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The Bloodwalkers of the Bogan was a dark side cult that was formed around 24,500. For a short period it remained formless and insignificant, until a cloaked being possessing great talent with the Force took the cult and reshaped it into a band of warriors. The Bloodwalkers soon assaulted the Ashla enclave on Tython and the resulting conflict spanned 30 years, becoming known as the Force Wars. The Bloodwalkers were destroyed after Amaranth abandoned them and left them to the mercy of the Ashla cults, who stripped the cultists of the Force with their new skills.

Though very few are aware of the Bloodwalkers of the Bogan, their imprint on galactic history is undeniable, as it was the aftermath of the heavy toll of the Force Wars that prompted the Ashla cults into joining together to form the Jedi Order.