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Bri-Nah was a Dark Jedi born on the industrial world of Fondor. At the age of 6, she was taken to Coruscant by the Jedi Order after it was discovered that she was force-sensitive. 

Bri-Nah grew a distaste for the Jedi after she was taken away from her family. This began to spark some dark side tendencies inside her, which she would eventually embrace in the years to come.

As a Padawan, Bri-Nah assisted Jedi Younglings in The Gathering, where all Jedi learn to overcome their fears and earn their Kyber crystal. The Gathering is where Bri-Nah first met Zakar'i, a Youngling who was participating in the trial. 

In the outbreak of the Clone Wars, her former master Sar Labooda was killed, pushing her over the edge. She decided she was no longer meant to be a Jedi and at the age of 24 abandoned the order, deciding to follow her own path.

After leaving the order, Bri-Nah began to wandered the galaxy trying to find her place. Along the way, she was attacked by a band of pirates who were part of the Ohnaka Gang. Looking to take her possessions for credits, they boarded her ship and attempted to kill her. Bri-Nah fought them off, and in a sudden burst of anger killed several of the gang members. This was the first time she gave into her anger fully. 

Continuing her journey throughout the galaxy, Bri-Nah felt a dark presence calling to her. The calling brought her to the planet of Pillio where she met a being known as The Entity. The Entity showed her the power that it held, and prompted her to learn about the dark side of the force through its teachings. Bri-Nah agreed, becoming its apprentice and joining its journey to corrupt and take over worlds. She would go on to assist The Entity in engineering of the Drawth Rebellion

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