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The 21st takes care of it's own.

CC-2/1-3451 or also known as Ja'la'ak, was a Clone Commander who lived during The Clone Wars.He was the Leader of The 21st Infantry Division. He served under Jedi Knight Ben Ralida.  .

In 19 BBY days after Order 66, he assumed leadership of Clan Waldian.


Training on Kamino

CC-2/2-3451 was born on Kamino in 32 BBY, and was one of the millions of Clones of The Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. He was the pod brother of CC-21-9154..At a young age CC-2/1-3451 was chosen ,for the officer training program. Later in 23 BBY he joined  a Clone Training Squad, named Echo Squad. Later when Echo Squad had Completed their training, they were sent to Geonosis to rescue the  Jedi Strike Team.

The Clone Wars

Personality and traits

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