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The Byss–Empress Teta conflict was a war that occurred in 8 AFRE (after the fall of the Rakatan Empire) between the expansionist regime on Byss and the government of Empress Teta.

Having been spreading its influence over Empress Teta, Prakith, and Kalist, the Byssian Empire was planning on expanding its borders to the edges of the Deep Core and beyond. Emperor Caeso of Byss decided to formally annex those three closest planets in 8 AFRE. Prakith and Kalist, having weak defense forces, surrendered without a shot fired.

However, the royal government on Empress Teta chose to resist. The Byssian Imperial Navy engaged it over the planet, with a fleet of Valerius-class battleships, Macerinus-class cruisers, and Scipio-class destroyers. During the battle, the Byssian fleet surrounded the smaller enemy force and destroyed it to the last ship.

Empress Teta was then occupied by ground troops and integrated into the Byssian Empire.


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