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CC-5679, better known as "Frenken" was a clone trooper commander of the 256th Battalion who served under Jedi Knight Alisa Lyniko during the Clone Wars. Having fought by her side since Geonosis, the Jedi and Clone had a strong connection. This bond was to break, as Lyniko felt a disturbance in the Force whilst performing maintenance in the Engine Room. Frenken had received Order 66 from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and ordered his forces to execute his former commanding officer.

As Alisa fought her way to the hanger bay, Frenken moved to control the hanger bay to prevent her escape and evacuate his forces from the sabotaged ship. However, Alisa arrived sooner then expected, and the Commander was cut down whilst fighting her.

Personality and Traits

Frenken was a loyal clone and a good friend, yet even that couldn't prevent him from following Order 66. Ruthlessly efficient, he was able to mount a almost successful execution of Alisa Lyniko, almost preventing her escape. Even whilst under the control of the brain chip, Frenken showed a level of care for others, particularly his clone subordinates, attempting to escape the doomed Dauntless with a large portion of his forces.

Frenken was skilled with DC-17's, and was rather acrobatic, able to leap around the hanger bay of the Dauntless to evade Lyniko's strikes.


Frenken wore maroon-coloured phase II clone trooper armour, along with a pauldron and kama. Frenken used dual DC-17 blaster pistols in combat during the Clone Wars.


Behind the scenes

Frenken's birth number, 5679, is a reference to the song "Mushrooom Prison Blues" by Zoey Proasheck, in which Zoey messes up her count-up. and says 9 instead of 8 multiple times.

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