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This type of Geonosian brain worms were known to a alternate Universe that the brain worms overwhelmed the Galaxy. These creatures were created by Katrina The Great and were highly sensitive to cold, also These creatures could live by them selves for about a week with out a host body, but when they entered a body they could life in their forever. These creatures entered by going through the nose of a dead or alive species, once they entered the nose they continued to their brain where they proceeded to control their mind which took about an hour.


These creatures were created by the Geonosian queen Katrina was a way of taking about their planet by reviving the dead under her control. After reviving the dead Geonosians in her catacombs she ordered them to infect more Geonosians and kill the Jedi and Clones that remained on the planet. After successfully taking back the planet a, dispatchment of the Grand Army of The Republic was sent to back the planet which they later did. When Jedi Knight Aayla Secura found out and destroyed the catacombs and thinking she stopped the brain worms and the queen. A brain worm made it out and infected a clone trooper who later started the Worm Wars.


Once the brain worm hatched from its egg it would go to the closest body and enter through the nose and then slowly proceed to the brain making the victim flail then when the worm entered the brain the victim would pass out giving the worm time to assert control. Also for species without noses such as Duros the worm would enter through the ear which took three days before reaching the brain. These creatures could also revive the dead.

Removing the Worm

Option One

The first option was to kill the victim causing the worm to slither out a ear or back out the nose if the species didn't have ears, allowing the attacker to kill the worm after it came out of the body.

Option Two

Option two of removing the war to freeze it out with anything below 0 Degrees which would give the victim a little bit of control allowing them to talk and control some part of their legs and arm. After the victim gained a little bit of control the worm would slowly crawl out the mouth, allowing it to be killed.

Option Three

The last and final option of removing the worm was to give the victim a very rare berry juice which would make the brain worm completely unable to move or think, then remove the worm by surgery or allowing it to die out naturally which took about a month that the victim would have to be watched.


When the worm would enter the host the victim would flail for ten seconds then pass out. After the brain worm gained control the host would have no control over their actions but would still sense what was going on and feeling the pain the body felt. A few other symptoms were where if the host body would fall asleep the host's sense would instantly fall asleep with no way to stop it. The Last symptom was to Duros in which the only way to reach the brain was through the ear is which once the worm entered the body they would lose all hearing practically becoming deaf until the flailing started in which all the things they couldn't hear was spoken really fast before they passed out.


There were two ways the egg would be created one from the queen and one from an infected victim. If they were hatched from the queen it would come four larger eggs would come out of her tail and then the larger eggs would hatch within three minutes each egg contained five brain worms. If they came from a infected species the worm inside the brain would create eggs that would come out of the targets stomach, but would cause massive pain to the victim's "Spirit"

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