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(Dont's stop fighting. Before you winned)
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Template:Brian Skywalker/Solo was a Jedi. At the new republic era. He was the leader of the Outher Rim.


20 ABY - 24 ABY Brian was born at Corucant, He have 1 older sister named Amylia Skywalker/Solo and 1 younger brother named Ian Skywalker/Solo. Their parents are Han Solo and Leia Skywalker. Darth Foretress, and his army. Killed Han and Leia. Amylia and Ian escaped to the Horizon (Republic ship) But Brian trapped at Foretress's Trap. And he where kidnapped by Foretress, Foretress bring him to Dagobah

24 ABY - 31 ABY In this years Brian had to work as a slave To find Cyber ​​crystals, Darth Foretress noticed that Brian had the force . Meanwhile, the Republic plannde to raid the slave camp . The days before the liberation Brian sensed this. He had found a shiny crystal . what he liked with him. Foretress knew this and wanted him dead. But then , headed by Claus Tyranuras . The liberation . Claus went in with Foretress s time . Most slaves were saved ... But Brian's best friend died. Most soldiers Foretress his slain . But Foretress flee . This was also the first time that Brian and Ian met each other

31 ABY - 32 ABY After liberation , Brian Claus Led as a Jedi, Claus and a few other Commanders doubted his kwalliteiten , that changed when Brian , killed Darth Pheonix . Pheonix was out for revenge and returned . if : The Ultimate Pheonix (AKA Pheonix ) . He left the Horizon crashed on Hoth . And sent Darth Foretress off it. Claus injured Foretress . and left him on Hoth.

32 ABY - 100 ABY Brian was appointed emperor of the Outher Rim. Then he proved that he was a real hero. He met Christina Padervor. And together they had a son, Max. A group of people Aledraan, which was not helped after Aledraan was inflated, shimmering out for revenge. General Yellowfox a senior officer was slain like a lot of other soldiers. Many wars followed. One of the most important was the planet Quartz, Quartz senator, was slain. Many other planets forests have Quartz. This war cost many lives, also died Christiana. an estimated 1 million soldiers were slain and 3 million citizens. Brian won the war. on the way back to Coruscant, they found Stacey Achiles. The future wife of Claus. The Pheonix was permanently expelled. Brian and many others thought that everything was good .. But this is not true. A giant massacre followed Naboo, some 5 million people were slain. He decided to step down. Max's son, succeeded him. Brian died a natural death on Coruscant. Max named one of his three sons to Brian. Named: David Maxwell Brian Skywalker


It was recalled that it was often doubted Brian . But it turned out to be a true hero ! with a golden legacy

Personality and traits

Brian is a quick-tempered type. but he was mostly kind and compassionate

Powers and abilities

Brian had a very powerful force , and was particularly clever

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