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It actually happened a few years ago. Kann pulled my body out of the wreckage of the First Order capitol. I was so bent out of shape. He took me back to wherever and used his powers to rehabilitate me. Man, it took so much energy out of him. He wanted to do the same with other brothers. But, with only a limited amount of energy that he had, the troopers you saw in the Miman Caverns were malformed. I was one of the only ones with a stable brain.
—Ranger, explaining his return

CC-1992, a.k.a. Ranger, was a clone trooper captain a part of the Special Forces Brigade of the Grand Army of the Republic. Later on the Galactic War, Ranger joined the Resistance Militia Squadron. The Special Forces Brigade, back in the Clone War, was a specialized subgroup formed from advanced clone troopers who knew how to use high-tech equipment. They were placed in many battle situations, especially ones on desert planets.



The infamous Jango Fett knew exactly what to do with Captain Ranger - force him to have more difficult training exercises. This way, he could learn more about Ranger's strengths and weaknesses; but more of the reason that he knew that Ranger was capable. The clone trooper had demonstrated enough abilities and techniques on the battlefield to prove to Jango that he was indeed ready for the front lines. Without hesitation, Jango forced him to become a captain of the Special Forces Brigade.

Clone Wars

Battle of Geonosis

Captain Ranger and Patrick Rahr recovering after a crash

Having political differences in warfare, the Geonosian bugs have decided to declare war on the Republic from the dusty planet of Geonosis. They had already shot down any and all traders who were in some sort of an alliance with the Republic while flying across Geonosis. Captain Ranger was stationed with his Jedi master Ki-Adi Mundi and Patrick Rahr along with his special forces. They were all being debriefed by three Jedi generals which included Mundi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. Soon afterwards, Ranger boarded a Republic Attack Shuttle and left the Jedi Cruiser. They encountered heavy resistance from down below while in the air from the geonosian bugs, firing their unique weaponry at them. Their ship eventually got shot down and Mundi was forcefully thrown out of the shuttle when it went down. When the ship crashed, Ranger and Rahr darted toward Mundi who consisted of cuts and bruises. Ranger described on how they got hit which triggered an emotion of sadness inside the two Jedi present. He later ordered Admiral Yularen to acquire him with air support but Yularen sympathetically denied due to the fact that there was an ample amount of blasts in the atmosphere already. Entering an eerie cave, bugs commenced to attack and Ranger went up in the front lines to bring more justice to his dead men. Mundi ordered for flame troopers to attack when in range and cleared a path for the squad. The first battle was finished and Ranger was seen tending to his men.

Resistance Militia Squadron

Rescuing the Princess

You numskull, get down!
—Ranger to Patrick Rahr

After Princess Leia was captured, Ranger became rather furious. Soon, Commander Stone and Jedi General Clasina formed a plan on how to get her back to the Resistance Militia Squadron. But it turned out that the enemy had been awaiting them this entire time. This caused Ranger's new buddy to die in his arms and for the rest to retreat. Later on with enough information gathered, they all realized that it was Darth Night who took the princess for some reason. When they headed there, a brawl ensued, leaving Ranger with the team major and Docks to fend for themselves behind cover.

The Dictator

Ranger in stealth armor

Now under the rule of a malicious dictator, Ranger and the rest of the R.M.S. had all seen better days. Clyde Burrell had been putting them all to work and fighting to the death in his arena, now that he had taken over Night's base and troopers. When Stone and Docks were put to the task of hand to hand combating each other in the arena, Stone gave Ranger a motion of his fingers, letting him know that they will soon attack. Ranger was going to be put back to his cell but knocked out the two guards who were escorting him and stole a sniper rifle. Right before trying to assassinate Burrell, a stormtrooper interrupted him and caused the bullet to go somewhere else. Stone exited out of the arena and assisted Ranger in his fight, but Ranger then brutally slaughtered the stormtrooper who was attacking him. The two accidentally met the princess and her father, who was unconscious. Ranger had different viewpoints on their condition which sparked a verbal outburst that came from Leia. Stone broke up the argument while hearing a noise outside, being reinforcements.

Encounter with Ponds

Ranger was stationed on Onderaan with a couple of other high officials. As the confused and agitated Commander Ponds, who was taking orders from Aurra Sing, entered the facility, Ranger pulled out a gun but Ponds counterattacked Ranger. The captain was saved once Stone knocked some sense into Ponds.

Battle of Ryloth

On Dantooine, the Rebellion intercepted a transmission from Major Scrape of the First Order. The all learned that they were planning to take over Ryloth. The Rebellion decided to fend of Scrape's army of First Order troopers in Ryloth's defense. In the midst of a deep battle, Ranger stayed behind the front lines to tend to the wounded. However, when he spotted his buddy Daft being flanked by numerous stormtroopers, Ranger sprinted towards Daft and picked up his rotary cannon and blasted incoming targets to oblivion. Daft then died right beside Ranger, who was about to go on a killing spree. Commander Stone rushed after Scrape, who was retreating into his fortress. Ranger decided to follow the two. Though bleeding immensely, he raced up the stairs of Scrape's capitol. Soon afterwards, a stormtrooper crept up behind him and shot him in the back. Ranger's life came to an end directly after being shot a second time in the head.

Personality and Traits

Ranger in phase 1 armor

Ranger always referred to his comrades as brother or sister. After the Clone Wars came to an end, the captain formed a habit of studying the Christian bible and ever since then, he always thought that all forms of beings were a part of God's creation and plan. He composed a sort of camaraderie with Jedi General Ki-Adi Mundi along with Commander Jet. Regularly trusting Ranger with his life, Mundi had seen his captain perform admirably by taking care of his troopers. Though after the Clone War, Ranger had expressed a sort of anger towards a few of his colleagues he came across, even though he did not mean anything by it. Ranger's armor had orange paintings all over and his helmet was built different for him because he was a part of his significantly unique squad. He stood exactly six feet tall and had a buff looking type of pistol and a DC-19 blaster.


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