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CC-1696, nicknamed Bryse, was the senior clone commander of the 31st Legion.

Nine-six was partnered with Jedi General Shahmzar Aonda-Alci, who led the legion alongside him. Early in the war, he also served under General Echuu Shen-Jon, who also led other units of the GAR. However, General Shen-Jon soon exiled himself following the Hunt for the Decimator.

Several months after Geonosis, CC-1696 was one of the commanders chosen for training by Alpha-17. During this training, he adopted the name Bryse. He also donned custom armor, with cyan trim like most of his troopers.

General Aonda-Alci had Bryse fighting at his side for nearly the entire war, and they developed a friendship. Bryse realized his General was incompetent at times, as the Jedi were but peacekeepers forced roles as military leaders. However, the clone was patient with him, and respected Shahmzar for trying and for respecting the men under his command.

Nevertheless, Bryse did not hesitate to relay Order 66 to the outpost Generals Aonda-Alci and Roreod were at upon receiving the order from Supreme Commander Palpatine. He and his men succeeded in killing Roreod, but the younger Jedi escaped. Bryse and the rest of the army were soon reorganized into the Stormtrooper Corps.

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