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Star Wars: Bloodlust: Crisis is a novella by Jegory and is the first of the Bloodlust series of currently being written. The series focuses on the rise and fall of Jedi Bolo Artel, taking place during and immediately after the Clone Wars conflict that ravaged the galaxy between 22 and 19 BBY.

The novella is thirteen chapters long and focuses on the Atairis Trade Crisis and concurrent Battle of Atairis, events which occurred in the year 22 BBY at the very beginning of the Clone Wars. The first draft of the book was completed on September the 3rd, 2013.

The second draft of the novel is currently being written, with the story being tweaked in places and certain names being changed, for example swapping the name Akarak for Fidelity and Calvaro Hyarkis's position as Governor rather than Baron Administrator.

Author's Summary

Star Wars: Bloodlust: Corruption
''The war has begun. Across the entire galaxy, the armies of the Republic desperately fight against the droids of the Separatist movement — and more than a few systems have been caught in the crossfire.

''The Atairis system is in crisis. With their supplies cut off, the people are starving and their only hope seems to be to abandon the Republic completely. Bolo Artel, newly-appointed Jedi Knight, and his padawan, Opa Choi, are sent to the system to come to an agreement with the system's ruler — but as Separatist forces land outside the capital, can they stop the system falling into Separatist hands?

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