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CC-2784: “How did he get his nickname?
CC-8735: “You don't want to know…
―ARF troopers "Stones" and "Vultrue" discussing Cleaver's nickname

CC-4516, nicknamed "Cleaver," was a Human male clone Advanced Recon Force trooper lieutenant who served the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In 20 BBY he successfully killed a Separatist informant on the planet Jandur, where he commanded a Republic garrison of ARF troopers along with Jedi Master Goroth Hekalv and his apprentice Lydia Bale, whom he took orders from. In 19 BBY, a Separatist strike force attacked the garrison on Jandur. Cleaver, along with Hekalv, led the defense of Jandur. In the closing stages, Palpatine commissioned Order 66 to be carried out. Cleaver tried to kill Hekalv and Lydia, but was decapitated by Hekalv, who distracted the clones long enough for Lydia to escape.


Siege of BoluEdit

Like almost all clone troopers, CC-4516 was born and raised on Kamino. Around 20 BBY, CC-4516 was deployed with Jedi Master Goroth Heklav and his apprentice Lydia to take over a Separatist fort on the planet Jandur. The fort housed a mine, where large quantities of metal were found. Generals of the Republic theorized that more weapons, craft and other war materials could be made in larger batches for the side that possessed the mine. The Republic's forces had, to that point, failed to breach the fortress and their lines were being depleted. Hekalv assumed that a spy had infiltrated the Republic's ranks and tasked CC-4516 to find the spy.

CC-4516 and two other ARF troopers went to monitor the Separatists' outer wall. They soon tracked down the radio signal, which led to a local Gran farmer named Jarko Cees. CC-4516 quickly found the Gran, who begged for mercy, but the clone cut the Gran into pieces with a machete. After Cees' demise, Heklav successfully led the clone strike force in securing the fort. CC-4516 was appointed leader of the garrison along with Hekalv. Soon afterwards CC-4516 was dubbed "Cleaver" due to him killing Cees by cutting him up.


In 19 BBY, during the final stages of the Clone Wars, Separatist forces attacked Jandur again. The strike force was led by the Nelvaanian Separatist general Do'orva. Do'orva had heard of the Separatists' defeat a year ago, and decided to pound the garrison's walls with heavy cannons. Do'orvas force was only engaging the clones that manned the turrets and the thick wall that separated them from the occupants inside. Eventually the cannons tore apart the wall, and a wave of battle droids invaded the fort, only to find it empty. The droids were subsequently gunned down by the clone snipers on the turrets, before being fired at with turret heavy cannons. Cleaver then ordered his troops out of the mines, where they shot at the droids that appeared in their sights. Lydia performed a mind trick on Do'ovra, which caused him to direct his fire on his own troops. Soon the Separatist gun line was in chaos. Heklav attacked the battle droids, slicing them apart with his lightsaber.

Eventually it was Cleaver and Hekalv who captured Do'orva as he tried to escape the battlefield. When the battle was almost over, Cleaver received a transmission from the Chancellor, ordering the clones to kill the Jedi. Unfortunately for Cleaver, Hekalv anticipated the betrayal and proceeded to kill some of the clones. While it appeared that he was trying to save his own skin, Heklav was in fact providing a distraction for Lydia's escape. Cleaver was decapitated moments before Hekalv was shot by the surviving clone troopers.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hekalv, Lydia and most of the clones under Cleavers command, considered Cleaver as being one of the most brutal clones in the galaxy. His reputation as a cold–blooded killer was well–known among the clones he commanded as well as senior officers in the Republic. Desperate for the approval of his peers, Cleaver was loyal to the Republic and to the Jedi. Although, like many clone commanders, he placed the will of the Supreme Chancellor above those of his Jedi superiors. Cleaver favored the mohawk hairstyle.


Cleaver wore standard ARF armor, a pauldron and kama. Cleaver's armor had dark red markings on the helmet, as well as being mildly camouflaged. His pauldon was patterned with a bone color, as was his kama. He wielded a machete, and a DC-15S blaster. Cleaver's mechete had the words "For the Republic!" carved onto it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dog of War had originally intended Cleaver to be a one off clone character. However, like the characters Lydia Bale and Goroth Hekalv, Cleaver found his way into Dog of War’s fan works. Dog of War plans to use Cleaver in one of his Galaxy Exiles books, as a flashback for Lydia.