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...he was a very capable Jedi Councilor...Jhon Cordatus remembers Bratak Dar[src]

Bratak Dar was a male Jedi Master who served as the Sage Master and a Jedi High Council member of the New Jedi Order from 999 ABY to 1,002 ABY. He disappeared in Imperial territory and was presumed to have been killed by the Sith during their return and uprising.


Bratak Dar was a Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order. In 999 ABY, the Jedi Sage Master, Errand Khoss, became ill and died, leaving a vacancy on the Jedi High Council. Khoss had recommended Jhon Cordatus for the position prior to Khoss’ death, but, due to their reservations about Cordatus' past actions, the Council opted to choose Dar as Khoss replacement as Sage Master and High Council member.[1]

In his role as Sage Master, Dar oversaw all training and other activities in the Sage Halls of Empress Teta. He worked with Cordatus, who also served in the Sage Halls.[1]

In 1,002 ABY, Dar was sent on an assignment into Imperial territory in order to aid Imperial forces on a sensitive mission. At first, Dar sent a number of routine correspondences, but his transmissions to the Jedi Council ceased. Shortly thereafter, Cordatus had a number of strong visions and dreams, and multiple Jedi felt disturbances in the Force, and it was ultimately determined that the Sith had returned and taken over the Empire after having disappeared centuries earlier. Dar was presumed dead at the hands of the Sith, and he was succeeded in his position by Cordatus.[1]


In the years following Dar's presumed death, Cordatus fondly remembered him as a capable member of the Jedi High Council.[1]

Behind the scenes

Bratak Dar was created by author and role-player Brandon Rhea as non-playable character on TheStarWarsRP.Com. Dar is mentioned only in the character profile of Rhea's character, Jhon Cordatus, and was presumed dead many years before the website's Star Wars Legacies timeline is set.[1]


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