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Bernogne Wael was a squadron leader in the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. When many Imperials fled to the Galactic Alliance in 1,011 ABY, Wael refused to rebel, claiming that he did not want his family to end up dead due to his actions, since they lived deep within Imperial territory.[1] He was credited with twelve confirmed aerial victories.


Little is currently known about Wael's early life. He was enlisted into the Imperial Navy at the age of nineteen and was transferred between starfighter groups numerous times. Wael ended up within the third group of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing as a regular pilot. He was recognized as an ace after several combat patrols against piracy within Imperial space and became a double-ace after obtaining five confirmed kills in a single sortie.[1] Afterwards, Wael was promoted to lead Acklay Squadron. Somewhere in this time, he married the sister of Maffew Serek.

He took part in the Bombing of Muunilinst, escorting bombers in the operation. Although disgusted by the tactics of the Emperor Exodus, Bernogne kept most of his thoughts to himself.

Bernogne later fight in the Battle of Coruscant, protecting the Imperial fleet at Centax-2 from Alliance starfighters, where he was credited with two aerial victories. He eventually retired from active duty after the war, taking up a job in commercial travel as a spaceliner pilot.

Ten years later, he was arrested by the Ubiqtorate after communicating with his niece Marisa Serek, who was known to Imperial Intelligence services as a rebel freedom fighter called Archer, and taken in for questioning.

Personality and traits

I remained at my post, encouraging my family to stay out of the way of the Empire and hoping they could some up with some sort of plan in the case that the Sith goes after them, for any reason.―Bernogne Wael[src]

Although he knowingly served a malicious Emperor, Wael remained loyal to the Empire mainly for the safety of his family. He made no attempt to hide that he knew many of the Imperials who deserted their posts, though he also showed no eagerness to hunt them down for treason.

Bernogne's kind nature caused Marisa Serek to see him as more of a father figure than her own father


Behind the scenes

The given name Bernogne was based off of the name of flying ace Fritz Otto Bernert. His surname is a corruption of the word wild, inspired by the surname of Soontir Fel.

Notes and references

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