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The Byssian Empire was a civilization established on the Deep Core planet of Byss five years after the fall of the Rakatan Infinite Empire. It was founded by a former slave of the Infinite Empire who fought as a gladiator prior to its collapse, named Caeso.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

The world of Byss was first colonized by the Rakatans of the Infinite Empire, who populated the world with slaves of several species, mostly Humans. The planet served a resort world for the Rakatan elite, but with the collapse of the Infinite Empire in 25,200 BBY (0 AFRE), the Rakatans withdrew to Lehon and left the Byssian populace alone. Banditry and lawlessness broke out as the Rakatan authorities evacuated.

However, four years after the Rakatans' departure, a former slave gladiator named Caeso formed an army that promised to bring stability and order to Byss. His forces ruthlessly conquered the various gangs of bandits and brigands in a swift campaign. He then proclaimed the creation of the Byssian Empire, with himself as emperor.

Forging an empire Edit


The Empress Teta fleet defending its world against Byssian forces.

The following year (5 AFRE), Byssian explorers reached the Eclipse system using modified Rakatan vessels. An asteroid field in the system became a major source of resources for Emperor Caeso's new regime, and a small barren rock known as Eclipse became the first world colonized by the Byssian Empire. His world's natural beauty became well known throughout the Deep Core, with tourists visiting it from Empress Teta, Kalist, Prakith, and other nearby planets, generating a large amount of revenue for Byss. The Empire was also able to acquire different technology through trade with those planets.

In 7 AFRE, Caeso began a project of militarization and naval armament, establishing the Byssian Imperial Navy, with plans for conquest. An attempt to annex nearby worlds was launched the the following year, with Prakith and Kalist surrendering without a shot fired while Empress Teta chose to put up resistance. This resulted in the Byss–Empress Teta conflict, which saw the destruction of the planet's fleet by the Byssian Imperial Navy. It became the navy's first engagement and was immortalized in propaganda.

Expansion continued following the annexation of Empress Teta, Kalist, and Prakith. Byssian scouts located and established relations with Galantos, Fresia, Khomm, and Foerost in 10 AFRE, and also made contact with primitive tribes on Coruscant and Alsakan the next year.

The Empire continued to build up its fleet and spread its influence throughout the Deep Core in the next few years. In 13 AFRE, representatives of the Sith League made contact with Byssians at the world of Alsakan. Following negotiations between the two powers, the Alsakan Accord was signed, beginning trade between the Empire and the League.

Dominance of the Core Edit

In 17 AFRE, the Empire declared war on the Galactic Republic, beginning the invasion with a large attack on its capital of Alderaan. The Republic government surrendered much its territory after part of its fleet was destroyed in a battle above the planet, though remained active as a much smaller state. The Byssian Empire, meanwhile, doubled in size and population.

Military Edit

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Byssian Valerius-class battleships in action.

Due to space warfare being considered more important than ground warfare, the land forces were integrated into the Byssian Imperial Navy as marines, creating one unified military branch. The fleet consisted of mainly Valerius-class battleships, Macerinus-class cruisers, and Scipio-class destroyers. It was commanded by three military chiefs, each with the rank of fleet admiral, who answered directly to the Emperor: the supreme fleet commander, the chief of the high command office, and the chief of military affairs.

The navy's main supplier was Caelus Spaceworks, a shipbuilding company on Byss.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Byssian Empire is a faction created for the A New Dawn map game by Alexander of Volzhsky. The faction is somewhat inspired by the Galactic Empire from Legend of Galactic Heroes. The article will be updated as the game progresses.


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