth and made the squad in the base desperate for help. Captain Carg led an expedition to seek help from the Death Watch as the newly joined Commander Ponds stayed behind to see if they could get some reinforcements. Stone arrived with Captain Rex and Patrick Rahr to a sleeping Ponds. They road AT-RT's in the freezing cold to the squad's last known location. All out war broke out with treacherous Death Watch members and the rebels. Soon after, the rebels won, yet if they were seen even near the Death Watch village, it would automatically declare war.

After the Battle of Yavin

Battle of Ryloth

Stone standing at attention

Princess Leia and Senior Commander Stone organized a meeting for the high officials of the Rebellion. They hacked a transmission of leader of the newly reborn Empire, Major Scrape, but then it stopped transmitting. Suddenly, Luke Skywalker arrived all battle-scarred due to the First Order. Han Solo said that he was going to go to Luke's last known positon and get justice, but Stone denied; stating that since there was an old clone trooper involved, it should be a clone matter. Han disobeyed and let him and Chewbacca go out on a First Order expedition. Ponds later came to their assist. Once the returned, Stone cornered Solo. He lectured him, thoroughly. Soon enough, a First Order task force invaded their base and the rebels had to retreat. Stone said they needed to regroup at Kashyyyk. They were met by Quinlan Vos. After regrouping was finished, they all headed for Ryloth where Scrape and his army set up their capitol. Stone implied to Scrape in person that his crimes against humanity were unforgivable. A clone sergeant named Wesson stepped up behind Scrape and admitted he was a traitor and that was when Stone ordered the attack. Wesson tackled Scrape which forced him to fall off of his balcony. Stone followed him back inside of his capitol. Wesson had secretly implanted active detonators in the basement and gave the senior commander the trigger. He pulled the trigger and the building soon came down, leaving Scrape and Stone to be presumed dead.

Rebel Internal Conflict

With Stone presumed dead and Wesson joining the Rebellion, there was basically civil war within the affiliation. Stone secretly was alive and migrated to Naboo to be a farmer and to domesticate animals. Ponds never believed he was dead so he did some research and found an online article entitled "Local Farmer Resembles Republic Trooper". He traveled there immediately and found Stone alive. It took a while, but he finally convinced Stone to return to the Rebellion and just in time to capture and imprison survivor of the previous battle, Major Scrape.

The Yuuzhan Vong

The dangerous Yuuzhan Vong had begun their attacks throughout the galaxy. One of their main attacks was at a Rebel base on Yavin 4. Stone was one of the arriving reinforcements, but a lot of lives were lost.

The Hindrance Chip

After a deadly defeat on Kamino, Stone rushed a mentally injured Commander Ponds on a Star Cruiser to the medical bay. While Colly was performing an advanced surgery on Ponds with Rahr watching, Stone and other officials of the New Republic and an argument soon broke out. A little afterwards, gunshots could had been heard with Colly and Colonel Pliers where Colly had been semi-injured. Stone interrogated Colly, who had finished performing the surgery on Ponds, and had also found a sort of chip inside Ponds' brain. Pliers grabbed it out of Colly's belt and Stone gently removed it from Pliers. Examining it, Stone realized that all clone troopers have this chip inside of them. Suddenly, the senior clone commander felt dizziness and eventually collapsed with an unknown status. He was rushed to medbay, where Ponds finally woke up. He noticed Stone laying unconscious and pre-mourned him. Rahr told Ponds that he had a vision that will help them resolve the hindrance chip problem so they, along with a new recruit, Cougar Stanton, went to Coruscant to help Stone before it is too late.

Armor and equipment

Stone's red/brown armor was covered in CG symbols and emblems. It was customarily designed. Stone used scout armor on scouting missions when he worked for the 91st, and sometimes in the Coruscant Guard. His weapon's include dual DC-17 blaster pistols, DC-15 blaster rifle and thermal detonators. He had several things in his belt, such as a medpack, grapple gun and spare ammunition. He has a comlink and a life-form scanner. His helmet has night vision so it can operate in dark places.

Personality and traits

Stone in full armor

I suggest we stay here and wait for the Republic to send a rescue party.

Although Commander Stone found the idea of taking orders from Jar Jar Binks to be ridiculous, he nevertheless followed the chain of command. Despite being very skeptical about Binks's leadership abilities, he recognized the Gungan's skills during the mission and saved his life twice. After their shuttle crashed on Florrum, Stone remained rather passive, preferring to wait for a rescue party instead of following the pirates in pursuit of the stolen spice ransom, but he nevertheless set out with Binks and his men to go after the pirates. Stone obeyed the orders given to him, regardless of whether they came from Binks or General Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Commander was recognizable by a tattoo on the left side of his forehead, which resembled the number "58." In combat, he wore Phase I clone trooper armor painted in the red colors of his unit, the Coruscant Guard. During the mission to Florrum, he was equipped with two DC-17 blaster pistols. Stone was trained in armed and unarmed combat and recon and military tactics, and he was able to utilize a jetpack. He also used a DC-15S blaster during the war.


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