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CC-2202, or Commander Deuce, was a clone commander from the Chandor Prime system. He was based off an unknown Mandalorian warrior template that was contracted by the cloners on Chandor. He was a commander for the Republic military and helped command the 300th Flight Battalion and the 23rd Armed Rangers. As a part of the 1st Expeditionary Army he was under the command of a Jedi, usually Scott Borek, or Yoder Gree. He was nicknamed Deuce because the last number in his designation was the number two. His primary armor kit was that of the forest camouflage print. His battalion saw the most action during the Star Wars because it was used as the main invasion force against the Imperium, and did not serve one stint as the Home Defense force.

He was loyal to his Jedi commanders above all else, a trait that came to be because of the Jedi's insistence to have the clone commanders be more individualistic and free-thinking. He viewed that action as a favor that he could never repay and vowed to remain loyal to them no matter the circumstances, until his death or discharge. He developed a friendship with Scott Borek, but grew suspicious of the Jedi's comrades in the political realm of the Republic.

Behind the scenes

Deuce's appearance was temporarily based on the Phase II Scout Trooper camouflage armor seen at the Battle of Kashyyyk. His final appearance is based on the armor that clone commander Gree wore during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

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