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Raid on the Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises Headquarters, Eriadu


Death Seed Plague


Czerka Protests of Denon

Bombing of the Senate Office Building

Seswenna Security Crisis


Terrorist attack by conspirators


701 BBY




Senate Office Building partial collapse

Civilian casualties
  • 794 dead (inc. 3 senators, 5 representatives)
  • 3400+ injured (inc. 18 senators, 24 representatives)

The bombing of the Senate Office Building during the Seswenna Security Crisis was a terrorist bombing on the Republic capital-world. The bombing was executed from a planted device in an air vent near the outside wall of the thirty-ninth floor, directly above the Probitas pro populus offices and below the Chancellor's Senate office suite. The attack was quickly associated with the Seswenna Security Crisis by Governmental Investigative Network Director Pelmar Aiden after an encounter with the bounty hunter Ko immediately thereafter. The bombing collapsed part of the outside wall as well as the PPP office corridor and the three floors above. Thousands were injured or killed in the partial collapse. Among the survivors were Chancellor Anwis Eddicus, Senator Alta Eddicus of Tanaab, Senator Servius Valorum of Coruscant, and Senator Mithrel Merian of Alderaan. Senator Eddicus lost both her legs in the collapse and nearly perished. Senators Valorum and Merian survived with broken bones.


Seswenna Security Crisis
(703 BBY—)
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Events of the Seswenna Security Crisis
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