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C'sestaresh was an Outer Rim ice planet. The native species was C'sest. C'sest had pure white skin and were tattooed at birth. The tattoos were purple, but never very dark. C'sestaresh had many crystals growing on its surface and in its caves. In fact, C'sestaresh, in C'sera'htogah, means 'White as the sparkles on the ground.' This could be deceiving to travelers as the C'sest were usually corrupt, arrogant, and evil.

It was hard to make a decent living on C'sestaresh. Ships were a rare site. Many had been killed by lasers, snowstorms, giant crystals that fell on heads, and so on, which explained why there were only one million C'sest on the planet. Secret crystal harvests took place on C'sestaresh. These crystals could power lightsabers, but usually, they weren't used for that, because the Hutts hogged them. The Crystal Cave of T'kondir'ogih had the most crystals. There were approximately eight million crystals, maybe more. By the time C'sestaresh was destroyed, there were six million crystals in the giant cave.