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CC-2223, or Trips, was a male clone commander pilot from the Chandor Prime system. He was based on an unknown Mandalorian warrior template that was contracted by the cloners on Chandor. He served under the a Jedi Council member usually, Dug Anguis or Pup Kickto. He was the clone commander of the Home Defense Fleet and requested to be paired with the Clone Army commander CC-3023 during invasions and planetary defense. He was nicknamed Trips which meant "three" in Galactic Basic Standard.

He, like all the clones, was bred with a sense of extreme loyalty to the Republic. Unlike his fellow commander Deuce, he trusted the Republic government and was more loyal to the Republic government than the Jedi. He did not harbor the guilt or the obligation to remain unswerving in his loyalty to the Jedi.

Behind the scenes

Trips is a term in poker for three of one type of card, (e.g. Trips Aces, Trips Jacks, etc.). It is used as a term in American football, which uses card game terms for play formations.

The appearance of Trips is based on clone commander pilot Odd Ball, a commander of the canon Republic Navy.

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