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Bogden was a planet located within the Bogden system in the Inner Rim Territories. It was a swamp covered world until massive gravitational tides pulled the surface apart, taking away much of original terrain and atmosphere. As a member world of the Galactic Republic, prior to its surface and atmospheric destruction, it was allowed a Senator. The Senator, who was the father of Glanville a famous Ashta Matha monk, helped lead the negotiations to end the conflict on Tython that had been waged between mainstream Ashta Matha Monks and a militant sect. A one thousand year civil war enveloped the planet, destroying much of its remaining habitability. The giant renda bear was known to have lived on Bogden. After its destruction and its slip into obscurity, many smugglers and criminals started to use the planet as a safe haven and cool down location from Galactic police. It was also located near the Kohlma moon which was famous for being a large burial site.

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