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Battle for the Hapes Cluster

Bilbringi Campaign

Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance War


37 ABY


37 ABY


Bilbringi system

Major battles

Imperial Remnant

Bilbringi shipyards

Adumari Union

Galactic Alliance


Nick Talon

Let the Fireworks begin men, we've got a battle to fight.
Adrian Varino IV remarking on the beginning of the conflict.

The Bilbringi campaign, often called the Destruction of the Bilbringi shipyards, was a conflict which occured within the Bilbringi system between the Imperial Remnant under command of Admiral Varino IV against the rogue Bilbringi shipyards.


Battle of Bilbringi VIIEdit

The campaign started with the Battle of Bilbringi VII, to capture the biggest asteroid in the Bilbringi system. Admiral Varino captured Bilbringi VII as start of his plan.

Battle of Bilbringi IVEdit

His conquest to capture the Bilbringi system continued with the attack on Bilbringi four, where a rather unpleasant surprise awaited him.

Battle of AdumarEdit

The afore mentioned admiral would be enforced by his father, which engaged the Bilbringi shipyards and the Adumari Union over Adumar, which would continue to involve in the following battles.

Destruction of the Bilbringi shipyardsEdit

Following the Battle of Adumar, the two Imperials continued to destroy the rogue Bilbringi shipyards, which eventually succeeded.

Battle of Bilbringi IIIEdit

The conclusion of the campaign would be with the four-way battle between the Imperial Remnant, the Adumari Union, Bilbringi shipyards, and the Galactic Alliance, however, the Imperials were the only true winners.