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The Bloodbrothers was a guild and small fellowship of close friends founded in the midst of war. Led by Ihmotap, the Bloodbrothers included Aohe, Tawika, Tsylisruss and Ieth.


The Bloodbrothers, while short lived, did have one enemy known as the Sky Stalkers. The members of the Bloodbrothers did not know why they became enemies, nor did they know what started the conflict between them. Ihmotap and another member confronted Bohna and Estaag, two Sky Stalkers, on Iok. Because Ihmotap and his follower were unskilled, they were quickly defeated. Nevertheless, they were able to prove that they would fight even with low skill. This was the only battle with the Sky Stalkers that the Blood Brothers could remember.


Later, the Bloodbrothers turned into XIII, and things were said to have gone downhill after that. Both guilds eventually disappeared and there was no recorded trace of them again. Their impact was said to have been so small that they became forgotten by history, said to have been like footprints on an overgrown path. Some members tried to restore the guild on multiple occasions, but they felt that it was like a curse was keeping them from reviving the group. It was therefore never brought back and remained only a memory.

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