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Bri'lia IV was a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim. Bri'lia IV was home to a race of sentient humanoids called Brilians, also known as the Ivano.


Bri'lia IV was a densely rainforested planet, known for intense heat and high humidity. The planets major export is Kyber minerals. Its major import is slaves.


The inhabitants of Bri'lia IV are the Brilians or Ivano. The Brilians were sentient humanoids who ranged from 9 to 10 feet in height. Their skin color ranged from blue to orange.

The natives were highly social and intelligent, making powerful tribes and having strong allegiances. The Brilians furthered the use of the mineral Kyber, by honing Force sensitivity through them.

Government and sociology

Most tribes on Bri'lia IV were tribal monarchies, consisting of one cheiftain. Some of the most influential Brilian tribes were the Astrakane, the Xifna, and the Buti. All three of these tribes made significant advancements in trade, public relations, weaponry, and mining.

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