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Move it, troopers! On the double... fire!
—Blitz commanding arf troopers to commence fire on a tridant drill
Blitz was an ARC trooper commander who served in Rancor Battalion during the Clone Wars. After Rancor Battalion was called back to Kamino, Blitz worked alongside ARC troopers Colt and Havoc in evaluating clone cadets' final stage of training to see if they had the potential to become ARC troopers. Blitz later fought in the Third Battle of Kamino and was one of the two ARCs, the other being ARC trooper Hammer, to survive the battle. He was stationed on Kamino when Ponds, who was under the impression that Blitz killed Mace Windu, infiltrated the base. Blitz was then shot down by Coach, a person working with Ponds.


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