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I was assigned with a special Jedi general who was always on his feet. Never backed down from a fight, yet, never made one.
—Fil on Kit Fisto

CC-3714, nicknamed "Fil," was a veteran clone trooper commander in the Grand Army of the Republic who was assigned to recently promoted Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb during the Clone Wars. In 22 BBY, he led a squad of clone troopers on a mission to the third moon of Vassek, in the Outer Rim Territories. Accompanied by Vebb and Jedi Master Kit Fisto, the group searched for Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, who had been recently freed from Republic captivity. Later on when the Resistance Militia Squadron was active, Fil retired but was convinced to join the newly born Rebellion. He sacrificed himself during the battle of Ryloth in 6 ABY.



Fil, like all clones, was a part of a former clone cadet squadron who was supervised by ARC trooper captain Carg. Fil was the most determined out of all of his fellow squad members when they were cadets, always wanting to rush in head first. Carg did not admire that and when Fil tried to act out his own tactic without letting his squad know first, Carg forced him to do fifty reps and race around the Citadel challenge area for one solar hour. Once Commander Fil's training was complete, he was immediately and directly sent to Kit Fisto, who did admire him gratefully. Before long, Fil was promoted to the rank of Commander.

The Moon of Vassek

We specialize in making entrances.

Fil on the moon of Vassek

Kit Fisto arrived on the moon of Vassek and met up with Fil in order to hunt down and capture Separatist Vicerory Nute Gunray. Having discovered a door, Fil suggested that they just flat out blow it up but the Jedi general wanted to take a closer look, and it paid off. Fil implied that their scanners were at a negative until a beastly noise screeched from afar. Once the squad all entered a room where they thought the viceroy would be protected at, they figured out that it was just a holographic projection of him. Count Dooku abruptly appeared on the same projector and lured them into a trap, picking off Fil's company one by one by General Grievous. When the remaining troopers thought all was safe, a holographic message came up randomly in front of a security camera and Fil and the others stopped to listen Grievous mock them. Then all of a sudden, a trap door opened and the sergeant along with the commander were near death until Fil used his extension cable to pull himself back up. Unfortunately for his sergeant, he fell into the pit of hot gases and his body dissipated. All who was left was only the three of them and then Gor entered, Grievous's pet. Fil shot him a couple of times but it only did so much damage and ended up injuring him with its tail severely. Feeling sorrow, Kit Fisto sliced up Gor yet knew they had to keep moving. Grievous managed to deceive the two Jedi and ended up shooting Nahdar Vebb... and Kit Fisto lay down with the lifeless body of his padawan. Kit called in his astromech droid to pick him and Fil up, they barely got out alive.

Tracking Ponds

On Kamino, Fil was stationed their with ARC Commander Blitz. In 2 BBY, a rogue clone trooper, thought to be dead, named Ponds was under the impression that all clone troopers (even a part of the Rebellion) were corrupt due to the inhibitor chip malfunction. Under the command of Aurra Sing, Ponds was ordered to execute all living targets but Coach, Aurra's right hand man did instead. He executed Blitz, leaving a furious Fil behind. On behalf of the Rebellion base on Kamino, Fil stood in as acting representative of that department in a meeting with high officials. Commander Fil insisted that they would either kill Ponds on sight or take him in custody. His opinion was supported by Captain Carg.

Skirmish on Carlac

Ponds: “Okay, I know what all of you are thinking, but I have absolutely nothing to do with this. Not at all.
Fil: “Yeah, we'll see about that.
―Fil to Ponds after they battle an infected Bosnorth

On the snowy planet of Carlac, the Death Watch implant a deadly worm that causes viruses in a Rebel base to lure them into a trap. Fil was obviously against the whole idea to have Ponds working with them, despite Captain Carg's orders. Nevertheless, he obeyed his superior officer and friend until they wound up having a confrontation right before the Death Watch could pull their trap on them, trying to find the Blue Quartz. Fil reacted in a hostile manner which ended up getting Timin killed and him with binders on. Soon enough, Ponds (who stayed back at base) contacted reinforcements. Princess Leia, over hologram, wanted to negotiate peace but that ended in a brawl between the Rebellion and Death Watch. After the battle, the Rebellion won.

Battle of Ryloth

The First Order was a new Empire that had plans to take over Ryloth. Fil was one of the high officials at a meeting on Dantooine that uncovered an intercepted transmission from the First Order leader, Major Scrape. Then, their base quickly became under attack by a First Order garrison. Fil and the others retreated to Kashyyyk for reinforcements. Fil decided to go over to Sector Commander Ponds to apologize for his behavior on Carlac. Ponds asked Fil why, but Fil walked away. When the big battle was upon the two parties, Fil had an idea as the next wave of stormtroopers approached. He ordered a pilot to drop missiles at his location as he approached the new wave of stormtroopers. The missiles were a direct hit, but took Fil along with the stormtroopers.

Personality and Traits

Fil, standing at attention

Commander Fil was utmost determined and expressed multiple sides of his ambition to the group on Vassek in tracking down Nute Gunray. He could also sniff out a trap whenever there was one, especially in the lair of General Grievous, but they took the chance anyway. Asserting more of his determination, the veteran clone trooper commander felt the slight urge to blow up the main entrance of the hidden lair, but Fisto quickly denied his suggestion to do so. Fil was efficient in warfare means. In other words, he would simply and quickly act in any time of desperate situation and mission he was already consisted of. Although Carg was sometimes angry at Fil, they formed a unique bond at the end of Fil's clone cadet training and have been friends ever since.


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