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I understand. I'll help. After all...i will die one day. I will. And when i do, I'd rather i come by here when it still exists instead of in the Black Death.
—Mina Colen Bonteri to Nadeshiko

Border of Death is a fanfiction story written by Mika Shion. It was also a Songfic. Mina Colen Bonteri was the main character.


Once you have a hope without fear. Nothing exists to keep you away from it. It appears at a field called black death. You will face the soul in the under world. When you never fear the death of yourself. You have a might into the deeper side. Dawn never comes here, the hidden side. It's the time to come.

When born and eventually growing in their lives, many people are of course bound to fear death. Few thought it was possible to run from it at certain times, but nothing exists to keep you away from it no matter what. People think of it as a "Black Death" where you'll reside into only eternal darkness. However, there is found to be a hidden side after death. One where the dawn never comes. Only for those who needn't face the fear of death of one's self can enter.

The story follows along Mina Colen Bonteri. She were just living their lives as happy as can be until she meets Takara. Takara sees how she hold the abilities to help aid her "Mistress" and takes them all to the Hidden Dawn. Of course, entering the Hidden Dawn, they were met with quite a surprise. They thought they were still back at their same home world except it was much darker, but Takara explains, "It may look that way. But think of the After Life." With questions to be answered for later, Takara takes them to the Mistress named Nadeshiko, the Angel Sorceress of the Hidden Dawn. Listening to Nadeshiko's story, she explains how she watches and caresses for the lost spirits and souls in the Hidden Dawn, having them rest peacefully before passing on. However, stories of the "Black Death" are discovered true and part of her world becomes enveloped into eternal darkness. Nadeshiko sent Takara to the living world in hopes that she'd find someone to help her for her powers are not enough to stop it. She thought that those holding power of the living would help. Understanding her situation, she decided to assist her in protecting her world for the sake of all the spirits, she and Takara as well.

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