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This article relates to the Adventures timeline by DarthJaciuss, Boomdodger, and Thorun Ordo.
Ten years of training turned us into soldiers. And the ARC program turned the best of us into, as you say, veterans.
—Dodge prior to the Battle for Balmorra[src]

CC-1211, nicknamed "Dodge," was a clone commander and ARC trooper of the 56th Battalion that served under Jedi General Viera Cacete during the Clone Wars. Renowned for his strategic mastery, his earliest engagements included Balmorra and Hallis Prime.


Early life

1211 was cloned with the first batch of clone troopers on Kamino from the DNA of the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett in 32 BBY. He was exclusively chosen to acquire an officer's position in the Grand Army of the Republic and underwent intense flash training over the next decade. By 22 BBY he had become a capable commander, taking command of the 56th Battalion.

The Clone Wars

Battle of Geonosis

The 56th Battalion was among the first clone units deployed to the surface of Geonosis at the onset of the Clone Wars. Under the leadership of the Jedi, whom by this point 1211 had viewed as competent warriors and potentially effective generals, the 56th Battalion engaged the Separatist Droid Army in an intense battle that lasted hours. At some point during the battle, 1211 acquired a scar along his left temple that would later serve as his grim reminder of the thousands of brethren lost on the accursed waste that was Geonosis. Following a Republic victory, 1211 was recalled to Kamino to participate in a specialized training program organized by the elite Advanced Recon Commandos.

ARC program

During the ARC Training Program, 1211 was among the chosen candidates of clone officers to undergo a unique form of training under the vigilance of the elite ARC troopers. On top of enhancing their physical capabilities through intense training simulations, clone officers learned what made them unique from each other, encouraged to embrace their own personalities. Because of this, 1211 adopted the nickname "Dodge" after being praised for his evasive maneuvering during training scenarios. He also befriended many of the other commanders, notably Commander Trigg of the 30th Battalion. Eventually, the two of them became early graduates as they were returned to their respective units.

Upon his return, Dodge established an informal branch of the 56th called Wraith Squad, which would comprise the battalion's most elite troops. Bestowing them with the knowledge he had learned on Kamino, they would become the 56th Battalion's backbone and vanguard in the many battles to come.

Battle for Balmorra

Dodge tcwu

Dodge aboard the Valiance prior to the Battle of Balmorra

The 56th Battalion was assigned to Jedi General Viera Cacete, a young Asheran that was yet to understand war, or the galaxy for that matter.[2]

Before entering Balmorra's orbit, Dodge and Viera discussed their mission. They were attempting to open up negotiations about bringing Balmorra back into the Republic, as the planet's government had recently aligned themselves with the Separatist Alliance. As they spoke, Viera complimented Dodge by telling him he acted very much like a veteran, to which Dodge explained ten years of training turned him into the warrior he was now, and that it was the ARC program that had enhanced his abilities as a leader. Soon after, Droidpopper entered the bridge to report that Crow Squadron was on standby. Meanwhile, the Valiance entered Balmorra's orbit and was met by a single Munificent-class star frigate, which remained passive and did not open fire. As the pilot Osprey led a reconnaissance squadron to the planet's surface, two more frigates dropped out of hyperspace and the enemy fleet engaged the Valiance, prompting them to deploy their ground forces immediately.[2]

In the hangar bay of the Valiance, Viera was introduced to the members of Wraith Squad just before lift off. Eventually, they loaded onto the gunships and prepared to join the fray as the members of Crow Squadron began clearing a path for the ground troops. After a rough flight towards the atmosphere, Wraith Squad's gunship was shot down by enemy anti-aircraft hidden in the mountains, pinning them down. However, the group held their ground as they saved their pilot, Angel, and single-handedly dismantled an enemy post on a nearby mountain. Afterwards, Dodge ordered Flare to send a signal for the rest of their forces, greatly amusing Charger given Flare's name. The rest of the 56th's forces landed in the same valley, accompanied by a small squadron under Osprey's command, who returned the unconscious Angel to the Valiance for medical attention.[2]

The enemy proceeded to engage the 56th Battalion in the valley, however their numbers were composed of Balmorran separatists, prompting the clones to watch their aim. As a result, they slowly began to lose the upper hand; eventually Viera stopped a missile midair using the the Force, however ultimately redirected it into a squad of Balmorrans after being shot in the shoulder. After Dodge aided Snapshot in escorting their General to safety, the 56th was joined by members of the Balmorran Defense Front, local rebels fighting for Balmorra's freedom from the Confederacy. Together they forced the Separatists back, and Dodge and Viera met with their leader, General Irella Wain, who had a notably belligerent personality and seemingly looked down on the clones and Jedi alike. Wain advised the 56th to fight against the Balmorran separatists, as they were not "her people." Meanwhile, as the enemy returned for a counterattack, Eagle, the leader of Crow Squadron, reported to Dodge that the Valiance was being forced back to Coruscant to gain reinforcements, and that they would be on their own.[2]


Dodge introduces Viera to the members of Wraith Squad (left to right: Droidpopper, Dodge, Evade, Charger, Viera)

The combined forces of the 56th Battalion and Balmorran Defense Front stood their ground for several hours, until the seemingly ever-growing enemy began to overcome them. Around nightfall, Dodge quickly organized a plan to use their leftover detonators to destroy their gunships and use the fires caused a result as a cover for their escape. After being given the go-ahead from Viera, Dodge ordered the 56th's forces to arm the detonators on the gunships and prepare to retreat. Following a brief confrontation with Irella, who greatly disagreed with Dodge's plan, the Republic's forces fell back as Dodge blew up the gunships, causing several fires to start, slowing down the enemy's advance. The 56th and BDF regrouped in a nearby gorge, where Dodge formulated another plan to use the steadily increasing height of the canyon to their advantage once the enemy advanced onto their position. Irella told the commander that if his plan failed, the blood would be on his hands, to which Dodge said there would be no more blood, as there was already too much.[3]

Personality and traits

Dodge detail

A tough and hardy soldier, Dodge achieved a reputation among his brethren as a master strategist and reliable comrade

Born to be a leader, Dodge developed a tough but friendly personality through his time on Kamino. He became a master strategist through what he learned from the Kaminoan trainers, and the ARC Training Program, where he learned to organize his own tactics. Dodge understood that war came at a great cost, and while he prized brotherhood as much as the next clone, he was always willing to do whatever it took to achieve victory, albeit preferably with minimal casualties. His loyalty to the Republic earned him a reputation among the 56th, and other clone units.

He had a very particular relationship with Viera Cacete and those closest to him in the 56th Battalion. By the Battle of Balmorra, Viera had barely been a Jedi Knight with little combat and no military experience. Because of this, Dodge acted as her guiding light through the horrors of conflict, which through the various stages of the war he too was learning about. Despite their varying personalities, Dodge placed all his trust in his brothers in Wraith Squad, understanding that their brotherhood and synergy was what pulled them through adversity. That trust did extend to other units, such as in Commander Trigg of the 30th Battalion, whom he served with on numerous occasions throughout the war.

Skills and abilities

Initially a by-the-book and follow protocol type of officer, Dodge's tactical capabilities were enhanced during the ARC Training Program. Learning to organize his own strategies in the midst of all situations, Dodge quickly became a renowned combatant among his brethren during the Clone Wars. He specialized particularly in ground assault, although was capable of formulating plans across various environments.


Dodge originally fitted himself with the standard clone commander gear during the Battle of Geonosis, bearing the yellow markings indicating his rank. After his graduation of the ARC Training Program, Dodge fitted himself with typical clone trooper armor including the blue markings of the 56th Battalion, as well as several accessories, including a pauldron, kama half-kilt, and rangefinder. Usually his choice of weaponry was a pair of DC-17 hand blasters, however he also frequently used a DC-15 blaster rifle in combat.

Behind the scenes


Early concept art for CC-1211 "Dodge" in The Clone Wars: Ultimates

Dodge was confirmed to be a protagonist of Clone Wars: Adventures when the series was first announced under the title "The Clone Wars: Ultimates." He was first canonically mentioned in the series' original pilot episode, "End of Peace," and later made his official debut in the first season's third episode, "Civil War," which was first published on December 9, 2016.

Dodge's character was originally created in May 2012 under the designation "CC-1121" and the nickname "Boomdodger," reflecting the character's creator. The character was based off an in-game character from the Sony Online Entertainment video game, Clone Wars Adventures. It was not until March 2016 that his designation and name were changed to "CC-1211" and "Dodge" respectively.


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