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I am Captain Boljak, commanding the Reborn True Sith Empire's JS13 Advance Scout Group. You have entered a contested sector of space. On the supreme authority of Sith'ari Overlord Darkon, I demand you state your affiliation, purpose and origin.
—Captain Boljak makes first contact with the New Ethoran Federation fleet[src]

Captain Boljak was a naval officer in Lord Darkon's Reborn True Sith Empire. He commanded the RTSE's JS13 Advance Scout Group, when they made first contact with ships from the New Ethoran Federation. His Munja-class vessels transmitted the sensor data to the rest of Fleet Admiral Rajko's fleet and were instrumental in providing the RTSE with first-hand information about the capabilities of NEF ships. Later, his Scout group managed to detect the NEF cloaked surveillance vessels in close proximity to the RTSE fleet, giving Fleet Admiral Rajko advance warning of the enemy's duplicity and allowing him to redeploy his forces in preparation for an imminent attack. Later, during the multi-pronged battle with both the NEF and SA/TEC forces, his ship and his entire group were presumed destroyed after the Uberweapon's seeming explosion.


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