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Bound by Evil is part of the Fates fanon series. Written by T.C Micheal, it's set on Leia Organa, who is captured by a sadistic and lustful Dark Jedi who forces her to turn to the Dark Side, Leia endures more than what she had bargained for but will have to come to a choice on weather she'll stand on her ground or turn to the Dark Side. This also the first Star Wars fanon work of Micheal's since his previous project The Last Legacy.


Set some time after the Galactic Civil War, Leia is sent on a mission to investigate a distress signal on a ghostly planet. As soon as she lands and investigates the ruins, she is suddenly surrounded by hooded Dark Side figures who capture her and take her to their palace. Leia then wakes up in a cell room where she is greeted by a Dark Jedi named "Nyon" and the palace's warden who persuade her into joining the Dark Side, she refuses to do so and the Dark Jedi starts manipulating her emotions and by depriving her of ever seeking rescue from her friends. Leia is then taken into the lower levels of the dungeon where she is stripped down and tortured by Nyon, afterwards Leia begins slipping into doubt of hope of ever seeing her friends as the Dark Jedi intended her to be, and later submits as being his personal slave. Donning an outfit similar to her previous one under Jabba the Hutt, she is then forced into a horrific Sith ritual where she envisions Emperor Palpatine who is destroying New Republic forces along with Darth Vader and Luke. Leia gives up all hope until a rescue team led by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker accompanied by a Mandalorian who then kills Nyon. After she is rescued, she looks up to Han and says "I knew you would come" relieved from her fears and doubts.

In an alternate ending. The rescue never took place and Leia bore a child from Nyon who raised him as a Sith.


  • Leia Organa
  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Unnamed Mandalorian

Fan FictionEdit

A fan fiction will be written.

Behind the scenesEdit

The story is part of an Infinities series Fate and is the first fanon submitted to it. This is also T.C's first Star Wars fanon work since his last work Star Wars: The Last Legacy.

The story is also very dark in nature and depicts graphic situations.

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