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CC-3030, also known as Massiff, was a clone commander of the Clone Army of the Republic. He was created on Chandor Prime after being cloned from an unknown Mandalorian template that the cloners on Chandor had contracted. He served under the 11th Army, usually under Jedi Council members like Yoder Gree, Ike Carcharias and Scott Borek. He was a co-commander of the 340th Combat Team and the 30th Armored Division. He was named "Massiff" because he served under under the 11th Army, which served directly under the control of the Jedi Order and would help guard the Jedi chambers on Polis Massa and Coruscant; a Massiff was a well-known guard and attack creature. He frequently coordinated defense forces on the Republic capitals and, besides the 1st army, conducted the most sieges and invasions.

Massiff was known to be extremely loyal to his troops, even to the point of risking his own life to bring them back safely. He took it as a personal attack if anyone challenged his commitment to his troops and even if someone reprimanded him for his recklessness; this even applied to his commanding officers. He also expected the same sort of loyalty out his men that he gave to them. He remained steadfastly loyal to the Jedi Order, especially his commanders from the Order, seeing them as the ultimate leaders and soldiers.

He took extreme pride in his role as the commander of the army that protects the Jedi Order, the last beacon of hope to many citizens in the Republic. He chose burgundy red, the colors of the Republic/Jedi Order, over the blue that CC-3023 utilized as his army's primary armor paint scheme, because of its role in the Republic military..

Behind the scenes

Massiff was represented by images of the Star Wars clone commander Deviss and the Clone Shock Troopers, both of which wore red painted Phase II clone trooper armor kits.

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