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Spearrunner: “Wait, I thought you said we were equal partners here...
Jammer: “We are equal partners. As long as I am in charge here.
―Bruce Jammer and Shyla Spearrunner during their escape from Endor

Bruce Jammer was a reformed pirate and criminal born in 50 BBY on the Colonies planet Commenor, in the projects of Anteluma. To many he came into galactic prominence in 23 BBY during the Coo-Neo Crisis time period. Historians believe he was a key figure during the boarding of the Republic vessel Entreaty and the leader of Anteluma's Vengeance, the piracy organization he founded several years before. He also was the first recorded owner of R3-S3, married Shyla Spearrunner and fathered Simeon Jammer around the time of the Great Galactic War.


Early life

Bruce was born in 50 BBY on Commenor. Although the family was influential on Commenor because of his ancestor Garrison Jammer, his family was forced to live in poverty in the once affluent projects of Anteluma. Due to his upbringing he developed a rough and roguish demeanor during his adolescent and young adult years. The community largely considered him a recluse as a result.

Once he reached adulthood, he moved out of his parent's home vowing to return with wealth and power and to give them a better life. He found little opportunity on the streets of Anteluma to legitimately earn the lifestyle he sought so he took to the city's underground to amass his fortune and influence.

Bruce was recruited by a pirate captain solely for the Jammer surname. The criminal figured that the Jammer name had enough prestige to garner recruits across the planet and allow his organization to outgrow his biggest rivals--thereby making him the most powerful figure in the system. Bruce accompanied the organization's recruiting lieutenant throughout Commenor.

Discontent with his role and lack of prospects for promotion he struck out with a small group of fellow disenfranchised pirates in 29 BBY. The group organized under Jammer's leadership because of his seniority in experience and his recruitment of them for the prior pirate crew. The focused on low-key, load-yield targets around Commenor at first, in order to avoid the attention of the authorities and fellow pirate groups on the planet.

Jammer grew more ambitious and sought higher-profile victims as his organization grew in size. Most of his recruits were younger, lower-class Commenori that saw the advantage of working in a smaller crew free from the encumbrances of the law's attention. Bruce recognized the need for both anonymity and symbolism, therefore, he informally adopted the moniker "Captain Corsair" to hide his illicit activities from his family and their ties to Commenori society; likewise, he named his band of pirates "Anteluma's Vengeance."

Not long afterward, the Z-95 Headhunter was introduced which--along with the hiring of privateers in exchange for amnesty--fostered the end of the vast majority of pirate activities. Pirates seeking asylum from possible reprisals from the end of the Commenori's war against piracy joined the Vengeance. Accordingly, the Vengeance became the largest pirate organization located on Commenori and saw the acquisition of The Shadow, Darkmoon and, Jammer's flaship, The Terentatek by virtue of the influx of members, procurement of wealth and loss of competition. Bruce led Anteluma's Vengeance out of Commenori in search of broader and richer pastures.

He split the organization into three fleets in order to maximize reach and profit. The main fleet was led by Jammer from The Terentatek while the other two were commanded by whoever captained the Darkmoon and The Shadow respectively. Bruce strictly enforced leniency for target vessels among his subordinates. He reasoned that it was that policy that allowed his organization's continued existence--law enforcement agencies gave murdering bands of pirates antecedence over pirates that granted quarter to their victims. Bloodless apprehension of vessels was a point of pride for Jammer who felt that needless killing not only incited bloodlust among the crew but also diluted their purpose, which was to appropriate contraband not end being's lives prematurely.

For the next four years the Vengeance operated primarily in the Expansion Region as clandestine privateers for several corporations and governments located along the Outer Rim. They accepted contracts for larceny, arson, blackmail and dabbled in smuggling and espionage. However, Bruce refused to turn the Vengeance into an army or mercenary group and did not assist in coup'd etat schemes.

Boarding the Entreaty

In 29 BBY, the Galactic Republic government and Judiciary issued a warrant for the arrest or destruction of Anteluma's Vengeance and named Jammer on their list of most wanted criminals.

The Republic set up a Sting operation to ensnare Jammer and capture the majority of his organization. A few days after Republic Day, the band of pirates set out to commandeer a large luxury liner dubbed the Shimmering Jewel. In reality the Shimmering Jewel was a retired and re-purposed diplomatic vessel named the Entreaty. To add to the pot, the ship's manifest included Senator Kinaya Madrid and the Chief Financial Officer of Incom Corporation--neither of whom were present aboard the vessel.

Judicial Forces Lieutenant Shyla Spearrunner led the operation.

Intermittent Period

Soon after Scott Borek left on his mission that caused him to leave the galaxy, Bruce and Shyla Spearrunner, spent more time together and eventually married in 22 BBY. They spent more time together and during the outbreak of the Great Galactic War they fought on campaigns together. Shyla eventually became pregnant during the war, eventually birthing Simeon Darkmoon. Her participation in the war lessened, though Jammer remained on the front-lines consistently.

Behind the scenes

Bruce Jammer was created by I'm the Chosen One. Bruce Jammer's likeness is based on Christian Bale's appearance, was originally based on Brandon Routh's appearance from Superman Returns, but was ultimately changed due to lack of suitable media to represent him. Bruce Jammer was originally a main character of the Epic of the Star Wars saga's storyline.

He was originally devised as the "scoundrel/Han Solo" character for the saga, however due to extreme similarities between Han and Bruce--including fathering an important Jedi offspring, marrying a Force-sensitive and offering his services to the war effort after initially being a neutral party--he was considered too much of a carbon-copy of Solo. Furthermore, due to the number of important characters and the fact that he and his wife were to be phased out fairly early in the saga, he was removed from the story. The author re-purposed him for a standalone story within the same universe and retained his criminal background in piracy.

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