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  • DarthJaciuss

    Long Overdue Return

    March 18, 2019 by DarthJaciuss

    Greetings fellow Fanon Wikia members! For the last year or so, I unfortunately had to take a hiatus from the Wikia and my story writing for the project both Boomdodger and I had been working. That is now no longer the case! I have come back to continue work on our Ultimates series and a few more projects as well, hopefully to give you guys some content to read through and enjoy with us in this journey!

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  • CommanderPanther

    'Chapter '1


    It all started when I was only four years old. The planet Meridium was a peaceful planet. Then Meridium was attacked by a Sith. There was destruction all over. Then the Sith got to the castle. There was battled droids all around the castle. The Sith used force push to knock down the door. He marched down the hallway. He slashed his red lightsaber threw every guard that was in his way. He made it to the throne room. My parents jumpered out to protect me and the planet. “You leave this planet now or we will fight you!”

    They said angrily at the Sith.

    “If you want to fight then you will get a fight.” The Sith says with an angry and happy tone.

    My parents grab a sword and shield, but little did they know it would do no good. The Sith …

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  • Atarumaster88

    Okay, so this is one of my more hackneyed puns, but I've been writing punny blog titles for at least five years and the well gets a little dry at times.

    Speaking of a little dry, I clearly did not stick to my planned schedule of releasing a chapter of Convergence every two weeks as planned. RL became very busy; other excuses struck, etc. I do have up to 16 chapters written, but have been a little stalled out with getting them edited and uploaded. There's definitely a lack of motivation on my end to blame for that, as I would rather write and push forward with the plot rather than edit and upload. Thankfully, uploading is much easier to do now with the Visual Editor than it was back in the old days of purely Source. That said, Source is still…

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  • Absner

    Zun Igno

    January 4, 2019 by Absner

    Hey everyone, Zun Igno is now finished, so go check it out please. And tell me what you think.

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  • Sup.Bro43

    Hello there

    December 26, 2018 by Sup.Bro43

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas for you :). I would like to join your Wiki and start adding my own articles there. 

    Is there any wiki Discord?

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  • Captain Ricky

    Here is a link to my petition for fans to get more detailed clone troopers in Lego sets.

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  • Anakin Nakamura

    Name Change

    October 25, 2018 by Anakin Nakamura

    Hello there! I was previously "Jenkins S115 SII" and now I am Anakin Nakamura. I requested a name change, and now here I am with the new name.

    And that's the main topic of this blog post, just to notify members of the Administration and Star Wars Fanon users overall to prevent my edits being reverted. I've always went by the name "Anakin Nakamura" everywhere, except Wikia where I chose "Jenkins S115 SII" instead. Anyways, I guess that's it. Just wanted to let you all know. Wouldn't be very nice if I didn't tell you of the name change.

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  • Atarumaster88

    The next and final novel in the Force Exile Saga, Force Exile: Convergence will have its first chapter released on Star Wars Fanon on 3 September 2018. Set in 328 ABY of the Legends continuity, Convergence takes place centuries after the previous Force Exile stories. With the galaxy thrown into upheaval amidst political splintering and the loss of the Jedi Order, two unlikely heroes will lead a search to find the Force exiles and resurrect the lost traditions that once preserved peace and justice in the galaxy. Unlike previous novels of the series, Convergence will be released on a smaller but more regular schedule—a chapter every two weeks—through the end of the year.

    I am once again teaming up with Jedi Master 76 (yes, he still exists) as beta-reade…

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  • Nighlocktheawesome

    Darth Malacaster

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  • Atarumaster88

    This is not a new phenomenon, but nonetheless it is a common one, and I think it's worth addressing. There is a general trend on this site for users to post blogs and/or wiki pages for new, ambitious fan-fiction projects. "Check out my new project! It's new! It's a project! I hope to have it released in the next few months!" the posts invariably gush. "It'll be great!"

    Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with doing that. It's good to be excited about your work, and SWF exists as an outlet for your (Star Wars-related) imagination and creativity. It's even just fine to never finish fan-fiction projects. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. Either due to lack of interest in the project, shifting priorities, RL, a realization that the wo…

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  • CrazySponge

    Hello There

    June 29, 2018 by CrazySponge

    Hi! My name's CrazySponge, So of course I'm from SBFW. You should know, I am funny guy.

    See you again in a galaxy far, far away.

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  • Boomdodger

    Greetings, ! Today I thought it would be a fun idea to write a blog post on my new novel Hand of Fate, which is currently in production and set to see full release here on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki some time later this year . Now normally I would post this on the wiki's Discussion board, but I felt like posting it on my blog would shed more light on it.

    Hand of Fate takes place several years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and is set in an alternate universe from the main canon one. My reasoning for this is I quite dislike the current canon, and also have much more freedom to expand on my story in whatever way I want. In this post I am going to cover the main synopsis of the story and showcase some important features, such as character…

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  • GrandChewbacca

    Hello, it is I, Grand Chewbacca, or you can just call me Chewie (not to be confused with the actual Chewbacca). If you've been watching what I've been doing on this wiki, you have likely noticed the creation of several pages regarding Star Wars Aftermath. It's a new pseudo-series masquerading as an animated TV show, and set directly after Episode VI, and the epilogue to the last episode of Rebels.

    I originally thought up the series as a bridge between the two trilogies, but then I had an idea of removing the sequel trilogy—honestly, I don't like it that much but that's not the point—and turning it into a bridge to an entirely remade trilogy, based off what was done in Disney's sequels but also what occurred in Legends. So, for whoever is readi…

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  • Lazerninjastudios


    June 6, 2018 by Lazerninjastudios new here, but not at all new to the concept of a fanon wiki.

    I am origionally from the RWBYfanon wiki, who have taught me how to rp and such, and I decided to see if this place has something of the wiki; actual RP things, where the different characters can interact with one another. As such, I decided to open up a RP idea. just reply to this thread to sign up and link the characters page. In a nutshell, its supposed to be taking place on Coruscant, where the newly formed Silver Order is to meet with any other Jedi factions and cells to announce their presence. Led by one of their founders Amity Razelious, the small team will meet with the factions and discuss their roles in the galaxy. Perferrably, they would like to assist where th…

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  • Captain Ricky

    Don't forget that there is a poll for all Star Wars Fanon users to vote for your favorite Fanon character of mine and I will write a personal story for the winner.

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  • Atarumaster88

    Some of you might have noticed a significant fall-off in my activity around the turn of last year. There are multiple reasons for that, which I'd like to explain at least in brief along with a bit of an update.

    First, I lost a flash drive that contained several Force Exile-related things that weren't backed up (derp). I had a couple of chapters of Force Exile I that had been reviewed and edited by Mrs. Ataru as well as about a dozen pages of YGS. That was a pretty big motivation killer.

    The second issue was frankly, The Last Jedi. I've seen it, and if you like it, well you can keep it as far as I'm concerned. That movie pretty much single-handedly killed my interest in canon, even moreso than after the Expanded Universe was more-or-less dumpe…

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    For the Multiverse Saga,I have many works to write. These are the first ones.

    • The Final Invasion
    • The Old Republic:Destiny of the Sith
    • The Essential Guide to Universe 1
    • The Essential Guide to the Metaverse
    • Before the Republic

    • The Alsakan Memoirs
    • Knights of the Old Republic:The Veil of Darkness
    • The Old Republic:Agents of Democracy
    • The Essential Guide to Universe 2

    • After the Empire
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  • Wardie1993

    In 23 BBY the commander-in-chief of the Leasath Army, Supreme General Diego Navarro launched a coup against the government of Leasath over Leasath's status as a member of the Union of Earth States, Leasath had been a member of the Union since 70 BBY, and for almost all of that time had been largely ignored and oppressed by the larger members of the Union, tired of government inaction and corruption, and viewing the government of Head of State Miguel Terrajo as literally getting paid off by the Union to do nothing but keep the Union's grip over Leasath intact, Navarro decided something had to be done, many Leasathians rallied to his call, forming the Leasathian Nationalists, they fought for the independence of Leasath from the corrupt Union…

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  • Ahalosniper


    Anyone ever make it to Level 75 in the first EA Battlefront and unlock the Rebel Pilot uniform? I never did, but I'm looking to get a couple screenshots for Carrine Velos of the Twi'lek head in the Pilot suit. If anyone could assist with getting a quick screenshot of such in the menu, perhaps at a few angles (carrying an E-11, preferably, or some other weapon that'd be slung in the same low pose) so I could have a few options to pick from, it'd be much appreciated.

    Regards, ASniper

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  • Captain Ricky


    November 21, 2017 by Captain Ricky

    Hello, fandom users. Be sure to read as much of my contributions as possible for your entertainment. Make sure to leave a comment on the homepage too!

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  • Captain Ricky

    Stone (novel)

    November 12, 2017 by Captain Ricky

    Make sure to check out check out my pages such as Stone (novel).

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  • Wardie1993

    Imagine you were on Earth during the time of the secession of the Confederate States of Earth from the Union of Earth States and the subsequent Earth Civil War, which side would you support?

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  • Sakaros

    A Gift to the Wiki

    September 12, 2017 by Sakaros

    Since the Image Policy has been returned to active enforcement in the past few months, I suspect I have developed a (merited) reputation for being an exacting Moderator in enforcing that policy. While I have no shame in that—artists and creators are entitled to acknowledgment for their efforts, and we'd all be better off with deeper understanding of copyright law—I fully acknowledge that the Image Policy can be a little daunting at first. Worse, the current iteration of Wikia differs from the old one in ways that make it less obvious to new users that sourcing and licensing are needed in the first place.

    And so I give to the Star Wars Fanon community this tutorial. It breaks down the process into four steps:

    • Selecting an image
    • Proper sourcin…
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  • Wardie1993

    Out of the languages i've presently started making (as of 8th September 2017), which would you rather learn if you could only learn one? I will add more as I make them.

    • Ingzan language

    Ingzan (Lónguá Íngzána; Lohn-gwa Een-gzah-nah, in Ingzan) was the language of the Ingza, a race of Humans descended from the Earthlings, the natives of Earth, with N'Akkiarlian blood, who lived primarily on the planet Ingza Prime. The Ingzan language was descended from Ancient Zeregan, with influence from the N'Akkiarlian language, Ingzan was one of the most common languages spoken in the N'Akkiarl Galaxy, and serve as the lingua franca in the Ingzan-Bregaran Empire, despite Ingzan being co-official with the Bregaran language, most upper class Bregaro spoke Ing…

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  • Atarumaster88

    A light ReFEresh

    August 16, 2017 by Atarumaster88

    Caution: This blog contains ancient history. If you joined SWF after 2015, prepare to be confused

    I'm doing a light refresh on three stories of the Yanibar Tales: First Impressions, A New Course, and Second Guessed.

    I say it's a light refresh because the plot is not changing appreciably for these stories—these are pure writing/wording/flow edits. I'm guessing the overall wordcount will decrease a bit as redundant words are trimmed. A New Course will have more substantial edits to the overall plot, and will likely be revisited later. Why am I doing this? Look for those to be re-uploaded soontm

    There's some ancient history involved. A long time ago, I started posting my stories on TheForce.Net as well, because, frankly, it saw more traffic. Unfortuna…

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  • Suleikotomorpii

    Hello there...

    I have created a new Star Wars Fan content wiki called the

    Star Wars Integrated Fanon Wiki. This wiki has fan content but has certain regulations put in place to make sure all fanon concurs with Star Wars Canon and makes sense in terms of general continuity.

    This includes the removal of Alternative Universes, joke articles, articles relating to the real world and crossovers from other Sagas. If you like the sound of it, check it out. Feel free to contribute!

    VRACTOMORPH Is always watching you 20:08, August 11, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Darkgrafix

    "The Blood Crystal" is a pure, exciting Star Wars fan film. A story of one Jedi and one Sith and the adventure they take searching for the Blood Kyber Crystal, rumored to have unimaginable powers, that will change their lives forever. Being a die hard fan, the idea came to me while I was recovering from stage 4 jaw cancer in the hospital and was going through chemo and radiation therapy. To get me through it, I wrote down every idea that came into my head for this story. Dream big.

    • I am Dark Hoffman, a professional Visual Effects artist, matte painter and concept artist in the film and commercial industry. In my 30+ years experience I have helped create miniatures, props, sets, physical effects, digital visual effects and graphic art.
    • This c…

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  • Writer of magic

    I have been watching the Phantom Menace. A pal of mine said it is the worst SW movie. I am not yet done with it (up to the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan/Maul battle) but I think he's right. Here are a few reasons why:

    One- the last few movies (4-6) have been about rescuing innocent people, finding your path to your destiny and action. The Phantom Menace has been about moving a queen to safety, one measly pod race and a few boring meetings of bigwigs in between. 

    Two- You can see what's coming. You can see Senator Palpatine has something to do with the Sith. You can see that Anakin is going to win the pod race. You can see Padme being the queen. 

    Three- Characters. They make a few galactic mistakes. I'm talking about you Qui- Gon! He rescues Jar-Jar, decides t…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    New Guy

    May 30, 2017 by Zombiehunter115

    Hi, I'm ZH115.  I grew up on Star Wars and have a few ideas of fan fiction.  Before I edit away though, I wanna know if this is like another fan fiction wiki I'm a part of, where I can add a page whenever I get any idea.  Is that the case?

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  • Julia Finitevus

    Heya! I'm back, for right now anyway.

    Another announcement: On June 2, 2017, my parents and I will be going down south to visit my great aunt, and we probably won't be back for over a week. Just thought you all should know.

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  • Julia Finitevus

    I need a break from the wiki, so I'll probably be gone for a little while. Not too long, but long enough for me to get some things straightened out. But don't worry, I'll be back soon.

    So have a great weekend and may the Force be with you. :)

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  • Julia Finitevus

    June 2, 1017

    May 16, 2017 by Julia Finitevus

    Dang it, I got the date wrong. :(

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know, on June 2, 2017, My parents and I are going on vacation and won't be back for a while. I'm not sure how long we'll be gone, but I do know I won't be available around that time. Just wanted to let you all know ahead of time.

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine
    (TFN) will host what I've finished.

    • Chapter 5 of Origins of the Sith,to finish up Part 1
    • Old Republic Tales for the Rethought Star Wars Saga
    • Two Novels,Sith Attack and Sith Survival
    • Two New Entries in the Essential Guide to NuCanon,Imperial Revenge and Rebel Triumph
    • Two new series,Sith Tales and Imperial Tales
    • A New Series,the Grand Timeline
    • The Essential Guide to the Main Universe
    • The Essential Guide to the Old Republic
    • The Essential Guide to the Compilation Universe
    • Two new stories,Rise of the New Empire and The Sith Return
    • The Essential Guide to Free Apocalypse
    • The Essential Guide to Imperial Canon

    • All Sagas in the Multiverse Saga not part of the Homage or The Collab will form the Miscellaneous Series.
    • The Collab consists of the following:
      • Hope of the Or…

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  • Atarumaster88

    It's been a while since I have posted any substantial content on this site. Hard to believe I haven't written a story since 2014. Part of that has to do with being a busier man IRL. Marriage and being more important at my job will do that to you. Part of that has to do with general malaise and disinterest in Star Wars following the official scuttling of the Expanded Universe. Part of that has to do with some serious writer's block.

    I had a story in mind that I wanted to write after I finished the Force Exile III rewrite back in 2014—however, that was made much more difficult by the fact that the kind of story I wanted to write had elements of a spy story in it with lots of intrigue, and at least for me, those are hard to write in a way that se…

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    I am looking for a cover artist for The Homage stories. Volunteer in the comments below!

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    I know horrible pun.I have taken over the puns!Ok so this is the first release for The Homage.It is centered on the Sith,obviously.

    • A new short story,A Century of Darkness
    • The Prologue and Chapters 1-4 in Origins of the Sith
    • Chapters 1-4 in Empires of the Core
    • The First entry in the Essential Guide to NuCanon,the Last Hope
    • The first five chapters of Free Apocalypse I:Emergence

    This will all be released by May 18th

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  • Julia Finitevus

    Okay, so I want to create templates similar to the following templates:




    But, I want to create similar templates for the following characters:

    1. Ahsoka Tano

    2. Shaak Ti

    3. Bastila Shan

    4. Mission Vao

    5. Aayla Secura

    6. Rey

    So... how do I make these templates? This is my first time trying to do something like this (and by the way, I'm not a coding expert at all), so I really, really need help. If anyone can offer assistance, that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    First of all,the Five Miniverses has been released.You can check that out here.Second,various sub-saga of the Multiverse Saga are now part of my new The Homage Series

    • Other Star Wars Saga
    • Formation Series
    • Starkiller Series
    • New Star Wars Saga
    • Rethought Star Wars Saga
    • Aftermath Saga
    • Extended Saga
    • Fanonical Saga
    • Canonical Info Saga
    • Dark Apocalypse Saga
    • Free Apocalypse Saga
    • Force Civil War Saga
    • Tales of War Saga
    • Everlasting Saga

    The Homage refers to their status as a homage to Star Wars,either Legends or Canon.

    Releases for this new series will be labeled by punnage.Mwhahahahahahahahahah.First one out very,very soon

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    Ok,so a while back I said that stuff about the OSWS was going to be released... While now it won't!

    • Origins of the Sith (Prologue and Chapters 1-4 by May 7th)
    • A Century of Darkness (May 7th)

    • The Five Multiverses (May 7th)

    There won't be official releases...yet.Announced subsequent releases will be for the whole Multiverse Saga not just the OSWS.

    I won't be as active here.I will either be dealing with real life or on the Althistory Wiki

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  • Anakin Nakamura

    Have ever wanted to feel like what it was to be a Dark Angel of Corellia? Being reborn as a Darth by one of the Sith's most prized and powerful apprentices? Well now you can! In this short story, you'll see yourself through the eyes of the Dark Angel Darth Varanee who struggles as one of the members of this secret organization and attempt to gain the trust of Darth Angel, an apprentice of Count Dooku and is as powerful as Darth Sidious.

    In this short story, concurrent with Alliance Civil War from 5 BBY to 3 ABY, you'll experience the deadly, most unforgiving lives as a member of the galaxy's greatest group of Dark siders as you would experience missions that span from the Outer Rim to the Core World of Coruscant, even on the battlefields of …

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  • Julia Finitevus

    Hey, everyone!

    April 16, 2017 by Julia Finitevus

    Hey, everyone! I'm back from the wedding! It was good, but there was some annoying last second stuff.

    So... what did I miss?

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  • Julia Finitevus

    April 7, 2017!

    April 6, 2017 by Julia Finitevus

    In one day, my parents and I are leaving for my uncle's wedding and won't be back for several days! I can't wait to go! Hopefully this'll be a good wedding and not be as crazy as my aunt's.

    So, I'll be seeing you all soon! And, may the Force be with you.

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    Ok first off,this release is at a similar time to the other one.Yes,you guys get 2 releases for the price of one!

    The following content will be released by April 4th,2017.

    • Tales of the Omniverse
    • The Five Multiverses
      • Prime
      • Canonical
      • Legends
      • Unbalanced
      • Great Fanonical
    • A New Canonical Tale,The Decisive Battle
    • A new short story,A Century of Darkness

    The following content will be released by June 10th,2017.

    • Chapters 6-10 in Origins of the Sith
    • A new novella,Amedda Civil War
    • A new short story series and its first book,Fighting Corellia
    • A new novella,the Human Civil War
    • A new short story,A Galaxy at War
    • A new Guide,the Essential Guide to the Sith
    • An OSWS wiki

    The following content will be released by May 13th,2017.

    • Two New Canonical Tales,Final Fall and Revenge
    • Chapt…

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  • MMWinters

    Over the past couple of days, I've been working on a television formatted story called Star Wars: Powerhouse. It's based in the Legacy Era (40 ABY & Beyond).

    Season 1: Star Wars: Powerhouse (Season 1)

    Season 2: Star Wars: Powerhouse (Season 2)

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    A new release for the OSWS is coming...

    • Prologue and Chapters 1-5 of Origins of the Sith
    • The Following stories in Canonical Tales:
      • The Desert Life
      • The Senatorial View
      • End of the Death Star
    • Prologue and Chapters 1-5 in Formation I:Empires of the Core
    • Prologue and Chapters 1-3 in Jedi Skywalker I:Formation
    • Prologue and Chapters 1-4 in Jedi Formation I:Splinter
    • A New Reference Guide,Essential Guide to the Bogan Order
    • A New collection of Short Stories,Origins of Corruption alongside its first entry, The Federation Forms
    • The following stories in Imperial Infighting
      • Daala's Attempt
      • Pelleon's Faction
      • Survivors of the Meeting
      • Warlords Unite!
    • The following stories in Imperial Wars
      • Barely United
      • Warlords!
      • Isard's Plot
    • A new collection of short stories,Imperial Warlords…

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    So I made the Other Star Wars Saga a while back,From now on I will refer to that as the OSWS because less typing. However,that is not why I made this blog. The real reason is that I will be revealing all planned content for my part of the OSWS! Without further ado,let's begin.

    The Formation Trilogy will contain how the Republic formed.There will be three books in the trilogy.They are as follows:

    • Formation I:Empires of the Core
    • Formation II:Superpowers Fight
    • Formation III:Unified at Last

    The Jedi Skywalker Trilogy will explain the Jedi Skywalker Order of the Ashla. The books in it are as follows:

    • Jedi Skywalker I:Formation
    • Jedi Skywalker II:Working with the Republic
    • Jedi Skywalker III:Split

    The Jedi Formation Trilogy will explain the formation of the …

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    Beware:MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW.Don't want spoilers?Turn Back.

    The Organizations of Origins of the Sith are an important part of the book.

    • Organizations at the beginning of the book
      • Dark Jedi Fellowship
      • Dark Jedi Exiles
      • Bogan Order

    • Organizations in the middle of the book
      • Dark Jedi Order
      • Anti-Unificationist Brotherhood
      • Bogan Loyalists

    • Organizations at the end of the book
      • First Sith Empire
      • Dar Order
      • Dark Boan State
      • Free Boan Alliance
      • Boan Republic

    The book will have three Parts.They are as follows:

    • On Boa - First and at the very end
    • On Korriban - Second
    • On Bogan - Third

    I hope to have the first 2 chapters and the prologue out by the weekend.

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  • GrandChewbacca

    Jedi history

    March 15, 2017 by GrandChewbacca

    Well, here it is, the second installment of my Revealing the Secrets backstory. As you may know, the Jedi history has been altered a lot, with the whole Colonization of Tython thing and Shae Koda, Sah n'Viri, etc.

    It starts out with a group of Force-sensitive monks known as the Golannites, (taken from the Golan temple mentioned in Indonai history) who are in search of a home due to their persecution as witches and wizards on Tho-Yor, a planet that I took from Tho Yor, the massive pyramidal structures that created the Jedi. So the Golannites find Tython, hidden away in a nebula in the Deep Core and form their Jedi Order, taken from the leader of the group - Nahkul Jed'Dai. There's of course Shae Koda and Sah n'Viri, some of the members of the…

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  • ReclaimLandThatIsMine

    The Eight Universes Saga that I made is now canceled.

    To prone to arguments,not enough rules.

    The Faction Area will become its own continuity and incorporate the universes,Origins of the Republic and Fall of the Triumvirate.

    The following Universes will become part of the Three Universes Saga and have the same rules as the Eight Universes Saga.

    • Star Wars:Unknown Legacies
    • Age of Wars (universe)
    • On Kashyyyk

    • The Sithverse will become the Everlasting Saga
    • The Limited Universe will become the Tales of War Saga
    • The Changeverse will become Reclaim's Other Star Wars Saga

    The Universe Contests will remain in the Three Universes Saga.The Faction Area Contents will be cut.

    Just figured I'd explain what would happen to the content.As well as warn anybody who was…

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  • Milavink


    March 9, 2017 by Milavink

    i will tell you things about me.

    - I'm Freindly!

    - i sometimes make spelling mistakes but im working on it.

    - My Favorite Character is Allana Solo

    - i Help out Sometimes when people have a hard time on somethings

    -i lost my old account so i had to make a new one 

    - I've been on This Website for years.

    i will answer any questions

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