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Confident, sardonic, and deadly. Bo-Katan was the ever-loyal Mandalorian lieutenant to Pre Vizsla, and a proud member of Death Watch. Bo-Katan rallied to Death Watch's call for Mandalorians to embrace their martial heritage and find glory in war.


Fall of the Republic

During the time of the Clone Wars, Bo-Katan served as Pre Vizsla’s trusted right hand in Death Watch. The militaristic splinter group sought to restore Mandalore’s warrior past, an ideal which Bo-Katan held -- even if it meant ousting her sister, Duchess Satine, from office.

While Bo-Katan was loyal to Vizsla, she had reservations concerning Death Watch’s alliance with two beings they discovered in an escape pod: the Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Having found the Sith after they were soundly defeated at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bo-Katan questioned the wisdom of joining forces with beings she deemed “no better than Jedi.” Maul Force choked her for the remark, but she remained strong in her convictions. 

Following the Sith’s lead in a scheme to take over Mandalore, Death Watch became part of the Shadow Collective: an alliance with criminal organizations including the Pyke Syndicate, Black Sun, and the Hutt Clan. Vizsla, however, informed Bo-Katan that once the Shadow Collective assumed control of the planet, he would betray the Sith and claim the throne. As orchestrated by Maul, the underworld gangsters launched an attack on the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari. When all seemed lost, Death Watch swooped in to save the day and arrested Duchess Satine. With the staged battle complete and Mandalore won, Vizsla turned on the Sith. He jailed Maul and Opress, but was challenged to a death duel by Maul. After a vicious battle, Maul dispatched the Death Watch leader with a violent beheading; Bo-Katan refused to serve a Sith, and freed her sister from prison. Satine was recaptured, however, as part of a larger plot to lure Obi-Wan Kenobi to Mandalore. Finally, Maul had his revenge against his nemesis, and killed Satine before the Jedi’s eyes. Bo-Katan, while devastated at the loss of her sister, helped Obi-Wan escape from Maul’s clutches. She vowed that Mandalore would survive this terrible turn of events.

Siege of Mandalore

The Siege of Mandalore was one of the final battles of the Clone Wars. Bo-Katan helped former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Clone Captain Rex lead a battalion of 501st Legion Clone Troopers to apprehend the the former Sith Lord Maul, who controlled Mandalore.

Although Ahsoka and Rex nearly succeeded in their mission, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's issuance of Order 66 disrupted their efforts. Instead of finishing Maul, Ahsoka elected to save Rex's life, and both they and Maul escaped from Mandalore as the planet descended into chaos and eventually came under the rule of the Empire.

Under the Empire

"All of Clan Wren saw who you've become. You could lead Mandalore."

"No. This was about my family. I'm not Mandalore's leader, but I'll find the person who is."

―Fenn Rau and Sabine Wren Less than a year later, Kryze's wish for a Republic invasion was fulfilled. The 501st Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic, led by Tano and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex", laid siege to Maul's forces, driving the Sith Lord from the planet. Kryze was named regent of Mandalore, but however, it was at this time that the Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire, and the Imperial occupation caused another wave of violence to erupt throughout Mandalore. Clan Saxon pledged loyalty to the new Empire, and former Shadow Collective member Gar Saxon became Mandalore's Imperial Viceroy and Governor.

Bo-Katan-Darksaber Backed by the Wrens, Kryze wields the darksaber. Nearly two decades later, in 2 BBY, Clan Wren of Krownest chose to resist the Empire, and the Imperial loyalists of Clan Saxon fought them. Countess Ursa Wren killed Saxon, and Mandalore entered another civil war. In 1 BBY, Kryze encountered Countess Wren and her daughter, Sabine Wren, who were seeking a Mandalorian worthy of wielding the darksaber and claiming the title of Mand'alor. With the Wrens' approval, Kryze took the mantle of the darksaber, rallying the support of Clan Wren's forces and her own Nite Owls.

Galactic Civil War

"But why target me?"

"You lead the Council of Independent Systems, thus you threaten the Empire' goals.

Take it as a compliment. Someone very powerful is working towards your downfall."

―Bo-Katan Kryze and Tar Saxon —

When the Galactic Civil War erupted between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Empire, many worlds were forced to choose sides. However, Bo-Katan made sure that Mandalore was independent and continued to prosper. She was then named Regent of the Council of Independent Systems, a conglomerate of 1,500 star systems who wished to stay out of the conflict. However, rumors that Bo-Katan was building an army to fight for the Empire, and a terrorist attack on a Rebel Cruiser by a man wearing Mandalorian armor, forced the Rebel High Command to send Han Solo to investigate.

Reassuring Solo

"Everyone of my people is as trustworthy as I am."

―Mand'alor Bo-Katan Kryze to Han Solo

Receiving Solo in the throne room of the Sundari palace, Bo-Katan, Viceroy Derrec and Senator Meral Trik assured Solo that they had nothing to do with that attack. Bo-Katan then accompanied Solo on tour of Sundari, telling him of a group called super commandos. During their walk, a bomb went off at the Memorial Shrine. Bo-Katan and Solo found the symbol of the super commandos that had been left by the bomber. Bo-Katan and Solo then confronted by the bomber, but watched as he committed suicide. Bo-Katan comforted him as he died.

Satine then accompanied Solo and the bomber's body to Concord Dawn to meet with its governor, Garber Saxon. Bo-Katan allowed Solo to investigate the mines to see if they were inactive while she had dinner with Saxon. However, she was then contacted by Solo, who had been captured by the super commandos. Bo-Katan went to the mine, where she rescued Solo from the super commandos.

As they made their escape, Bo-Katan and Solo were then confronted by more super commando soldiers. She shot with a pistol at one, allowing Solo to defeat one of the soldiera. Bo-Katan then helped Solo confront the leader, who revealed himself to be Governor Saxon. After Solo defeated Saxon, he and Bo-Katan escaped before their rockets found them. Bo-Katan soon spoke with Derrec and Trik about the super commandos.

She refused to believe that the super commandos was being backed by the Empire. Bo-Katan was still in favor of keeping Mandalore out of the war, despite Solo's concerns.

Aboard the Gauntlet starfighter

"I'll take care of this, Han. You, go find your girlfriend."

"Yes, right .… No! Luke! She's not my…"

―Luke Skywalker and Han Solo —

Bo-Katan had to then travel to the Rebel safe house to discuss her place in the war, departing Mandalore aboard her personal starfighter Gauntlet. She invited several senators to accompany her on the aircraft, including the representative of Larbos, Meral Trick. The ship also played host to Solo's companion, Jedi learner Luke Skywalker, and a small detachment of rebel troopers who were to act as additional security during the voyage. However, she and Solo argued over the ethics of getting involved in the war until Trick suggested they go to dinner. The dinner was then interrupted by an attack by an BT-1 assassin droid and its assassin droids. Whilst the other senators struggled to keep the droids away from them, Bo-Katan stood back to back with Solo and defended herself expertly with a WESTAR-35 blaster pistol, justifying it by stating that despite being a independent woman, she was willing and able to accept help from Solo.

Defending Mandalore's independence

When Bo-Katan arrived at the Rebel safe house, she was soon informed of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's plans to send troops in order to stop the super commandos. Bo-Katan was outraged at this and opposed the idea, since it not only would take away Mandalore's independence but make them a target of the Empire. While traveling back to the Rebel safe house, an assassin for the super commandos attacked Bo-Katan's ship, killing her driver. The Mand'alor only narrowly escaped with her life.

At last, Kryze safely arrived back at the Rebel safe house, where she divulged in a conference with Mon Mothma. When the meeting finished, Bo-Katan stormed away from a comforting Han before being informed by Princess Leia Organa that the Rebel High Command had passed the order of sending troops onto Mandalore. Frightened and horrified, Kryze then heard of her friend having a hologram capable of swaying the High Command. This led her to the under levels of Zastiga, where her friend gave her the hologram. The super commando assassin promptly murdered her friend and accused her of the crime.