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JediJinx JediJinx 10 hours ago

Solar system exploration

I was scrolling through social media apps when I found this .gov website where you can actually explore the Solar System in a very beautiful and sophisticated interface. You can also check out comets and their history, and a lot of fun space stuff.

If you are into writing science fiction stories in general, you will probably enjoy this. You can check it out here.

You can also check out an overview on comets and asteroids (!!!) here.

May the Force be with you! ;)

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Buddpaul Buddpaul 14 days ago


Haven't contributed much here, but I hope to do so very soon!

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gunnmenace has perms to edit on ota and stuff bye

uh yeah

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Metropolisknight Metropolisknight 14 April


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LoriJennifer LoriJennifer 3 February

New Fan Fiction Release

Hi everyone,

I released my first fan fiction story, Emma Kenobi, Padawan, on February 1, 2022. It is an alternate universe Star Wars story about Obi-Wan's daughter, Emma, and her training as his new Padawan. It as an adventure story with both humor and drama. It is also a story about family relationships, friendship, and believing in yourself. I am new to fan fiction writing, and hope that everyone has a chance to read and comment on my new book. As a new author, I welcome all feedback. Thank you, and I hope everyone enjoys the book!

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Dark Trooper Phase V

Dark Trooper V is the final phase of the Dark Troopers. They are said to be the pinnacle of technology. The Dark Trooper V is able to make a galaxy of Palpatines look too inferior, make any battle completely and absolutely hopeless, impossible, and inevitable, and even disobey its creator(s) to become the true leader of the galactic empire.

The vehicle form of the Dark Trooper V resembles a black stealth jet that is two meters in length. The jet’s armor is entirely made of quantum-crystalline armor. The jet is armed with 2x3-barreled rocket launchers, solid-helium-powered freeze rays, and many-barreled guns with four miniguns on the corners with flamethrowers on the center of each minigun. The jet can fly at Mach 25. Despite being made of q…

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The Sacred Text The Sacred Text 1 November 2021

Shadows of the Empire

Rain. It almost always rains on Florinia, the small moon which orbited somewhat a little too close to Kamino. Who cares, any place that you can breathe, prosper, grow food, and make money is good enough. At least, that's what Dash Zamer thought. He had been on the rock for 3 weeks, to refuel and fix his ship, the North Star, a YT-2400 light freighter, he had, shall I say, received. After dealing with some personal business, he named it because when things didn't work in navigating where to go, he let it guide him. With the help of the Force that is. The Force, Dash cursed it, he has lost many things to it, his parents for harboarding his Jedi brother, who he also lost, now all he had left was, well nothing, except what was left of his brothe…

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9AWAN 9AWAN 2 September 2021


Hello Fanoneers!

I am 9AWAN,and joined Fanon to make certain articles. I also founded some other wikis,including a version of Fanon without a policy.

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Phant0mMenace21 Phant0mMenace21 27 January 2021

Hello Everyone


I am a massive Star Wars fan, and I love the Mandalorian Series (Grogu is by-far the best character!). My favourite legion in Star Wars is the Galactic Empire, I also love the new Outlander TIE fighter! It's awesome!

Do you people have any hobbies?

I also like Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the 2018 version), I used to play Ewok Hunt on it, but the disc broke! :(

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Atmoore Atmoore 23 January 2021

Comic Version of the Dark Nest Trilogy

As you can see, I have been working on the fan comic adaptations of the Star Wars: The Dark Nest trilogy, based on the novels by Troy Denning, with the same cartoon inspiration of 2003 Star Wars: Clone Wars, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. However, instead of using three books, I have to recreate the whole stories, so with that, plus my own ideas, can came me up for the graphic novels from my Deviantart.

Coming Soon!

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Absner Absner 15 December 2020

SWTOR Stuff I've been working On.

Hey There, I've been working on A project for SWTOR.

But before we get into it, Bioware probably won't EVER Implement these into the game itself,as most of them are What-If's for the most part. Some of them could even be random spurts of creativity.

I also won't put the project in any article that I make as it will be instantly deleted by the higher-ups. Rather, I will put them in separate Blogs instead.

By now, You've already--- Oh screw it, I'll spoil it anyway.

It's Called Hypothetical Flashpoints And Operations. Yes I know, it's sounds stupid, but will get better as time goes on, and will most likely have a Code Name.

I'll keep going for as long as I want to, but if no one likes it, or isn't really paying any attention to it. I will shut do…

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GeneralUK16 GeneralUK16 11 December 2020

The Lost Clone and Broken Mandalorian

This is a fanon page based off an ao3 story I’m writing. It follows Bo Katan Kryze and Commander Cody and their love story in late 16bby.

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Acolvin Acolvin 3 October 2020

Fanon Expanded Universe

I think Fanon editors and fans should get together and create one massive consistant new canon. A Fanon Expanded Universe. We could have a story group to keep things consistant. We could have groups work on a new sequel trilogy and so on. There is so much oppurtunity. This is a good way to get fans together and make star wars for the years to come. This is something I would love to work on with everyone in the Fanon community. We could start with the six star wars films and build off of there. We could develop the clone wars in our own vision. We could make our own Old Republic. We could comics, books, etc... So Fanon creators, what do you say!

May the Force be with you!

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Pluto The Hybrid Pluto The Hybrid 31 August 2020

who needs pages when you have blogs

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DoctorReySkater DoctorReySkater 17 August 2020

Why The Last Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie

I recently updated my profile and added my list of favorite things. If you looked at it, you probably noticed that my favorite Star Wars movie is the Last Jedi. Before you go all rage on me, let me explain myself.

Rian Johnson didn't have any repeats of old Star Wars movies in this movie. J.J. Abrams did a lot of repeats. Like, Rey was on a desert planet, like Luke, and other things. We all thought TLJ was going to be like Empire Strikes Back because we thought Crait was a snow planet. But it wasn't. It was salt!

Okay, let me discuss the issue of Luke Skywalker. He's human, too. He's not a hero. He's a man. He felt guilty because of Ben Solo's fall to the Dark Side, so he isolated himself. Kylo Ren destroyed everything Luke loves, so Luke wa…

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 27 July 2020

Clone Wars FExpansion

Hello there!

I've been able to finish and release my latest story for the Force Exile Series, Knight of the Order. I've also re-released The Cauldron with a number of extensive edits. Both are stories set in the Clone Wars and deal with pivotal characters in the series overall as part of a larger reorganization, and can be found moved into a new anthology I'm using to contain all of my prequel-movie era stories, called Origins of the Exiles. It didn't make much sense to include them in the Yanibar Tales when they have nothing to do with that world. I hope to write a sequel to Knight of the Order soon as well as remaster the first novel in the series, Force Exile I: Fugitive, with target dates for both this year.

To help track of all of the series and …

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TrevorNicholsOfficial TrevorNicholsOfficial 10 June 2020

Hi, I’m Trevor

I'm Trevor

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 27 May 2020

2020 FExpansion

A month after the 13th anniversary release, I am back with another update on the Force Exile Series.

First, my postquel novel, Convergence. The good news is that I have finished the novel and will be releasing the rest of it shortly. Look for that release this upcoming weekend barring any drastic IRL upheavals. The uh . . . maybe good news is that I reached a very good stopping point in the storyline and decided to end the novel there at an even 50 chapters and nearly 115,000 words. However, there were many plot arcs and threads to resolve and so rather than writing a single monolithic novel, I decided to split it out. I am not sure if it will end up being a duology or a trilogy yet, but knowing me, I would guess the latter. However, I have a…

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 28 April 2020

The ThirtFEenth Anniversary

Hard to believe it, but thirteen years have gone by since I first started contributing to this wiki. While the initial drafts of what became Force Exile I: Fugitive were written before then, it's as good a date as any to call April 29 the anniversary of the series. The other uncomfortable reality is that it's been thirteen years and I have yet to finish it, but on that front, there's definitely light at the end of the tunnel!

On April 29, I will be releasing a number of new items to mark the occasion. The first and greatest amount of effort is finishing The Essential Guide to Force Exile. I may need to go back and edit a few things here or there as I develop backstories. However, this last set of entries will mark the completion of this refere…

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Ocarina451 Ocarina451 24 April 2020

SPOILERS - thoughts on the new TCW episodes

I know this isn't exactly fanon related but I need somewhere to put these, and I might use them in actual fanon later, so here goes.

Part I - Old Friends Not Forgotten

Part II - The Phantom Apprentice

  • The opening's very chilly. . .
  • ooh, Maul.
  • Sewer chase! XD
  • Well, finally the Jedi are starting to figure things out - the true purpose of the war and all that. They must feel like fools :/
  • So while Ahsoka was running around in the underground, Obi and Ani were rescuing the Chancellor and "dewing it" (and Artoo was doin' his elevator thing XD)
  • And Bo-Katan is standing around and looking sour - I think she almost complimented the clones
  • Obi-Wan is headed off for his boss battle and Ani is doubtless grumping en route to the Chancellor's office. . . oh God…

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GummyLover302 GummyLover302 10 April 2020

Sith Eternal Navy vs. Krennic Battle Fleet

I want to simulate what would happen if the (including its military), and the Krennic Battle Fleet with its military went into battle at . There are two rounds, where the Krennic is present, and not.

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GummyLover302 GummyLover302 31 March 2020

Making the perfect fleet (Canon)

Hi Guys,

I am wondering if anyone can make the perfect fleet in Star Wars Canon.

I want you all to know that it is canon only. The steps are pretty simple.

1. Choose your flagship. This should be pretty simple, but the one rule is, it must be a ship that has the ability to be a command ship. There can only be one.

2. Choose some ships. Ships can vary. You can choose a battleship, a dreadnought, a corvette, a destroyer, etc. But, starfighters, interceptors, and bombers do not count, because they are involved in fighter squadrons.

3. Choose a faction. By factions, I mean the major factions from the Prequel, the Original, and the Sequel trilogies. But, if you choose that faction, you will need to choose ships from that faction.

4. Have a commanding…

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Ummelord Ummelord 30 March 2020


h-help me

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Captain Ricky Captain Ricky 12 March 2020

Feedback on Canon-friendly Stories

Hello, everyone.

While I love the feedback on my characters and short stories that I have already received, I would adore some more. Please, feel free to read or skim through my articles and to give me honest feedback. Here are some links:


Commander Ponds

Sergeant Wesson

Captain Ranger

Short Stories:

Star Wars: Revival

Star Wars: Blue Quartz

Star Wars: Ryloth Under Siege

Star Wars: The Yuuzhan Vong

Star Wars: Revelations

I hope that most of you who read will enjoy them.

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Lm95dood Lm95dood 12 March 2020

Any artists out there willing to draw characters for me?

Hey, if there's anyone on this wiki that would be willing to draw a few characters for me that would be great. 

I'm not good at drawing, so it would be cool if someone would do it for me. Of course, whatever I post it on I'll give credit to the creator!

Hit me up in the comments below if you want to!

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Boomdodger Boomdodger 20 February 2020

The Future of ULTIMATES

Well, long time no see. It's no secret that The Clone Wars: Ultimates, the fan series written by myself, DarthJaciuss, and Thorun Ordo, has been on hiatus for several years. Since its conception back in April 2016, it's seen the publication of 2 full short stories, and about half of 2 more that have yet to see completion. There are several reasons behind this--slow production, ever-expanding stories, and most prominently the disappearance of some of its team members. Since then, however, the group has come back together and are now determined to actually start and finish the stories set up for the Ultimates timeline.

The headline basically sums it up. Ultimates was the title of not just a fan-fiction series set during the Clone Wars era, but an en…

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AssassinZ05 AssassinZ05 27 January 2020

The Sequels

Beware Spoilers about Rise of Skywalker and Last Jedi are to be found in this blog.

Because people on here are creative individuals and I know for a fact that you all care for Star Wars rather than some people on the Star Wars wiki that just want to edit that, I wanted to talk about the validity of the Sequel Saga.

Personally, I don't like Rise of Skywalker or Last Jedi, for started the Last Jedi had many flaws other than just the plot. I liked the Battle on the Salt Planet, but there were some errors with it, like what happened ot all of the soldiers? Why didn't they stay behind the door (it got destroyed anyway)? And how can Rose get from one side of the battlefield to the other in a matter of seconds? Plot wise it was an okay movie, but t…

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 31 December 2019

State of the FEmpire 2020!

As I write this, I have met my goal of completing all of the The Essential Guide to Force Exile except for Planets and Moons. Looking forward to finishing that next year!

On the Convergence front, I had a goal of writing 24 chapters of the story this year. I did not quite get there, but I did write 21 so that I am up to nearly 90,000 words on the novel. It's making progress, even if it's looking like it will be my longest work yet. At the same time, I want to give the final work of the Force Exile Series the polish and development it deserves. It's already longer than Fugitive and will soon surpass Smuggler. I will be uploading ten more chapters today as well to cap out the year as I said in my last blog post. Next year, I hope to finish the novel, b…

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WW2Buff2018 WW2Buff2018 15 December 2019

Group Collaboration

I wish to further develop out my Imperial Splinter Faction; the Haus Dominion . I need assistance on all levels. Those that agree to help have permission to edit any articles pertaining to the Haus Dominion any time. 

Specific Needs: 

  • Characters to be made
  • Ship Classes to be created
  • Factional History and historical information overall
  • Special Infoboxes
  • Ships to be created
  • Fleets and Locations/Places
  • Generally anything else including disambiguation pages

Those that have agreed to help put your username below:

See also:

  • Category:Haus_Dominion_Admirals
  • Category:Haus_Dominion
  • Category:Haus_Dominion_Navy_personnel
  • Category:Haus_Dominion_Navy_Officers
  • Category:Dominion_Drive_Yards
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CJDM1999 CJDM1999 10 December 2019

Blog No. 1

Greetings. Nice to meet you. I am CJDM1999, and i hope to spend some time here on Fanon. The first few of my projects are going to be characters i made, which would be listed below:

  1. Corran Nightflier (human male)
  2. Lana Noth (Twi'lek female)
  3. Darth Devious (humanoid alien male)
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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 19 November 2019

10 Chapter OfFEring!

As I reflect back on what I hoped to do this year FE-wise, it's been a fairly productive year. I've updated four The Essential Guide to Force Exile entries and have three more that are close to being ready to upload. I will finish all but the Planets and Moons entries this year, which means only 4 entries left for the entire work. It's been a very, very long road on that since that project started in 2008, but given the scope of the project, I'm just pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The next project that I am fairly pleased with is Convergence. Despite my laziness in uploading chapters, the story is coming along quite well and has gone through a couple of editing passes from both JM76 and Mrs. Ataru. This January, I had 16 ch…

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SubZeroGamingYT SubZeroGamingYT 11 November 2019

Faction Registration

Hi, I'm SubZeroGaming, a relatively new Star Wars Fanon member. I'd like to start a massive collaboration project called the New Empire. I would like everyone active on the wiki to vote on what era this would be in. Also, I would need help creating articles, editing them, and making personal storylines.

For registration, you must state your name, the faction your character is in (Light Side, Dark Side, Neutral, Smuggler), and the name of your character. Also, please vote on the time period below. (votes will be tallied December 1st, 2019)

SubZeroG | Neutral/Light Side | Bandolin "BJ" Rusen

Jedi vs. Sith (Old Republic)

Old Republic vs. Confederacy of Independent Systems

Rebels vs. Empire (Pre-Yavin)

Rebels vs. Empire (Pre-Endor)

Rebels vs. Empire …

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KingKJo7 KingKJo7 8 November 2019



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GeneralGrievous7 GeneralGrievous7 28 July 2019

Canceling Star Wars: Grime of the Undercity

Star Wars: Grime of the Undercity has been canceled, for now as I work on other stories yet it may be finished some point in the future.

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DarthJaciuss DarthJaciuss 18 March 2019

Long Overdue Return

Greetings fellow Fanon Wikia members! For the last year or so, I unfortunately had to take a hiatus from the Wikia and my story writing for the project both Boomdodger and I had been working. That is now no longer the case! I have come back to continue work on our Ultimates series and a few more projects as well, hopefully to give you guys some content to read through and enjoy with us in this journey!

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CommanderPanther CommanderPanther 17 March 2019

The Beginning of a New life

'Chapter '1


It all started when I was only four years old. The planet Meridium was a peaceful planet. Then Meridium was attacked by a Sith. There was destruction all over. Then the Sith got to the castle. There was battled droids all around the castle. The Sith used force push to knock down the door. He marched down the hallway. He slashed his red lightsaber threw every guard that was in his way. He made it to the throne room. My parents jumpered out to protect me and the planet. “You leave this planet now or we will fight you!”

They said angrily at the Sith.

“If you want to fight then you will get a fight.” The Sith says with an angry and happy tone.

My parents grab a sword and shield, but little did they know it would do no good. The Sith …

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 4 January 2019

New Year's FrEsolutions

Okay, so this is one of my more hackneyed puns, but I've been writing punny blog titles for at least five years and the well gets a little dry at times.

Speaking of a little dry, I clearly did not stick to my planned schedule of releasing a chapter of Convergence every two weeks as planned. RL became very busy; other excuses struck, etc. I do have up to 16 chapters written, but have been a little stalled out with getting them edited and uploaded. There's definitely a lack of motivation on my end to blame for that, as I would rather write and push forward with the plot rather than edit and upload. Thankfully, uploading is much easier to do now with the Visual Editor than it was back in the old days of purely Source. That said, Source is still…

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Absner Absner 4 January 2019

Zun Igno

Hey everyone, Zun Igno is now finished, so go check it out please. And tell me what you think.

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Sup.Bro43 Sup.Bro43 26 December 2018

Hello there

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas for you :). I would like to join your Wiki and start adding my own articles there. 

Is there any wiki Discord?

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Captain Ricky Captain Ricky 24 November 2018

Vote for more clone troopers in Lego sets

Here is a link to my petition for fans to get more detailed clone troopers in Lego sets.

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Anakin Nakamura Anakin Nakamura 25 October 2018

Name Change

Hello there! I was previously "Jenkins S115 SII" and now I am Anakin Nakamura. I requested a name change, and now here I am with the new name.

And that's the main topic of this blog post, just to notify members of the Administration and Star Wars Fanon users overall to prevent my edits being reverted. I've always went by the name "Anakin Nakamura" everywhere, except Wikia where I chose "Jenkins S115 SII" instead. Anyways, I guess that's it. Just wanted to let you all know. Wouldn't be very nice if I didn't tell you of the name change.

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 15 August 2018

Force Exile Convergence Launch and a FEw other things!

The next and final novel in the Force Exile Saga, Force Exile: Convergence will have its first chapter released on Star Wars Fanon on 3 September 2018. Set in 328 ABY of the Legends continuity, Convergence takes place centuries after the previous Force Exile stories. With the galaxy thrown into upheaval amidst political splintering and the loss of the Jedi Order, two unlikely heroes will lead a search to find the Force exiles and resurrect the lost traditions that once preserved peace and justice in the galaxy. Unlike previous novels of the series, Convergence will be released on a smaller but more regular schedule—a chapter every two weeks—through the end of the year.

I am once again teaming up with Jedi Master 76 (yes, he still exists) as beta-reade…

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Nighlocktheawesome Nighlocktheawesome 3 August 2018

Darth Malacaster

Darth Malacaster

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 12 July 2018

The first step to writing is reading

This is not a new phenomenon, but nonetheless it is a common one, and I think it's worth addressing. There is a general trend on this site for users to post blogs and/or wiki pages for new, ambitious fan-fiction projects. "Check out my new project! It's new! It's a project! I hope to have it released in the next few months!" the posts invariably gush. "It'll be great!"

Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with doing that. It's good to be excited about your work, and SWF exists as an outlet for your (Star Wars-related) imagination and creativity. It's even just fine to never finish fan-fiction projects. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. Either due to lack of interest in the project, shifting priorities, RL, a realization that the wo…

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CrazySponge CrazySponge 29 June 2018

Hello There

Hi! My name's CrazySponge, So of course I'm from SBFW. You should know, I am funny guy.

See you again in a galaxy far, far away.

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Boomdodger Boomdodger 29 June 2018

Hand of Fate - A Brief Preview

Greetings, ! Today I thought it would be a fun idea to write a blog post on my new novel Hand of Fate, which is currently in production and set to see full release here on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki some time later this year . Now normally I would post this on the wiki's Discussion board, but I felt like posting it on my blog would shed more light on it.

Hand of Fate takes place several years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and is set in an alternate universe from the main canon one. My reasoning for this is I quite dislike the current canon, and also have much more freedom to expand on my story in whatever way I want. In this post I am going to cover the main synopsis of the story and showcase some important features, such as character…

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GrandChewbacca GrandChewbacca 24 June 2018

Star Wars Aftermath announcement

Hello, it is I, Grand Chewbacca, or you can just call me Chewie (not to be confused with the actual Chewbacca). If you've been watching what I've been doing on this wiki, you have likely noticed the creation of several pages regarding Star Wars Aftermath. It's a new pseudo-series masquerading as an animated TV show, and set directly after Episode VI, and the epilogue to the last episode of Rebels.

I originally thought up the series as a bridge between the two trilogies, but then I had an idea of removing the sequel trilogy—honestly, I don't like it that much but that's not the point—and turning it into a bridge to an entirely remade trilogy, based off what was done in Disney's sequels but also what occurred in Legends. So, for whoever is readi…

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Lazerninjastudios Lazerninjastudios 6 June 2018

RP? new here, but not at all new to the concept of a fanon wiki.

I am origionally from the RWBYfanon wiki, who have taught me how to rp and such, and I decided to see if this place has something of the wiki; actual RP things, where the different characters can interact with one another. As such, I decided to open up a RP idea. just reply to this thread to sign up and link the characters page. In a nutshell, its supposed to be taking place on Coruscant, where the newly formed Silver Order is to meet with any other Jedi factions and cells to announce their presence. Led by one of their founders Amity Razelious, the small team will meet with the factions and discuss their roles in the galaxy. Perferrably, they would like to assist where th…

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Captain Ricky Captain Ricky 30 May 2018

Favorite Star Wars Fanon Character Post

Don't forget that there is a poll for all Star Wars Fanon users to vote for your favorite Fanon character of mine and I will write a personal story for the winner.

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Atarumaster88 Atarumaster88 18 May 2018

Ataru's WherFEabouts

Some of you might have noticed a significant fall-off in my activity around the turn of last year. There are multiple reasons for that, which I'd like to explain at least in brief along with a bit of an update.

First, I lost a flash drive that contained several Force Exile-related things that weren't backed up (derp). I had a couple of chapters of Force Exile I that had been reviewed and edited by Mrs. Ataru as well as about a dozen pages of YGS. That was a pretty big motivation killer.

The second issue was frankly, The Last Jedi. I've seen it, and if you like it, well you can keep it as far as I'm concerned. That movie pretty much single-handedly killed my interest in canon, even moreso than after the Expanded Universe was more-or-less dumpe…

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