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Bolo Artel was a Human-Ciciarazzi who served as a Jedi Ambassador before and during the Clone Wars. Trained by Cara Vell, Artel took on the Xilessie Opa Choi as his apprentice just before the beginning of the Clone Wars. Artel played a major role in the latter part of the conflict, serving as the representative of the Jedi Order in the Galactic Senate. At the end of the war, Artel survived the Jedi Purge and fought against the Empire for several years before travelling to the Unknown Regions and disappearing from Imperial records.

From a young age, Artel was found to be prone to Bloodlust, a condition common among Ciciarazzi. This gave him, on occasion, an insatiable craving for blood that he found hard to control.


To the casual observer, Artel looked Human — he was quite short and had rather long, black hair as well as olive green eyes. He was, however, half-Ciciarazzi, which meant his teeth were more pointed than a Human's, he had a three-toed foot, and had four small horns which twisted around his forehead hiding beneath mass of hair.


Early life

Artel was abandoned by his parents on Rothus at a young age and was discovered by the Jedi Order at the age of four. He was taken back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and trained under Grand Master Yoda for several years, before transferring to the Twi'lek Jedi Master Cara Vell. Artel was knighted sometime before the Clone Wars and took the Xilessie Opa Choi as his apprentice soon after.

The Clone Wars

Early War

We are Jedi! We are the enlightened ones, the peace-keepers for the Republic, not soldiers! We must not get involved in this destructive conflict, else it will end in ruin for us and the entire galaxy.
—Artel speaking to a crowd at the Jedi Temple

Artel was initially an advocate against Jedi intervention in the conflict, calling upon his fellow Jedi to remember their role as peace-keepers, not soldiers. Being something of a pacifist, he initially refused to fight, instead hoping to train his apprentice in peace. However, the Jedi Council ordered him to do his duty, and Artel reluctantly played his part in the conflict.

During the war, Artel served as an ambassador and diplomat, occasionally leading troops into battle, though he himself would not kill during the conflict. After the failed siege of Atairis-Deta, Artel struck up a friendship with the Sluissi Vadaan, who tended to his wounds after the battle, and the clone commander Tallow. They would later accompany him to Anndun and take part in his investigation of the Misstis Conspiracy.

One year into the war, Artel participated in the assault on a Separatist stronghold on Batorine. Before beginning the final charge, however, Artel was called back to Coruscant by the Council, with Jedi Master Catterfall taking charge of his troops. Vadaan returned with Artel, but Tallow stayed behind on the battlefront.

Representative in the Senate

Times have changed. The Jedi need a strong voice in the Senate, someone who can defend us against the accusations placed at our door. You are that voice, Master Artel.

Artel addresses the Senate

Arriving at the Jedi Temple, Artel was informed by the High Council that Miralukan Jedi Master Lo-Faal, head of the Council of Reconciliation, was stepping down from her role as representative of the Jedi Order to the Galactic Senate, and that she had requested Artel, who had built up a reputation as an impressive negotiator, should take her place. The High Council had initially denied Artel the post, given that was he neither a Jedi Master, nor did he go along with many of the Council's views, but eventually they conceded and gave Artel a place on the Reconciliation Council and a seat in the Galactic Senate. Artel, overjoyed, immediately agreed to take on the role.

As the representative of the Order, Artel was tasked with putting forward the Jedi Order's point of view in political debates, though he himself could not vote. Initially working under Lo-Faal, along with her assistant Amber, he established a reputation for himself as an outspoken, but popular, voice in the Senate, and amassed many allies in the capital. He established a working relationship with Padme Amidala and The Contact and became close with Senator Byrus of Xillek, whose lavish estate he visited on several occasions. Constantly pushing for an end to the war while defending the Jedi against the hostile accusations now becoming prevalent within the Senate, Artel used his abundance of free time to train Opa properly in the ways of the Force. It was here that he realised the padawan's potential, believing that, in time, she could become a Jedi Master and have a seat on the Council.

Sometime after his appointment, Artel was reunited with his old friend Tallow, who had returned from the war badly wounded and outfitted with cybernetics. Despite his status as an invalid, Artel invited Tallow to serve as his personal bodyguard until the end of the War.

During his time as Jedi representative, Artel discovered his apprentice's romantic relationship with fellow padawan Syro Kane. Though this went against the Jedi Code, Artel elected to turn a blind eye, partly owing to the fact that he himself had engaged in a brief relationship with the Madam Kitana, a Republic diplomat from Stewjon.

End of the War

The Order doesn't need someone like me, not any more. Once the war's over, I'll be forgotten -- and besides, my work isn't done yet. My future lies elsewhere, I know it. So that's it, I've decided. Once Opa has become a Jedi, I'm leaving the Order; it's about time I focused on the things that need to be done.
—Artel, to his close friend Vadaan

As the conflict began to draw to a close, Artel began a campaign to give the Jedi some positive publicity in the Senate. Working with several famous Jedi, including generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, he produced several advertisements to increase the Jedis' waning popularity within the populace, becoming friends with the two Jedi in the process.

However, as the war dragged on and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine amassed more and more power, Artel began to feel that his future lay outside the Jedi Order. Deciding to pursue his lifelong dream of entering politics for good and to focus on much-needed reform of the outdated Senate, Artel vowed to see Opa's training through to completion and then to leave the Order forever.

However, Artel didn't have a choice in the matter. While travelling with Opa, Tallow and an outfit of clones back to Coruscant from a diplomatic mission, Order 66 was issued, calling on all clones to kill their Jedi commanders. Tallow and his men received the order and Artel and Opa fled, but quickly became separated. Opa was killed while Artel, distraught, managed to climb into a transport and escape. Tallow, however, would not give up the pursuit of his former friend.

Last Days as a Jedi

We are the Jedi now.
Syro Kane, introducing Artel to the Conclave of Tondarion

Artel fled to the mansion of his old friend Byrus, on Xillek. There he was able to hide from the Empire's influence for some months, before Tallow and a squadron of clone troops landed on the planet to interrogate and assassinate the outspoken Senator. Byrus was killed but Artel was able to escape. Completely alone and lost, Artel let the Force guide him to Tondarion.

There, a number of Jedi padawans, including Syro Kane, Opa's former lover, and Ka-Mo Tass, had gathered to train and improve their strength in order to take on the Empire. As the only fully-trained Jedi among them, Artel assumed the role of leader of the Conclave. However, this was not to last, as the influence of the Dark Side had already begun to seep into the Conclave. Unhappy with Artel's passivity and lack of leadership, Kane challenged him to a duel, though Artel was reluctant to raise his lightsaber against a fellow Jedi. In the chaos, Ka-Mo Tass was killed and Artel fled once again, feeling the Dark Side descending on the planet. Kane named himself leader and pledged his allegiance to Darth Vader and the Emperor. As Kane called on the Dark Lord to take them as apprentices, Artel managed to leave the planet in his ship, though he sensed Vader slaughtering the young Jedi on the planet below.

Jedi No More

Your sword. That is my price
Gorith's price for escape

Artel's ship was damaged in his escape and he was captured by a vessel sworn to Gorith, a crime lord based in the system. Here Artel thought he was relatively safe, though unbeknownst to him Vader had sensed his escape. Taken to Gorith's ship, the Jewelled Fist, Artel begged that he be given safe passage out of the system. In return, Gorith demanded Artel hand over his lightsaber, which he did gladly, believing that he could be a Jedi no longer. He did, however, retain the lightsaber of his apprentice, Opa.

As the Jewelled Fist prepared to leave the system, Gorith informed Artel that they had received a distress signal and that an "old friend" was to come aboard. Apparently by coincidence, Vadaan had sought the help of the crime lord too, and Artel was reunited with his old ally. In reality, however, Vadaan had been sent by Vader as a spy to suss out Artel and lead the Empire's troops to him.

As the ship entered hyperspace, Artel wondered about where he could go now. With Byrus dead and the Empire against him, there was no way he could return to Coruscant to plead his case to the Senate. He briefly considered meeting up again with his old flame Kitana, but Vadaan informed him that she had found herself another man and was happily married in a peaceful sector of the galaxy. Without much hope left, Artel decided to seek out the only other Jedi he knew had survived -- Catterfall. Speaking to Gorith's captain, he left the ship as it reached the planet Satterline.

Skirmish on Satterline

Your conflicts do not interest me. I shall not help you.
Catterfall to Artel

Catterfall was a peculiar case when it came to the Jedi. Before the end of the war, Catterfall, a mysterious Satthith, had returned to his home planet to reign as ruler. With his entire family dead in the conflict, Catterfall was the last of his family line, and, following his strange alien code, was honourbound to do his family duty. While officially remaining a Jedi, he was a de facto outcast from the Jedi Order. In this way, when the Jedi Purge was carried out Catterfall escaped the initial onslaught and remained in his holdfast. Moreover, he refused to give the Empire access to his castle to kill him, threatening that the entirety of the Toll, ten powerful systems over which he held dominion, would turn against the Emperor if Vader violated his commands. This led the Emperor to describe Catterfall as a "unique case" that was of no immediate threat, and that would be dealt with in time.

Artel and Vadaan were allowed entry into Catterfall's castle and begged for refuge against the Empire. Catterfall, a passive and emotionless alien, was not moved, and refused to house them, not wanting to provoke the Empire. Before he could throw them out of the system, however, Catterfall was assassinated by Roto, an Imperial bounty hunter sent by an impatient Vader to kill the former Jedi. Catterfall's death immediately sparked a skirmish, with Satterline loyalists fighting against Imperial infiltrators across the planet and in the castle itself. Calling up the Jewelled Fist, which was still in orbit, Artel and Vadaan fled once again -- but not before an Imperial star destroyer arrived in the system, bearing Vader and Tallow. The Jewelled Fist and its escorts were badly damaged by the destroyer and Artel arrived at the bridge to find Gorith dead and his men panicking. Instinctively taking control of the situation, Artel assumed command and ordered the ship to enter hyperspace, fleeing the system but vowing that this time, he would not merely flee, but would rally forces against the Empire and fight for his freedom.

Inciting Revolution

So, it is you. The pacifist, Bolo Artel -- now turned into a warmonger.
Darth Vader to Artel

Bolo Artel disappeared from Imperial records for some years, but reemerged in 15 BBY as a veritable threat to the Empire. At one point Vadaan ceased to be an Imperial spy and began working for Artel honestly. Artel had gathered Gorith's considerable forces and combined them with the Vinn rebel fleet. Artel had even taken on a pseudo-apprentice, Tsark, and now stood poised to strike out against the Empire.

Artel's first victory came with the bombing and annhilation of Craestyl, an Imperial foundry world in The Axe. Though Artel suffered minimal casualties, Vadaan was killed in the attack -- though not before admitting his former nature to Artel. Against the advice of his peers, Artel remained in the system aboard his ship, the Stranger-class warship Akarak to survey the damage while the Vinn fleet moved on to Calstrade and Tsark led his ships to gather more support from the Oth. Artel stayed in the system several days, surveying the damage he had inflicted, and gradually became shocked and conflicted about the misery he had inflicted on the innocent civilians in the system. While planning his next move, the liberation of Xillek, Artel received word that the Vinn fleet had been ambushed and destroyed over Calstrade. The same day, he received an official Imperial transmission detailing the destruction of the remainder of Artel's fleet and the capture of Tsark. Abandoning his previous plans, Artel directed the Akarak towards the Imperial facility on Mustafar where his new apprentice was being held.

Artel arrived at the sinister facility but soon found it to be a trap laid by Darth Vader. Tsark was dead, killed in the fighting -- but, as Vader told Artel on the intercomm as he tried to infiltrate the facility -- Artel was not wrong in believing an apprentice of his was held captive there. Artel was shocked to find that Opa Choi was still alive and active in the facility -- but she had been corrupted by the Dark Side, and her mind lost during her years of torture. Opa, a shell of her former self and little more than a puppet of Vader, encountered Artel in one of the corridors at the heart of the facility, along with another fallen Jedi padawan, the Mustafarian Kelkt. The two Sith puppets attacked Artel, forcing him to fight them off with Opa's lightsaber. Artel managed to subdue Kelkt and tried but failed to reason with Opa, crying out in anguish before forcing her out of an airlock and into the lava far below. Artel, now truly lost, returned to the Akarak to find his entire crew being choked to death by Vader. Blinded by tears, he stumbled into a fighter and left the system, not even putting any coordinates into the navicomputer, half-hoping he would be killed on his journey out of the system.

Discovering Cor'Eil

I heard it, through the blackness of space. His voice, calling to me...
—Artel to Seven

Artel's journey did not end there, however. Artel's ship was guided by the Force to a tiny rogue planet, outside of the known galaxy, hoping to find enlightenment.

There, Artel found the Order of Cor'Eil, a group of seven individuals from across the galaxy drawn to that same spot. The Order worshipped Cor'Eil, the Great One, a mysterious and powerful presence on the planet that the Order believed was a god. Believing he had found his great purpose in life, Artel committed himself to the Order, giving up everything else he knew and renaming himself Eight, as the eighth member of the Order.

Communicating with Cor'Eil through mysterious, Force-driven rituals, the Order discovered Cor'Eil's "great plan" -- to kill Darth Sidous, the Dark Lord ruling over the galaxy. In order to achieve this, Artel was granted the Eye of Coris, a stone imbued with Cor'Eil's magic that took the place of his own, lost left eye. The Order journeyed to Coruscant with strict orders to return whether or not they succeeded in their task.

Duel with Sidious

I've fought and killed worse than you fanatics.
—Darth Sidious, beginning the Duel on Coruscant


On Coruscant, the Order worked to draw Sidious out of the security of the Imperial Palace. Eventually, laying a trap for the Dark Lord, they managed to trap him in an abandoned Temple. There they battled Sidious, each of them using their Force powers to subdue him -- but Sidious was too strong even for all eight of them. Using his Force Lightning he cast the Order back, striking them down one by one until only Seven and Eight, Artel himself, remained. Exhausted, the Dark Lord fled the Temple, laughing at the losses they had suffered. The Order had failed.

Seven begged Artel to travel back to Cor'Eil with her, but Artel was having none of it. He declared he was done with the Order and left, abandoning Cor'Eil and suffering the being's wrath -- expressed through excruiatingly painful nightmares every night -- until his death. The other members of the Order were kept by Palpatine as "pets" beneath the Imperial Palace, undergoing unimaginable torture but never revealing the true nature of the being that had sent them, much to the ire of the Sith Lord. At one point Artel received a vision from Seven claiming that she had reestablished the Order and begging him to return, though Artel refused.

Later Life

I am nothing, boy.
—"Bo" to Mok

Some time later, around 10 ABY, Artel, now under the name "Bo", showed up on the remote planet of Urt as a travelling magician. Now an old man, he was constantly bullied by Imperial forces who remained oblivious of his true identity -- which Artel himself, it seemed, had all but forgotten. Left for dead in an alleyway, Bo was assisted by a young boy named Mok, who encouraged him to use his powers to help a small group of freedom fighters make a stand against the Empire. Bo eventually agreed, using his waning Force powers to bring down the small Imperial court building, giving hope to the occupants of the small, isolated town. Satisfied, Artel passed on Opa's lightsaber -- which he had kept all this time -- to Mok, and died peacefully under the stars.

Personality and traits

Artel was, at heart, a pacifist who strongly believed that the Jedi should be the upholders of peace and not warriors. However, he was committed to fighting against tyranny and oppression, and was also very politically-minded. An intelligent man and a shrewd judge of character, Artel was also well-meaning and selfless, always wanting the best for his padawan.


Opa Choi

I tried to keep her safe. I failed.
—Artel confides his woes to Vadaan

Artel had an incredibly strong relationship with his young Xilessie padawan, seeing her both as a friend and a little sister. He never felt worthy of her considerable abilities and was at first reluctant to take her on as an apprentice, fearing he would let her down and not do her skills justice. Despite this, he tried his best to train her well, always striving to take time away from the battlefield in order to instruct her in peace. He was also very understanding, not judging her for her passionate relationship with Syro Kane on Coruscant -- though to do so would have been hypocritical, as he himself was having a relationship with Kitana at the time. Her apparent loss hit Artel hard, and he would carry her lightsaber with him as a sign of his failure for the rest of his life.


I've never met a Jedi before. I'm impressed.
—Kitana, at their first meeting

Artel first met the rich and influential Matron Kitana on Coruscant while at a party hosted by Padme Amidala. The pair hit it off immediately and their relationship was briefly romantic. They both agreed to cut it off, however, when there was a risk of them being exposed, though they agreed to continue it after the war was done and Artel was no longer a Jedi. Kitana left Coruscant for her own world, though it was clear Artel retained romantic feelings towards her. Whether she felt the same about him, however, was unclear, as she did get married sometime after the war -- though this may have been because she feared Artel was dead.


I betrayed you. So this is me... making amends.
—Vadaan to Artel, moments before his death

The Sluissi doctor attached to Artel's regiment first came into the Jedi's service after the Battle of Atairis. While both were initially wary of each other -- Artel disliking Vadaan's pessimism and Vadaan looking down on Artel's mysticism -- they gradually warmed to each other, to the point where Artel invited Vadaan to return to Coruscant with him. Despite this, Vadaan still consented to be a spy for Vader after the Purge -- though he may have been threatened by the Dark Lord -- and betrayed Artel on numerous occasions, informing Vader of his appearance on Satterline and some initial details about his fleet. But Vadaan soon became so impressed by Artel's prowess as a leader that he threw off Vader entirely and became wholly dedicated to the rebel cause, soon paying with his life.


You're... Different.
—Artel to Tallow

From the battle of Atairis, Tallow struck Artel as unique among his clone regiment. Tallow had already suffered some major injuries at Geonosis, and acted differently to many of the clones he led, being a loner and very sullen. This drew Artel to him -- Artel disliked the clones, and found Tallow to have more humanity than most of them seemed to have. They served together loyally for some months, with Artel becoming strangely fond of the injured clone, though Tallow was never willing to reciprocate his fondness.

After the Purge, any trace of their previous friendship was gone. Artel resented Tallow for killing his apprentice, while Tallow, who had suffered even more injuries over the course of the war, had nothing but a single-minded determination to do his duty and kill the Jedi. They were to never meet after the Purge was carried out, though Tallow led the efforts to seek out the rogue Jedi, and Artel was to think only of the clones as nothing but worthless drones, no better than droids.


Anything for you, my friend.
—Byrus to Artel

Senator Byrus became a good friend of Artel during his tenure as a Jedi Ambassador. Both similar in their philosophies and their political viewpoints, they became both strong allies in the Senate and in their private lives, with Byrus inviting Artel to his mansion on Xillek on more than one occasion, both for business and for leisure. Indeed, after Artel was on the run from the Empire Byrus was gracious enough to hide him on Xillek for some months, though this would ultimately cost him his life. Artel later remarked that Byrus was perhaps the only person in the universe who had never betrayed him.


Leave my planet, Jedi.
—Catterfall forcing Artel to leave Satterline

Artel had at least a passing relationship with the alien Jedi Catterfall before the Clone Wars, with the Jedi having some connection to his master, Cara Vell. They met again at Batorine, but only spoke briefly. Artel was no fan of the elderly and mysterious Jedi, though was impressed by his abilities.

When they were to meet again at the castle on Satterline, however, any trace of intimacy was gone. Catterfall was emotionless and had no empathy to Artel's plight, and so forced him offworld rather than risking the ire of the Empire by giving him refuge. Artel, angered that the old Jedi would not help him, had no time to voice his distress before Catterfall was murdered.

Powers and abilities

Bolo Artel's prowess with the Force was nothing extraordinary — at heart, he was a very ordinary Jedi Knight. Artel displayed some skill handling a lightsaber, though he was not at the same level of other Jedi in the order. Artel possessed, however, a very perceptive nature which gave him insight into what others might be thinking or feeling, and had a very persuasive nature which he used to his advantage when negotiating deals on the behalf of the Republic.

Behind the scenes

Bolo Artel was originally created by Jegory and was his first article on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. The character was eventually expanded to become the major character in the ongoing Bloodlust series. He was originally designed to be much more of an "action" Jedi, more in the vein of characters like Anakin Skywalker, but was made rather more down-to-earth over time, becoming more of a negotiator than a fighter.

Artel was also originally planned to be a Human who was symbiotic with the Red Leech, causing him to experience bloodlust. However, he was redesigned to be a Human-Ciciarazzi hybrid, which altered his appearance slightly, and suffered from Bloodlust, a condition common among the latter species.